April 7, 2012


I met Jazz and Captain Worm-Sparrow right after I joined Twitter. I kept calling them Mouche cuz that's what I thought her name was. Then I found out not only are there two kitties tweeting as @ClingyCat but neither of them are named Mouche. I loves them both, though. They are super great friends and I am so happy they and their mom, whose interview is featured below theirs, has agreed to appear on my blog. Please welcome Jazz, Captain Worm-Sparrow and their mom, Carolyn Cullen. (A-paws! A-paws!)

How old were you when you moved in with your family?

Captain Worm Sparrow: I was just 12 weeks old & cute as a button, when dada & humum realised they could not resist me.

Jazz: I was 8 & ready to live in luxury, I'm still waiting....

Were you a rescue?

CWS: I was the last kitten of 8 to be adopted from the RSPCA (can't believe I wasn't picked first, *indignant ears*) Our house had too many cats!!!

J: The 'rents finally saved me from the indignity of sharing a cage with a fluffy grey bully, 3 weeks after stealing my affections in a display of which I am not proud, but needs must.

How was your mom inspired to name you?
Captain Worm-Sparrow
CWS: Naming seems to be quite important at our house and the pawrents were concerned I get the right one.  The RSPCA had named me Shadow, but the 'rents knew that wasn't for me.  Dada started calling me Worm cause he says I wriggle much! But I'm more cat than just one name can contain, so when I started swinging from the curtains, Dada added Captain.  Humum wanted to ensure it was understood I was a pirate & added Sparrow, I like to think its also because I move soo quick it looks like I fly. MOL. I suspect my first name may be Bloody cause dada yells it before Worm an awful lot.
J: My first mum called me Jazz & at 8 yrs old, I'm not willing to have that messed with.

How would you describe your purrrsonality?

CWS: I know I am delightful and provide the Je ne sais quois this home was needing.  With your dada? With Dada I am a bit cheeky & like to tease, nipping in and out of rooms he says I shouldn't be in, almost before he realises. But when he picks me up for a cuddle I'm his cute little furry baby. With your humum? With humum I am all she needs. As a rascal I make her smile, teasing Dada makes her giggle but above all we snuggle & love each other. With your sibling? Jazz is way boring, no matter how many times I ask her or how much fun I make it, she just won't play, but I never give up.

J: I am a private feline and you must earn my acknowledgement.  With Dada? He sometimes feeds me, he pats me, worries over me, cleans up my fur balls and I let him.  With humum? I let her pat me, feed me, kiss me, love me, share her bed with me & clean my litter tray, I even deign to be on the couch with her at times.  With Captain Worm-Sparrow I must simply state I despise her & can't believe the pawrents thought they needed her after bringing me home.  I whack her regularly to keep her in her place.

Do you have a mischief incident that is still talked about with your family?

CWS:  Dada tends to be stricter with us, but even he couldn't do anything but laugh this time.  While I was running up and down my cat condo this rainy day I noticed dada's t-shirts hanging from the light in the middle of the room.  I figured it can't be about the curtains all the time, so while Dada chatted to humum I climbed my condo & leapt. I caught a t-shirt and swung like the pirate I am. DADA laughed pointed for humum to see, than took me off his shirt.  He loves talking about the white streak he saw flying at his laundry.

J:  I am a lady and do not participate in mischief.

Tell me about an Awww moment that made your mom melt.

CWS: Humum loves having pusskahs in the bed, but when I first came home I was so excited to be here & with my pawrents that I was always zooming around, so to actually get some sleep I was locked out of the bedroom each night. When I finally was allowed in the bedroom overnight, humum was so happy and her awwww moment - when she went to roll over in the middle of the night and there I was all cuddled up under her chin.

J:  It's all about her isn't it?! She awws every time I initiate contact, simple & sad hey?

Do you have any health issues?

CWS: I'm happy & healthy, though Dada says I'm disease ridden cause I attracted a few fleas with my beautiful coat (during Brisbane's worst flea outbreak in a decade may I add.)

J: None that we know of, but dada is getting nervous about me cause they are abandoning us for a week soon & that's when their last pusskah went OTRB & I am showing similar signs.

Do you like to be brushed, have your nails trimmed?

