January 20, 2012


Hi pals! I'm so pleased that you are attending my pawty tonight. I know you have been perplexed about what exactly is a Virtual Prowl Pawty. Well, it's not been done before, so there most likely will be some crazy bugs that will crawl out and need to be squashed (or eaten).

If you are attending the pawty on your computer, you will want to set up a couple tabs so you can tweet and also look at my blog. Alternate between the two as the Adventure unfolds.

There will be a lot of photos posted. A LOT. So please be patient. The photos are fun and I think you will enjoy seeing them. The photos will give you a visual of the Adventure, which I think you will appreciate.

If you haven’t formed teams yet, again please check the guest list and contact each other. However, if when the Adventure begins and someone is still not on a team, I will put the stragglers together.

Why teams? Because there are points in the Adventure where you will need to make decisions. And those decisions may point you in the wrong direction (gasp!)

This is an Adventure where there is a winner! And a prize! Maybe more prizes, we will see.

There are two points in the Adventure where you can win. I’m not telling you, of course. You will know if I tell you!

You won’t be going through the Adventure without help. You will have Guidance, so don’t worry.

However, I haz to warn you. There is DANGER and PERIL in this Adventure!

Some of you may not make it through to the end of the Adventure. But don’t worry. You won’t be left stranded. Your team mates will pick you up and carry you with them.

Also, there will be a big announcement at the end of my Virtual Prowl Pawty. So don’t go running off right away.

I hope you all can stay through to the end. Depending on how sloggy Twitter is tonight will depend on how long this takes. I’m hoping no more than 60-90 minutes. Who knows, we might be blessed by the Angels of Twitterverse and tweets and photos will move along briskly!

So! Welcome. Check out my garden and help yourself to the refreshment noms.

The Virtual Prowl Pawty will begin at 7:30 p.m. Central Time. However, for those of you unable to arrive exactly at 7:30, no worries. The Adventure won’t begin until 15-20 minutes later.

Thanks again, pals!

Love, Herman

My garden. Feel free to wander and enjoy.
Burfday cake!
Veggie noms for our non meatarians
Hope you see something you like to eat!
Mom wurked her fingers making cuppy cakes.
Hope I haz enough seating
I luv dessert!
More veggies. Never can haz enough roughage.
Enjoy the unusual springtime breeze in my garden.
I will be with you shortly

Don't Mess Wif Me!