January 4, 2012

It's a Wonderpurr Life!

Welcome to the first edition of my blog, It’s A Wonderpurr Life. I’m Herman aka @TattleCat to all my Twitter Anipals furends.

When I asked Santapaws for a blog for Chrispmouse, Mom said I had to have 500 Twitter followers before she would pass on my request to the Cat in Red. Well, my Anipals passed the word and before I knew it, I had my 500 followers. And I met such great hoomans too. Warm, animal lovers who enjoyed my tweets and gave me and my Mom good advice when we needed it.

I also made some best furends. I’d love to name them all here, but space is short. However I plan to ask them to intermew or maybe submit blog posts for future editions. Here I’d like to mention the pals who tweet me the most.

Like Deanie @ItsMeDeaner and Mom Deanie who keeps waving a plane ticket with hopes I jump ship here and move in with her. She even offered to buy all white furniture so I can shed and it won’t matter.

And @TheWonderCats (Simon, Solomon and Samson) who made me an honorary Wonder Cat. We're working on getting their sister, Sparrow, and my nemesis, Barney, together with the hope they move under the Wonder Cat's porch where Sparrow poos.

There’s Peanut @CapnPeanutZilla who haz Turkey Van in him like me so we're cuzzins! And his brother Gromek @Gromekcat. And Casper @CaspertheKat whose now purrsonal guardian of his very own Burble (Ingrid Ann). And Shorty @Spookyshorty and Mouche @Clingycat who all make me feel special, cuz they are all super special themselves. And @Skeeterthetabby who is artsy n wonderpurr all around furend.

I also got some grrreat dog pals: Chazz @ChazztheDog, ArlieJo @ArlieJo (*Arrrr-wooo*) Phi @3phibotticelli, Jin Jin @JinJinDoggy and Pepper @PepperPom, one of the barktenders at #Nipclub.

And  I haz really wild turtle pals: @JeffMusk (he’s 14 years old and his mom made me Mew Ears Eve hats), @JokerTurtle (Mrs. HeyToe--she drinks but she's real nice n sassy) and @HeyToe (BlackHead) *SHELLHUUUUGS!*

I also haz @KillerParrot, an Amazon from Brooklyn. He's always looking for ways to break out of jail and get past his warden.

Then there are the hoomans who make me feel all warm and fuzzy. Like Dannie @WoollyGonzales and her sweet Morgan @Chootchy_Cat.

And Janeson Keeley @Janeson59 and her kittehs Mrs Stripeycat @ThatStripeyCat and Cammie @HerGraceTheCat who went OTRB in December. *sniff*

And my purrsonal advisor, Dr. Trancer @Trancer1092 who is teaching me how to hypnotize Opie and Barney so they won’t bother me anymore (Oink*Bark*Squeak*Moo!)

But best of all, I met my girlfriend, the beeUteeful Belle @Frankencat1. She's wonderpurr for me because her mom 'n my mom are both Capricorns and rescue kittehs. Belle is dark 'n sultry which totally does it for me. And she's super sweet!

When I said no one had ever invited me to sit in the Moonlight, she said she would be happy to. And then she said she’d go to #NipClub on Mew Ears Eve wif me. And we got dressed up and we danced and we hung out with our pals. A truly memorable way to end 2011.

And I'm also excited to be a part of a new super hero gang called Super Fluff Crime Fighters #sfcf. Pippa Puffy Pants @PuffyPantsKitty came up with the idea. She's brilliant. And me and Brian @BrianBunny and Belle and Bilbo @Bilbo_the_Bunny got together to form this group, formerly called SuperFluffsUnited. But then Peanut @CapnPeanutZilla joined and helped us become Super Fluff Crime Fighters. We haz a whole buncha Fluff Fighters, so if you need someone to fight for you, now you know who to call.

I also haz to acknowledge my mom, @KimberleyKoz and @KeptbyCats who got me interested in tweeting to begin wif. Mom is an author. I help her write books. She sez I’m her Mews. She rescued me from a blizzard in Kentucky in January 2001, and we’ve been best furends ever since.

So now it’s 2012. New Year. Fresh start. Leaving old issues behind and doing my best to make this year Wonderpurr in every way. Which is why I named my blog It’s A Wonderpurr Life. We haz to make every day count because we never know when our time in this realm is done, and we haz to go Over The Rainbow Bridge. We don’t always haz to say goodbye when we go OTRB, but we can’t be wif our hoomans like we used to. And so, every day, every hour, as long as I’m here, I’m gonna dance, and prance, and flick my magic wand tail with joy.

My blog will be a joyful place for all my Anipals and Hoomans. I’m gonna do intermews, and post pictures, and share ideas.

Thanks for following me on Twitter. I look forward to getting to know you all better this year. And also making new furends as well.

Love you all!

Don't Mess Wif Me!