February 26, 2012

Meet Nerissa the Cat

When I had my #Virtual Prowl Pawty in January, @NerissatheCat came to my pawty and we got to be furends. I later found out she's a HE! His mom haz a good sense of humor!

Nerissa, did you always live with your family or were you a rescue cat?

Well…actually, I was feral.  I was born in a neighbour’s wood pile along with my sisters Constance and Beatrice and my brother Desdemona.  When we were four or five weeks old, my mama brought us to the peeps’ veranda.  We lived outside for the summer but by August of that year, I was in.  Then Des.  Then by Labour Day weekend, my two sisters joined us. 

Tell me about your siblings and how you get along with them.

I live with eleven other cats.  Yeah, it’s a lot!  Primrose, Snowdrop and Blossom are my aunties.  They’re littermates and are older than me.  In fact, they’ll be 15 this year.  Wow.  Then there’s my dad, Jacob.  He was abandoned in our subdivision like my mama.  But he lives here with us, now.  Beatrice and Constance are my sisters and, as I mentioned, my littermates.  I love them both very much.  They’re more skittish than I so I like to keep an eye out for them.  Tobias, Tess & Mason are my sisters by adoption.  Tobias was feral like me.  Tess & Mason were abandoned like my dad.  Seville & Rushton are my brothers by adoption.  They’re both marmalade cats and they were abandoned too…  but not feral.  I pretty much get along with everybody.  Tobias loves me to bits and always wants me to licka-da-top-o-da-head.  She follows me around like a puppy sometimes.  It can get to be a bit much at times but she’s really little and needs lots of loving up.  So I keep an eye on her, too.  Tess growls at me all the time.  I don’t take it personally though.   Tess growls at everyone.  Unfortunately, my mama Madison and my brother Desdemona are no longer of this world.  I know they watch us from heaven though.  I miss them.

Are you a snuggler or an indiffricat? 

Depends on my mood.  I like to snuggle with the peeps on the couch in the family room.  There, I purr and purr and purr.  Sometimes, peep #1 will pick me up in her arms and I’ll fall asleep right there.  But I don’t like to be peep handled too much.  Unnecessary picking up is frowned upon.   Sometimes it’s nice just to be close to the peeps without the picking up business.

What is your favorite form of mischief?

Hmmm….  I collect pens.  You can find my collection under the refrigerator.

Do you have a mischief incident that is still talked about with your family?

Well, there are those pens…  The peeps buy packages and packages of pens.  Whenever anyone is foolish enough to leave one on a table or counter, I just sense it somehow.  Next thing you know…  it’s under the fridge!  It’s like magic.  The thing about living with eleven other cats is that the peeps never really know who did what.  You can get away with a lot of mischief as long as no one ever catches you in the act.

Tell me about an Awww moment that made your mom melt.

She loves to see me looking after Tobias.  Toby will snuggle up to me and we look so cute together.  Also, I’ve heard, I look like an angel when I’m asleep.  Really cute, they say.

What are your favorite foods and toys?

I love Fancy Feast Grilled Chicken.  That’s my absolute favourite.  I insist that my regular food is always augmented with a little FF.  Treat Temptations are delish and I quite like a little Party Mix. No matter where I might be in the house, if I hear treats…  I’m there.    Every year, Santa brings each of us kitties little knitted biff-bags filled with the nip.  Those are amazing!  Oh, I love anything with good quality catnip.  And I enjoy a good acorn chase.  My mama taught me how to play with acorns that had fallen onto the driveway.  She didn’t have much money to buy toys from a store but she taught all of  us kitties how to play with acorns and leaves and little twigs.  Playing with an acorn now brings back fond memories of my kitten hood.  Good times.

What is your birth date, or your Gotcha Day date?

April 15th, 2003.  You might be wondering how my peeps know this.  They’ve told me that one day my mama was out and about the neighbourhood looking very preggers and then the next day she wasn’t looking preggers at all.  That’s how they knew my sibs and I had been born.

When did you join twitter and what clubs do you belong to?

I joined Twitter just last year.  Maybe in November?  Just after I started my blog, Nerissa’s Life.  I’m not sure that I belong to any clubs although my peep mentioned she signed me up for something on the internet but doesn’t remember what it was anymore.  What a peep!  Oh, but I finally made it to Nipclub the other night.  I couldn’t stay for long but had a blast. 

