April 30, 2012

Meet Penny and Tippy... The Meow Girls!

Who doesn't like to hang out wif a couple of lovely ladies? Tippy and Penny haz great purrsonalities and are wonderpurr friends. I sat down wif the ladies after their shift was over at #NipClub and asked about their life.

How old were you when you moved in with your family? Were you a rescue?

Penny: I was 2 and had been returned to the rescue twice. Kathy saw me on Petfinder, said she had to have me and we fell in love the next day. It was so cold in that rescue place. I had a cagemate and we kept each other warm

Tippy: I was less than a year old and had kittens. My former people left me and my new kittens in a box at the shelter in the hot sun on an August Sunday. The people from the shelter found us early Monday morning. They took us in. They fed us and gave us water. It was soooo good. Soon I was spayed they put up for adoption. One Saturday Annie and Kathy came in. Annie was looking for a calico kitty because hers had recently gone OTRB. They let her pick me up. I liked her but had to play hard to get. You know what I did? When she put me down, I ran into my cage and closed the door after me.

What kind of cats are you?

Tippy: I am a Calico and Penny is a Gray/white tuxie.

How was your mom inspired to name you?

Tippy: Well, Annie first named me Libby after the Liberty Humane Society, where I was adopted from. But when I got to my furever home, I always ran around the house. I ran funny so Grandpa called me Tippy Toes. That became my name.

Penny: I was 2 years old when Kathy adopted me. My name was Penelope. She liked my name and wouldn't change it. Then she shortened it to Penny. She calls me both names. Sometimes Grandpa calls me Philadelphia just to make everyone laugh.

April 27, 2012

Meet Jin Jin Doggy!

She's a moooover and a tail-shaker among her furends. Jinny loves to barktend at #Nipclub and go to pawties. And she's really a wonderpurr furend to have. Please welcome my furend, @JinJinDoggy.

How old were you when you moved in with your family? Were you a rescue?

I was 3 when Mama rescued me. My human Daddy was a friend & he died so Mama took me & my sisfur Blaze 2 live with her. Blaze is now OTRB.

What kind of doggy are you?

I am prolly a Cocker/Chow mix. (black tongue)

How was your mom inspired to name you?

My Daddy named me after the arabic Genie - they are called "Jin"

Do you haz any siblings?

I have my sisfur Lab Doggy Pixel.

How would you describe your purrsonality? With your hoomans? With your siblings?

 I'm the alpha doggie, even tho Pixel is twice my size. I'm old now so I'm not so stubborn, but I still get my way. I'm always happy & always begging for food. I'm kinda grumpy with other doggies on a walk but when we went to dog park I was nice 2 efurrybuddy.

Do you have a mischief incident that is still talked about with your family?

I would open the trash drawer with my paw & pull out trash or open cupboard door & pull out cereal for Pixel & me.

Tell me about an Awww moment that made your mom melt.

I used to steal shoes. I would go into closets & get a shoe & take it onto my laundry room blankie. Not chew, just guard em. Mama called me Imelda Barkos.

Do you have any health issues?

I'm 16. I have Cushings & am on meds. I have bad arthritis. I fall down sometimes. & have loosy poops.

April 23, 2012

Meet Nike @NikePurrfecktcat

Nike and my mom got to be good furends cuz they're both writers, so Nike and I also got to know each other. She's a good furend to haz, and very supportive. I think she's very purrty and smart too. Please welcome, @NikePurrfektcat 

How old were you when you moved in with your family?
I was just about a year old.

Were you a rescue?
Yes! I was a feral cat, living on the streets. A single mother of six.

Only a year old? You poor baby! What kind of cat are you?
I am a tortoiseshell cat.

BeeUtiful torti! How was your mom inspired to name you?
She had a short list of goddess names and god names from ancient Greece and Rome. When she called the rescue place and they told her about me she narrowed it down to two or three of the female names. When she saw me and my 'swoosh' on my nose she knew it had to be Nike.

Do you haz any siblings?
No thank you very much and I do not want any.

