January 31, 2012

Meet Bilbo the Bunny

When me and my furends Brian @BrianBunny and Pippa @PuffyPantsKitty were discussing our mutual floofyness, we decided to form a super hero team called Super Fluffs United. Well, it evolved into Super Fluff Crime Fighters and along with Belle @Frankencat1 we added another floofy, Bilbo @Bilbo_the_Bunny.

Bilbo is a 7-year old girl Lion head bunny, adopted in July 2011. She likes chewing - spinach, carrot, cushions, shoes, etc. She is also proud member of #sfcf and supporter of #wlf

Bilbo, tell me how you got your name and a little about your purrrsonality.

I got my name from my first mummy. She thought I was a little boy rabbit and wanted to name me after a character from a book. Bilbo had a nice sound to it and I think that's why she chose it. My mummy Clare calls me all sorts of things that she thinks sound sweet - like Bill-bob, Bobby, Bill-bill - you get the picture

Were you a rescue? Does your mom know where you came from before you lived with her?

I wasn't a rescue, I was lucky to have a lovely first home. But as mummy explained, my first mummy couldn't look after me any more. She does come and visit sometimes though which is nice.

Tell me about your daily routine.

I am awake early - about 7am - mummy lets me come inside for a quick zoom-zoom-zoom around the flat. My favourite course is round and round her big footstool - sometimes I run so fast I can't stop - I'm like a racing car. Then I gets tired so I has a few rabbit pellets and then a big long snooze....I have the whole garden to myself while mummy is at work, so depending on my mood I is either a good bun and spend my time eating, sleeping, running and binkying...Or if I is feeling michevious, I check out mummy's plants and decide which ones I'm going to eat. when mummy gets home from work, it's treat time!!!!

I likes spinach, whole carrot (but not chopped, sliced or grated), coriander, parlsey, mint, brocolli and best of all curly kale. Then I has another big run round before flopping out on my chair and watching TV with mummy till it's time for her to go to bed. Next day I starts all over again.

Are you a snuggler or an indiffrirabbit?

Indiffirabbit - sometimes I lets mummy stroke me. But only when I is ready.

What is your favorite form of mischief?

Chewing things I shouldn't - so far I has eaten shoe laces (while still in shoes), jumper sleeves,  jeans, lots of plants, my tunnel, the corner of the sofa, the wire for the garden lights,and  my first chair cushion!!!

Tell me about an Awww moment that made your mom melt.

The first time is flopped out after mummy adopted me - she knew then I was happy with her. And whenever I wash my face and ears with my two paws - she just loves that and thinks it's the cutest thing ever.

What are your favorite foods and toys?

All the treat foods I mentioned, but especially curly kale - I comes running when I hear mummy opening the bag. I don't like special rabbit toys - I is happier with a paper shopping bag or leaflets that I can chew and throw up in the air - fun fun fun.

When did you join Twitter and what made you decide to Tweet in the first place?

I joined twitter at the start of January 2012, mummy's friend told her about how much fun it was and I was listening. I thought it did sound like fun. Mummy joined first but only ever got two followers. I decided I would see if I could find more new friends than she did so she helped me join - mummy isn't on twitter anymore cos she is too busy helping me tweet every day. I loves it and is soo pleased I have met so many lovely new friends - anipals and humans.

Thanks, Bilbo! I'm so happy we are furends. Please read Bilbo's mommy's interview on my mom's blog: Kept by Cats.

Don't Mess Wif Me!