CWS:  The rents' comb my fur which I enjoy - like all attention on me, but the v e t trims my nails cause humum always worried about getting the quick.

J: I allow very brief combing only! I can groom myself thank you very much.

What is your relationship like with your veterinarian?

CWS: I love running around in the small room with the metal table, cause its all about me & it smells different & everyone looks at me me me me!!!

J: I tolerate her administrations, it keeps the pawrents happy.

Do you like certain hoomans outside of your family?

CWS: My 'rents aren't particularly friendly or tidy, so we don't see many other people, but I'm anyone's for a treat, compliment and ear scritches.

J: I barely like the pawrents, so no other hooman is allowed the privilege of getting close to me.

What are your favorite foods and toys?

CWS: It appears that to date I have not been receiving all the food choices I should have, but of the limited selection I've had i prefer my gourmet tinned fish to kangaroo meat, until the meat is left over on jazz's plate of course, then it suddenly becomes appealing to me.  I do like sardines too, but only on a plate, not in a bowl!  Update, having now sampled Tasmanian salmon, I still prefer my gourmet tins. As for toys, purple monster on a stick is cool to kill, anything with a bell must be hunted down, ping pong balls from bath tub to hidden under fridge are a present fave & I really need a new dangle mousy as I've destroyed mine already.

J: As a discerning kitteh I like fresh meat, humum regularly serves me kangaroo, sardines &  the Tasmanian salmon finally made available to me was delicious, but really 3 nights in a row, humum is not getting thanked for that! And I am too mature for toys.

What is your birth date, or Gotcha Day date?

CWS: Born Sept 6th 2011 & got November 28th 2011
J: Born 30 Oct 2003 & got 27 November 2011

When did you join Twitter and what clubs do you belong to?

CWS: Humum was already on Twitter but as we made more furriends than she had, we took over her account. That happened easily by December 2011. January 2012 we were admitted to the Whiskas Liberation Front #wlf.  Then we joined our great furriend Herman in the Super Fluff Crime Fighters #SFCF (which has since been renamed in honor of our fallen leader Brian Bunny: SFCF is now BrianBunnySuperFluffCrimeFighters #BBSFCF).  We are also part of the #flyingfuries as ground crew and escort with another aussie anipal @whatdoingdugal.  We absolutely love every day of #brekkieclub with Skeeter. We always join with Aussies @WhatDoingDugal & @Gemmathepuppy to watch tv show. My Kitchen Rules & with them we are part of #anipaldreamteam league. It's anipals from around the world creating their own dream teams of Aussie Rules players to compete against each other in a critter only league!!!

What are you known for on Twitter by your Anipal furends?

CWS: I think everyone remembers my terrific name!!!!
J: I thinks it's common to be 'known', I'm more exclusive.


Carolyn and Captain Worm-Sparrow
Tell me about yourself, outside of your passion for animals, such as your family, hobbies and interests.
I love reading, the Geelong Cats Aussie Rules football team & all that is fluffy or furry.  My family is the ever patient, tolerant, thoughtful Andrew, pusskahs Jazz & Captain Worm-Sparrow plus a plethora of fluffies dominated by the irrepressible Nellie Bear.  I used to stress about my lack of hobbies, not being particularly crafty and certainly not sporty but I like being good at my job, so reading it is, with a sideline in marketing ideas.

Do you work outside the home?
I work in a public library just 15 minutes drive from home which suits me perfectly.

Are you an outdoor person, or an indoor person, and why?
Definitely indoors. I love my creature comforts & find them far more accessible indoors than out. I prefer sedate pursuits such as coffee and chat over physical exertions.

Do you blog?
No, never have anything exciting, pithy or witty to share

What is your favorite book, favorite author?
'To Kill a Mockingbird' 'The Women's Room' 'Our Man in Havana' John Marsden, Kerry Greenwood, Graham Greene, Colin Cotterill, Doris Lessing, Peter Singer, Jeffrey Masson, I could go on & on & on.....