Boy, I do understand that. I envy you. I wanna be an only kitteh too. How would you describe your purrsonality?
I can be shy with strangers. Once I get to know you I am guardedly affectionate. With Mum and to some extent a couple of other humans I am love wrapped up in fur. I can be demanding and I am very talkative.

April 19, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday to Belle

My fiancee, Belle, @Frankencat1, turns FIVE today! Isn't she wonderpurr? She is the sweetest, nicest furend to have and I'm a blessed man-cat to haz her for my own. Please concatulate her on her birthday week (she was born in 2007 sometime this week. Her Meowmy haz picked April 19th as official celebrate day.)

To celebrate Belle's birthday I'm re-running her intermew. Just click on the last photo below to read it.


I'd like to sing a song I wrote for Belle.
Me Belle...she's swell!
Me 'n her we go together well
Herm 'n Belle.

My heart...it swells
Sunny monkeys in tree sway wif song
Sway wif my song.

I loves you, I loves you, I loves you...
That's all I wanna say...

That's it. That's all I wanna say.
Happy Burfday, Belle!



Belle's fiery purrsonality chills when she's behind the wheel

Weekend at Cabo
Belle, my frosty princess!
Belle is dazzling!
Belle's race car for #GSSR race

Our engagement photo

#Nipclub date
Our first Valentine's Day
Every day is Valentine's Day for us
Belle & Me headed for #Nipclub (yeah we go a lot)


April 15, 2012

Happy 18th Birthday to Cagney!

I recently met a wonderpurr Golden Girl by the name of Cagney. She's lovely! Smart, affectionate and I wanted everyone to know today, April 15th, is her 18th birthday. Please welcome @Cagneythecat

Today is your 18th birthday! Concatulations! How old were you when you moved in with your family? Were you a rescue?
I was a rescue kitty – I was about three months when Mom found me and Lacey at an adoption day at our town’s library. She saw Lacey first – she was in the same cage as a bigger cat who was hassling her, so Mom, who was only window shopping that day and had no intention of getting a kitty, offered to hold her for a bit. Lacey started purring and cuddling against Mom’s neck and that did it. She knew 2 kittens would keep one another company, so we started looking around. Once they saw my cute face, it was history!

The adoption folks claimed we were from the same litter – but when we checked in with our vet, he said Lacey was maybe 3 months older. I don’t mind – whatever it takes to get kitties into forever home is fair game.

My first vet helped Mom to figure out our ages when Lacey and I were adopted. Of course we didn’t know for sure, so we set it so Lacey was born January 15 and I was born April 15. (The year was 1994!)

What breed of PET are you?

An old fashioned American domestic shorthair. BUT, I am also known as a tortie with white, or as Mom says, a tortie tuxedo – I have white mittens and bib…and a black necklace. Very fashionable!

April 7, 2012


I met Jazz and Captain Worm-Sparrow right after I joined Twitter. I kept calling them Mouche cuz that's what I thought her name was. Then I found out not only are there two kitties tweeting as @ClingyCat but neither of them are named Mouche. I loves them both, though. They are super great friends and I am so happy they and their mom, whose interview is featured below theirs, has agreed to appear on my blog. Please welcome Jazz, Captain Worm-Sparrow and their mom, Carolyn Cullen. (A-paws! A-paws!)

How old were you when you moved in with your family?

Captain Worm Sparrow: I was just 12 weeks old & cute as a button, when dada & humum realised they could not resist me.

Jazz: I was 8 & ready to live in luxury, I'm still waiting....

Were you a rescue?

CWS: I was the last kitten of 8 to be adopted from the RSPCA (can't believe I wasn't picked first, *indignant ears*) Our house had too many cats!!!

J: The 'rents finally saved me from the indignity of sharing a cage with a fluffy grey bully, 3 weeks after stealing my affections in a display of which I am not proud, but needs must.