What are you known for on Twitter by your Anipal friends?

Well, a lot of them say I’m really sweet.  It’s that little beauty mark on my chin, I think.  Keeps me looking so young and kitten like.  And a lot of my Twitter friends think I’m a girl.  That’s ‘cause the  peep named me when I was still living out on the veranda and she didn’t know I was a boy.  She says, it’s a pretty name for a pretty boy.  It’s okay if my friends think I’m a girl.  I’ve been living with this name thing for quite some time now and I’m used to it.  And who knows?  I could start something new.  Maybe people all over the world will start naming boys, Nerissa.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  The peep says it’s a perfectly acceptable name.  Especially if you’re pretty, like me.

Check out Nerissa's mom's interview on my mom's bloggy: Kept by Cats.

February 25, 2012

Remembering my Alpha, Nicholas

My alpha, Nick, went Over The Rainbow Bridge on February 20, 2012. He was 14, but lived wif my mom for twelve years. I knew him only since 2001, but it seemed like I knew him my whole life.

Nick and I got along pretty good. He had enough trouble keeping Barney and Cookie and the other guys in line, so I tried to stay out of his way. Even so, when we got together we would just hang out, without trouble.

I'm gonna miss him. He got fed first, and always sat with Mom when she was reading or watching TV. And I couldn't get brushed without him pushing me aside so he could get brushed too. But he also got us outside a lot because his loud voice would bug Mom enough to have her shooing all of us outdoors.

For such a big kitteh, Nick didn't really throw his weight around. He was a fair alpha. See, here he is letting Barney and Cookie sit on "his" couch. But that's only cuz Mom isn't there.

Here is a good photo of him back when he was strong and healthy with a shiny coat. He looks like he just ate his dinner...and mine too.

I'm really gonna miss him, cuz now Opie says he's the new Alpha, and Cookie sez he's the new Alpha. I don't really want Opie to be Alpha cuz he already bugs me. I voted for Cookie, and so did Mom. But we shall see who gets the title. Until then, I'm just gonna lay low...and dream of sunshine and tasty noms.

If you want to read all about Nicholas, go to my Mom's bloggy by clicking on the photo of me & Nick below.

February 21, 2012

Meet Fancy and Benny aka The Tardis Toms

Fancy (tabby and white) and Benny (black) are called The Talons of Weng Chai Ang and also @The_Tardis_Toms. They live with @MrsOblivious.

You travel in time. Sometimes you’re young, sometimes you’re old(er). Did you always live with your family, or were you a rescue?

 We have always lived with our family, since we were six weeks old, a little young but we did ok, and got thoroughly spoilt.  We came from a farm.  NOTE: farm cats are big hunters.

Explain your Time Traveling and the idea behind Weng Chai Ang.

We travel with Dr Who, a Time Lord from Gallifrey, keeping the Earth safe from aliens.  The Talons of Weng-Chiang is a Dr Who episode when we travel to Victorian London.  It's got a giant rat in it, which particularly appealed to us.

How do you get along with each other?

We used to quite happily snuggle up together but this has evolved to *tolerance*.  Fancy is in charge, but he is easy going so puts up with a lot before he feels the need to assert authority.  He is firm but fair.

Are you snugglers or an indiffricats?

Fancy is definitely a snuggler, Benny likes to be close to Mrs O, but is not a lap cat.

What is your favorite form of mischief?

Benny: Scratching the sofa or licking cheese, Fancy likes to climb the curtains (breaking the hooks), knocking food out of the cupboard or sitting on Mrs O's hair when she is asleep.

Do you have a mischief incident that is still talked about with your family?

Benny brought in a pigeon when the family went away, ate it in the bathroom leaving feathers EVERYWHERE!  Fancy also knocked a candle holder and vase out of the bathroom window cracking the basin, bath and tiles.  Needed new bathroom suite.  Fancy also got a joint of beef and some bacon out of the fridge when the door wasn't properly closed, unfortunately (for him) Mrs O caught him in the act before he could start eating it.

Tell me about an Awww moment that made your mom melt.

Basically most of the time!  Fancy sliding down the banister was particularly cute. Fancy also sat in a pot in the garden once that had a Canna in.  The leaves went round his head and his face looked like the centre of a sunflower.  She so wished she had the camera, and Fancy LOVES posing.  Also when we first went out Benny ran up to her and put his paws up on her leg and meowed in excitement.  He would run in to Mr O and jump on his chest and rub all round his face, they called it him doing his Mr Snuffleupagis.