I know you have a wonderful, creative imagination for marketing authors. What type of marketing have you performed for them?
I don't get to market individual authors usually, but what I do is create displays of books.  For cat murder mysteries, I created wanted posters depicting pusskahs performing mischief & sort by the Feline Bureau of Investigation.  To promote alternative crafts such as 'bombing' and murder mysteries with a craft theme, I suggested a bombing of the library (never approved) & displayed keep calm & carry yarn posters. for foodies I had a menu of reads for entree, mains, dessert & even take away.  For a recent Janet Evanvovich event, I arranged the furniture like a viewing with a flat coffin (didn't want to be too morbid) fake flowers & donuts, Cheetos etc per Stephanie Plum.  I had a slide show presentation of New Jersey focusing on the 'burg of course.  (Please know my budget is always nil.)

What TV shows do you enjoy?
Glee, My kitchen rules (when watched with others on twitter) Downton Abbey, Bones, How I met your mother, the big bang theory, Modern Family

What type of music do you enjoy?
Still love my 90's grunge & Riot Grrrls, Tori Amos, Kate Bush, 80's pop hits, plus folksy women & the famous jazz singers.

Do you travel?
Not nearly enough, I am sooo comfortable at home.

What is the most memorable vacation you’ve ever taken?
My 1st overseas trip was to San Francisco & the whole thing was incredible, not least of all discovering I could visit Alcatraz, a place that had fascinated me since I was a kid. My other most memorable trip would be a long weekend in Melbourne last year when my beloved cats won the Grand Final.  It was action packed, on the run & the best high I have ever experienced.

Tell me about your town and what makes it special to you.  
Brisbane is sub-tropical, the 3rd largest city in Australia & most famous overseas I suspect for hosting world expo 88.  Brisbane is divided by the very winding Brisbane River, creating aNorth/South divide few traverse in a lifetime. It is an easy place to live, not being too big or busy, having relatively mild weather & being fairly clean & green. But nothing makes it exceptional to me. I couldn't suggest anyone visit here except as a gateway to the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast & ultimately the great barrier reef.

Tell me about your first pet, and how many have you had in your lifetime?
As a child we always had at least one dog & cat.  My favourite baby picture is of me and orange cat Chumley sharing a sun puddle on the bed in my room. He protected me & would hiss at anyone trying to pick me up.  Chumley was a tick magnet, who when they killed him was replaced by Miffy a beautiful tortie. After Miffy was tortie Spike, then my mum who I didn't live with had Jones an orange Tom & Keekosan another tortie lady.  The first family dog was a black lab called Snoopy, then a pregnant poodlecross, we named Sasha walked into our yard to adopt us and have 7 puppies who we rehomed. After Snoopy went OTRB we got blonde lab Fred and mum had blonde bitzer Flip. 3 years after I bought my own place I adopted my two girls Mouche Cat & Ms Chief. It was nearly 10 years before a vet corrected the RSPCA admin & told me Mouche was a boy not a girl, making the 10kg girth a little more understandable.

You tweet as @clingycat and you use Mouche Cat as the head name. Who was Mouche?

Mouche was the first cat I was soley responsible for. I went to the RSPCA one day met a huge long haired cat without any interest in the people around & brought her/him home. The admin mix up which led me to believe Mouche was a girl also recorded her as having been surrendered with a small black female, who I returned to adopt after her desexing had been performed. She became my beautiful Ms Chief. I wanted her to have a name that would help empower her.

Why Clingycat?
@clingycat was the account I first set up when I was learning how to use Twitter so I could provide classes on it.  The name was my homage to my favourite Cats player Cameron Ling, nicknamed Lingy, so CLingycat.  As I met more cats & anipals the name stayed but the picture changed to Ms Chief, since the account name was already Mouche & then eventually became the pic of my two current cats.

Do you have other Twitter accounts?
I created a second twitter account for myself to follow my football players & fan friends.

What is a typical day for you, starting when Jazz & Captain Worm-Sparrow want breakfast?

At present because fleas have been discovered Andrew locks the cats out of our bedroom at night, so when he gets up first, as he usually does, he opens the door & in races Worm to bound about & then snuggle till I getup. When I do get up, Jazz greets me in the hallway & both wait very expectantly in the kitchen.  Sometimes I'll serve them sardines or otherwise I'll just refill their dry food.  Worm sits with me while I breakfast, then runs around up down showing off.  Jazz settles with the cat condo or on top of a grocery bag they both like. As I leave for work, it's like they have already forgotten me.

Geelong Cats Forever =^..^=

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