How was your mom inspired to name you?
Captain Worm-Sparrow
CWS: Naming seems to be quite important at our house and the pawrents were concerned I get the right one.  The RSPCA had named me Shadow, but the 'rents knew that wasn't for me.  Dada started calling me Worm cause he says I wriggle much! But I'm more cat than just one name can contain, so when I started swinging from the curtains, Dada added Captain.  Humum wanted to ensure it was understood I was a pirate & added Sparrow, I like to think its also because I move soo quick it looks like I fly. MOL. I suspect my first name may be Bloody cause dada yells it before Worm an awful lot.
J: My first mum called me Jazz & at 8 yrs old, I'm not willing to have that messed with.

How would you describe your purrrsonality?

CWS: I know I am delightful and provide the Je ne sais quois this home was needing.  With your dada? With Dada I am a bit cheeky & like to tease, nipping in and out of rooms he says I shouldn't be in, almost before he realises. But when he picks me up for a cuddle I'm his cute little furry baby. With your humum? With humum I am all she needs. As a rascal I make her smile, teasing Dada makes her giggle but above all we snuggle & love each other. With your sibling? Jazz is way boring, no matter how many times I ask her or how much fun I make it, she just won't play, but I never give up.

J: I am a private feline and you must earn my acknowledgement.  With Dada? He sometimes feeds me, he pats me, worries over me, cleans up my fur balls and I let him.  With humum? I let her pat me, feed me, kiss me, love me, share her bed with me & clean my litter tray, I even deign to be on the couch with her at times.  With Captain Worm-Sparrow I must simply state I despise her & can't believe the pawrents thought they needed her after bringing me home.  I whack her regularly to keep her in her place.

April 3, 2012

Meet Marie The Tabby

Marie first caught my eye when she was dressed in her cheerleader outfit. Grrrr! (notices Belle frowning, hands on hips...chokes) I hadn't met @Frankencat1 yet so.... um...  Anyways! Marie is fun and wears really cute avi's. Please meet MarieTheTabby.

How old were you when you moved in with your family? Were you a rescue?

I was 8 weeks when I moved in with mom & dad. The people that has my catmom didn't want me or my brother.

How was your mom inspired to name you?

Dad was really the one that named me. He was looking at *Walt Disney's Aristocats*. He said I looked like the cat Marie, even if I'm not white. MOL.

How would you describe your purrsonality? With your hoomans? With your siblings?

My personality is purrfect. I get along with ALL hoomans, but they have to like me. I fight with my brofur, BEAR. He's a meanie.. My green eyes & being so loving towards mom, makes her melt. I just LOVE my mom and dad!!

April 1, 2012

Meet MewMewMurphy

I recently sat down with @MewMewMurphy at Tiggy'sTavern over a bowl of cheese nips and a couple bacon beers to intermew him. My beer was made from turkey bacon since my mom won't let me eat pig. Anyway, if you don't already know Murphy, him's a purrty interesting kitteh.
How old were you when you moved in with your family?

I was 8 weeks old when Mom and Dad rescued me!  They pawsome like that!

How was your mom inspired to name you?

When I was in shelter they named me and my fursibs all with "K" names.  Well Dad only wanted one kitty and I was the one and my name was Karl but Mom and Dad saw my "M".  Dad said let's name him Murphy and Mom said PERFECT!  Murphy is actually my names maiden name and her real father's name was Carl with a "C" so I was destined to be theirs she says!  Dad even forgot Murphy was Mom's maiden name! *chuckle*

How would you describe your purrrsonality?

I am quite a dashing kitty with LOADS of purrsonality! I love to get pets and chase my brofur Fez!  I also like to run outside when they open door for visitors and make them chase me!  *chuckle* When my hoomans watch TV I lay in their laps and allow minimal petting.  If they pet me too much I leave!  When they go to sleep I sleep at foot of bed and keep watch all OK!  When I first met Fez I didn't like him AT ALL!! I hissed and growled for 3 days!  Then I realized he not going anywhere so maybe he be OK.  Now we play together and clean each other which is great fun! 

Don't Mess Wif Me!