 What are your favorite foods and toys?

Benny likes *raw meat* such as birds and mice, although both  he and Fancy are also v particular to any fish Mrs O may be having for tea, and both have a weakness for prawns.  Benny prefers dry food, if pushed his favourite pouch food is Felix.  ALL food is Fancy's favourite. 

We have some Catnip pillows from St Kitts Herbery (check their website) in Cornwall.  They are REALLY strong and we get really nipped out big time!  Fancy also has a bed called The Tower of Power.  The bed sometimes leans and it becomes The Leaning Tower of Fancy.  Also we have Da Bird fishing rod with feathers.  We like chasing it but Benny finds the concept of play confusing, and usually just ends up running round the garden like a headless pigeon (sorry, we ate that, we mean chicken).

What is your birth dates, or your Gotcha Day dates?

Our birthday is 6 April 2008
When did you join Twitter and what clubs do you belong to?

Think it was June or July 2011, we are #wlf and proud.  Benny is married to Boots, sister of @bapistan  and Fancy has a girlfriend, Kate at @moon_cat

What are you known for on Twitter by your Anipal furends?

Travelling with Dr Who and going on #DalekHunts

 Please go to my mom's blog, Kept by Cats, to meet Mrs. Oblivious.

February 11, 2012

Meet My Fiancee, Belle!

Back in December, 2011, I wuz being teased by some pals about not hazing a girlfriend. They were surprised that I never even dated! I was talking about how I love sitting in da window looking up at the moonlight, and from out of nowhere, Belle said softly, she would sit wif me in da moonlight! I wuz surprised and touched.

We decided our first date would be for Mew Ears Eve at #NipClub. We got all dressed up, Belle wore red, my favorite color on her. And we danced, and then enjoyed the full moonlight together. And we've been together ever since. On January 20th, at my first #VirtualProwlPawty, I gotz kidnapped by a mean ol' Ferlie who wanted to hold me ransom in exchange for Belle. My furends rescued me. And then it hit me. I had to make sure no one ever stole Belle from me. So I proposed. And Belle said YES!

This week is Valentine's Day, and for the furst time I haz a real Valentine!

Please meet my beautiful, wonderpurr Belle @Frankencat1
Belle, why did your Meowmy name your Twitter account Frankencat1?

Actually, it was my dad that thought up the name. He sayz it cause I iz big & haz personality of a monster sometimes - **confused ears** wonder what he means

Were you a rescue baby?

I waz. Meowmy's neighbor got me from someone walking thru local grocery store trying to give me away. Had I not been snatched up by our neighbor, I don't knoze what woulda happened to me, cause I wazn't properly weened. My meowmy figured out the next day that I wasn't eating and got me started on kitty milk then gradually gotz me to more & more solid food. 

How do you get along with your siblings?

I haz 3 sisfurs & 2 brofurs - I can takes or leaves 'dem - preferably leaves 'dem

I know you haz issues with being brushed. Does that extend to you being held by your meowmy?

Well, how can I put this - YES- I hatez it!

You are so sweet and kind to our Anipals. But do you haz a mischievious side, and if so, tell me a story about an incident still talked about with your family?

My mischievious side equates to me to deciding not to use the litter box for no apparent reason. Meowmy hasn't figured out why I doez dat and I’m not telling. Keep her guessing, I say!

Do you haz an Awww moment that made your mom melt?

Meowmy is such a pushover, all I haz to do is lean up & give her nose kisses

I know your meowmy haz you on a diet. How’s that going? (Hugs!)

Hey!! Did you send this to my meowmy too??? She just picked me up to weigh me - **flat ears** It seems I have lost 1 1/2 lbs since meowmy's birthday. She gotz me on canned food only. Altho, I have found a way to get to the dry food she has out for the other kittehs I suspect that is why I am not losing as much as I should be

What are your favorite foods and toys?

My favorite foods are actually canned wellness Chicken & of course I likes my Nip - I don't really like treats & yes I knoze this is truly shocking - but I don't like Temptations.

What is your burfdate or your Gotcha date?

