May 17, 2012

Angel Jinny

Yesterday, our beloved Jinny @JinJinDoggy, went unexpectedly Over The Rainbow Bridge, leaving those of us who loved her truly heartbroken. Angel Petie @Petiethecat created #WhatJinnyMeansToMe so we could pay our respects to Jinny. Please add your feelings about Jinny in the comments section.

Herman @TattleCat: I could always count on Jinny to make me smile, or laugh. She was warm, welcomng, and made me the best turkey bacon noms at #Nipclub. I loved making avi's for her, her chocolate brown eyes and floppy salt 'n pepper ears gave her such a sweet expression. She celebrated her 16th birthday on March 16th. Some say when you turn the age of your birth date, that's supposed to be your lucky year. Well...maybe it is for our Jinny. That she is now Over The Rainbow Bridge, romping through tall lush grass, free of pain, feeling like a new puppy filled with joy, that's probably the best of what we all can look forward to. I love you, Angel Jinny.
Angel Petie@Petiethecat What @Jinjindoggy means to me: unconditional love, laughter and wonderful friendship". Will miss you so very much

Lily T@LilyLuWhoT Our dear #AngelPetie has started a #WhatJinnyMeanstoMe hashtag - please tweet a memory of our dear furiend @JinJinDoggy 2 comfort her family

phi botticelli@3phibotticelli Jinny was a big sisfur to me. She always welcomed the new pals I bring ea wk to #Nipclub and I loved her

Leo@Leoblue31  -Such a sweet loving girl who was always making me smile and think. You made a lasting impression on me @jinjindoggy. xx

Ann Moslowitz@snickersmommie : A good friend who I will always remember lovingly. We will miss her.

Vincent Rocket@VincentRocket  one of da first pals i eva had here, her welcomed me wif open paws and made me feel comfortable at #nipclub @JinJinDoggy

Lily T@LilyLuWhoT : A loving furiend who always was happy and loved to have fun with her furiends. The sweetest girl ever! @JinJinDoggy

Bode@4catsstrapski AS we remember @JinJinDoggy To further honor this wonderful lady, let us also remember all those we never knew who went OTRB

Shibbering Cheetos@ShibberingC In honor of @jinjindoggy, she was our Best Friend & we send prayers as she enters her new journey. #pawcircle

Maupi@MaupiEnCo @JinJinDoggy that is very sad indeed. It is sad to lose a friend. As long as the memories are there, they're not really gone.

Leo@Leoblue31  -Such a sweet loving girl who was always making me smile and think. You made a lasting impression on me @jinjindoggy. xx

Please add your tributes to Jinny in Comments section below.


  1. Jinny was AdmiralHestorb's and my first doggie furriend on Twitter along with Duchess and Mom, Admiral and I have and had a lot of love and affection for her. She was kind and dear and she had a wonderful sense of homor. She made efurrybuddy feel welcome at the Pawties and #Nipclub.

    I will miss you, Jinny.

  2. Marie Atkins5/17/12, 2:52 PM

    Marie @cats_meows JinJin was a true furriend here on twitter.. She welcomed me with her open warm paws. She was always sweet & happy towards me.. I'm honored & thankful to have known her. xo

  3. JinJin,my heart is breaking because you were such a good friend and always there for me and others. Love you forever JinJin.

  4. I still feel hurt in my heart that my dear Jinny went OTRB, but I am so glad she's now Angel Jinny, no longer hurting. I love to think of her running and playing in God's back yard, free from old bones and pain. I will always love you, Jinny.


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