Gotcha date is May 28th 2007. I wuz just about 6 weeks old

Your meowmy and my mom are furends since you and me met. Mom heard you are a reincar-cat. You lived with your mom before you were born as Belle. My mom sez my furends Gidget and Chauncie are also reincar-cats who lived wif Mom years ago. Do you remember your other life?

I pretty sure I am the same color & same pissy, leave me alone attitude. But I much bigger. When I was here before, I was chased by the boy kitteh meowmy had. This time I bigger - but still don't really stand up for myself.  Sometimes when it just meowmy & me & I iz ignoring her she will sit next to me and whisper my previous name (Brina)  - I will turn and look at her reach up & give her nose kisses

When did you join Twitter and what clubs do you belong to?

I finks it waz August of 2011 - I am a member of #wlf  &  of course I iz member of #sfcf . I attend Nipclub on Fursdays - on those fursdays you can't go I make sure you say I can go wifout you.

You are a real furend, sleeping on the porches of those Anipals who are sick. I appreciated you being on #Nicksporch for my alpha. I also remember one of the first times I met you, you invited me to sit wif you on #Cammiesporch. I was so touched cuz no one had ever invited me to do that before. Besides the healing porches, where else can Anipals find you?

If I not on a porch den I most likely checking in wif my other kitteh friends like @Missy_Minerva. I getz #Brekkieclub from @Skeeterthetabby. I also likes to go on #Dalekhunts & #Cybermanattacks wif @The_Tardis_Toms & @Clingycat &  @TomcatSamurai 

I am embarrassed to say, but you asked me out first, which I appreciate cuz I never had a date before. Some of the guyz were teasing me about no having a girlfriend, and you said you'd sit wif me in the moonlight. I was so touched by how sweet you were. Why did you ask me out?

I was tweevesdropping on a conversation you were having. I can'tz remember specifics, but I 'member saying you probably had plenty of girl kittehs waiting to sit wif you. You said no you didn't & i was soooo happi cause I wanted to sit wif you. u waz/iz  just the cutest mancat I have seen. 

Our furends keep asking about when we are tying the knot. We both want a long engagement. Right?

I fink a long engagement is a good idea. Der haz been lots of sick kittehs needing porches so I be bizzy sitting on porches. I really enjoyed our VPP pawty & hopez for another one.

Thanks, Belle! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Fanks you honey - Happi Valentine's Day **kisses**

 Belle's meowmy, Karen Brothers, is being interviewed on my Mom's blog this week. Go to KEPT BY CATS blog to read.

February 5, 2012

Meet Rusty Culver

Rusty is one of my orange pals from Twitter. Even though he looks so much like my naughty brofur, Opie, I really like him lots. So I asked Rusty to intermew for my blog and he said yes. Yay!

Rusty, did you always live with your family, or were you a rescue?

Me was a rescue!  Me was left in da restroom of a Petsmart when me was just a small kitteh.  A foster Mom took me home fur a little time, den I wuz sent back to Petsmart.  I stayed dere in a cage fur about 9 months til my furever Mom & Dad walked by my cage one day.  I saw dem and stuck me paw outta da cage as far as I could.  Dey saw my long paw, came over and...I went home wif dem dat day!

Tell me about your siblings and how you get along with them.

I haf two brofurs at home; da first one is Carmelo, another ginger kitteh like me.  He a month younger than me (me 2 in April, he 2 in May).  He & me get along great, we play and wrastle and chase each other all da time!  Den dere's Mousie, a black & white feral my Mom & Dad did TNR (Trap/Neuter/Release) on.  He da baby - he just gonna be a year old in May.  He decided he wanted to be indoor kitteh and lives indoors wif us now.  I not get along wif him as well as Carmelo.  Mousie's mama died not long after he & his brofurs & sisfurs were born and he tries to nurse on me!  Me not like dat very well, but he not doing it as much anymore, so dat good!  I haf two other brofurs - Red and Tigger but dey are missing right now.  Mom & Dad still purray dey return home very soon.

Are you a snuggler or an indiffricat?

Dat an interesting question.  Me was an indiffricat until da past couple months; now every time Mom sit down, me jump in her lap, make her sum biscuits and snuggle wif her! 

What is your favorite form of mischief?

Me a purrty good kitteh; me only get into mischief when me playin wif mai brofurs.  We likes to knock fings over when we runnin round chasin each other, racin up & down da hallway.

Do you have a mischief incident that is still talked about with your family?

Me wants to go outside REAL bad and espeshully every time Mom & Dad open da door.  Me got out couple times; me was only gone a few minutes da first time, but a few hours da next time.  My Mom was very upsets; she already missing Tigger & Red, she not want to lose me too.  I not been able to get out since den!  Poo!

Tell me about an Awww moment that made your mom melt.

Me only did dis once, but Mom not forget!  Mom was putting on makeup at da mirror in bafroom when I jumped up on da counter.  Me wanted to be petted, so me walked over to her, looked up at her, got up on my hind legs and put my front paws up on her.  She thot dat was just da best fing!  Me liked it too cause she petted me fur a long time!

What are your favorite foods and toys?

I not a picky eater, so me have no favorites, cept I do like Temptations treats, da Nip flavor.  I likes to follow dat red dot, but mai nip mouse toys are da best!

What is your birth date, or your Gotcha Day date?

My birf date (day finks) iz April 2, 2010; Gotcha Day date iz March 2, 2011.

When did you join Twitter and what clubs do you belong to?
Mom opened my Twitter account in July or August 2011.  I belongs to #WLF and #BadBoyzofTwitter.

What are you known for on Twitter by your Anipal furneds?

I likes to eat...a lot (just ask @Skeeterthetabby & @TiggyBean).  I also likes to dance and haf fun at da pawties, but I still a bit shy.  Me has da silly nickname of "Flash" by @LilyLuWhoT and I not even remember why!  I sure it was a misunderstanding of some sort; I not a Flasher! *blushes*

Thanks a bunch, Rusty. I always loves to talks to you! Go Orange Power! 
Rusty's mom, Lyz Culver, is being interviewed on my mom's blog, KeptbyCats, this week. Click on name to go there.

February 2, 2012

Brian Bunny Tribute

Yesterday, our bunderful furend, Brian Bunny lost his fight wif pneumonia. We all are truly heartbroken to see him go Over The Rainbow Bridge. Some of us wanted to give him an Anipal memorial, and have gathered to say a few words about what Brian meant to us.

Cat Mama @MamaOfCoolCat I am so sad that you have moved on. We never met, but I was so hoping you would rally and recover. May your mom find rest and comfort. I bet @brianbunny in enjoying a banana and some ginger biscuits right now!! 

The Wonder Cats @TheWonderCats Brian was a great & fluffy furriend. Our avi today is in honor of sweet @brianbunny who had perfect peace in heaven with #Jesus you are free of all your sickness, hop free

Kes aka Kessie @KesTheCat Mebbe he could be a #sfcfotrb the furst crimefighter

Phi Botticelli @3phibotticelli Brian loved all animals equally and sat on his Mums feet and rousted the kitties in his home. He funny and listened! So sad! Hug.

kay keefe @kaykeefe Brian bunny so bootiful. Gave so much love, support & encouragement to so many. Just because I havent met you doesnt mean i didnt love you Because i did & do love you. My heart is so heavy, my eyes are full of tears. You gave me & Clover so much love & hope. Pain free now little Man. Sweet dreams. Binkying free at rainbows bridge. Sending your mummy love & strength at this heartbreaking time. RIP bootiful Brian xxx

Olly von Steiff @OllyTed brian wos soo luffly.. full of life nd enjoyin owah likkle carrot cayks at #caykclub - hee lives in owah harts nd i will will miss him so

Holly Band @Holly_Bobbins  Thoughts of happier times. Mum and dad were on holiday in Disneyworld and they saw this toy and it reminded them so much of their bunneh pal. We is glad that for a moment or two we could make his mummy smile xx pic.twitter.com/re57nsrm He was such a great friend.

Deaner Beaner @ItsMeDeaner We only met Brian bunny & his staff a few weeks ago. We are saddened by this sudden loss. He was a good friend & his mom is a pawsome lady.

Theodore Toes Esq. @Teddy_Toes Brian was one of the first friends I met on Twitter. He was always happy and he loved his carrot cake at #caykclub. I will miss him *hugs*

spartacus Sparty Pig (@SpartyPig) Oh @brianbunny/ you hopped deep into our hearts/ You shall be so missed #PiggieHaiku #TributeToBrian

Ray & Chase @DaneRay I am so sorry and saddened to hear the news. Brian led a full and long life being loved by you. He will always live in your heart and memories. Treasure him for the jewel that he was ... he loved you as much as you loved him. Thank you for giving him such a long and wonderful life!!! Huge hugzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! TWEEPS, please send a TWEET of love and hugs to @brianbunny who went OTRB ... he was one of our #anipals who hippity-hop-hoppity-hipped his way into our hearts with his beautiful bun-bun face, adorable eyes, and his ever-pleasant outlook. We will miss him but he lives on in our memories forever! Thank you!!!! He was VERY VERY sweet and handsome!!!!

Irish terrier Briar @wonderwinger @brianbunny was my 1st twitter bunny friend. He was always so jolly & I'll miss our chats over gingernut biccies with banana on top. However it was more beautiful to be privy yo the mutual love, regard & devotion between him & his mum. He was more than a bunny to her, he was her world. We knew he needed a strong #pawcircle, because it was so important for him to get better, alas this time it was not to be. Dear Brian you may have passed OTRB but I will never forget you ever. Xxxx

Bailey @baileybun1 I don't really know what to write about Brian, just that I am devastated that he is no longer with us...I am glad he is not in any pain And I send his mommy my deepest most heartfelt condolences. May Brian be hopping pain free over the rainbow bridge and may the angels Watch over him and everybun who has gone before him! I love you Brian, you will be missed more than you know! Sleep well my friend! RIP Brian bunny xoxoxoxoxoxo

Rocky @Rockythedogg Tribute to Brian: @BrianBunny was one of the first furries I started following on Twitter. I loved his tweets and his love for everybody! I was there for him when he got sick a few months ago and then when I had my spinal cord injury, he was there for me.  He got me and my family through some very dark days even when he wasn't feeling well himself.  He was such a gentleman and a very caring bunny!  He always had words of encouragement for me that keep me going.  I will never forget my good friend Brian, a piece of him will always be in my heart! I will dedicate my continued recovery to Brian because I know he wants me to walk again.  He gave me the strength to keep working hard and now I will work even harder in his memory. I loved you Brian and miss you terribly!  Your family and friends will be in my prayers. I know that you are OTRB feeling bunderful and playing with friends and are happy!!  Love you, @Rockythedogg

Princess PuffyPants @PuffyPantsKitty Bwian bunny was such a nice floofy! He so kind an' awways hab the nicest fings to say. I so glad I got to meeted him.... I gonna miss our #SFCF co-foundeh. I hope he smells wots of narnars in bunny heaven and eats dem up :-) Bye-bye, Bwian. I loves you!

Swamp Bunny Rescue @swampbunnies and Rabbit Viola @rabbitviola Brian was a wonderful bunny who always looked ready for snuggles he will be missed but will stay in our hearts and memories forever. We love u Brian.

bilbo the bunny @bilbo_the_bunny Me & my mummy only knew Bri for a short while but he brought us sooo much love. We remember his sense of humour & his big huge heart full Of love for everyone. My heart is breaking right now. He was the most fluffiest friendliest bunny I ever met. I am privileged to have known Him. He was my friend and that makes me a very lucky bunny. RIP Brian. I miss you my friend xxxxxx

Belle @Frankencat1 I am just heart sick at the loss of Brian, but at least he not in pain anymore **wipes leaky eyes** what will we do wifout our @brianbunny ?? i sooo sad YYYYYYOOOOOOOWWWWWWLLLLLL **leaky eyes** RIP my friend know we love you

Herman @Tattlecat I met Brian on January 8th when I followed him and he followed me back. We compared our mutual floofiness and became furends. Brian asked if I knew Pippa @PuffyPantsKitty and then she suggested we start a super fluff club. We decided to be super heros. Belle @Frankencat1 and Bilbo @Bilbo_the_Bunny joined us and pretty soon we had a bunch of Super Fluff Crime Fighters. I’m never gonna forget @Brianbunny cuz he was a special furend. His tweets were always nice and sweet, and his mom was extra special too. I really hope maybe Brian is able to tweet from Over The Rainbow Bridge cuz this world, wif all its sadness, heartbreak and meanness really needs wonderpurr bunnies like Brian to keep our spirits up and our hearts hoppy.

We all send our sincerest condolences to Brian’s mummy, Karen and family. You not only gave Brian a wonderful home and life, but you also gave life to Brian among all his Twitter furends.

RIP Brian.

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