May 2, 2012

Black Mold

It makes sense now. We lost Nicholas in February to some mysterious respiratory infection that was thought to have been a tumor. Mom haz been suffering with memory loss, constant joint aches, headaches and unusual crabbiness. Lots of sneezing going on in this house. Running noses, both hooman and animal. Now, it makes sense.

Mom had Global Central Air Services out to the house today. Why? Because Cookie now haz what Nicholas had. Runny nose, thick discharge, lethargy. And its frightened Mom into worrying it could be more. Like mold. And it is.

Global showed Mom the air handlers. We have two. Both are poisoned with black mold. Global returns tomorrow to clean, using a tea tree oil solution that is guarantee to kill the nasty mold and keep it gone for two years. Meanwhile, we are wondering if we can reverse the signs of poisoning that we all have suffered. Especially Cookie, who at 14 is taking it pretty hard.

This explains why Mom lost all desire to write on her blogs, to write her novels. Why each day has been hard to get through because all she wants to do is sleep. This is unusual for her because Mom isn't the type to watch tv during the day or do anything but write. But for the past few months all of her energy has left and in its place has been a shell of the purrson she used to be. So we are very hopeful that once the mean ol nasty black mold is gone for good, we all can enjoy life again.

That Nicholas had to sacrifice his life to save the rest of ours is something none of us will ever forget. Mom is determined to make Nick the poster child of black mold awareness. So when you see #BBM on my tweets at @TattleCat and on Mom's @KimberleyKoz and @KeptbyCats you will know it means #BewareBlackMold.

For more information on signs of mold poisoning go to
You can also click on Nicholas' picture on the side bar that will take you there.
Nicholas Alpha Angel


  1. Thanks for writing this, I'm broken & crying for you

  2. My eyes are leaking. I am sure he considers his sacrafice a worthy one. & it was not in vein as the problem has been discovered and will soon be rectified. He waits along with his brothers & sisters at the Rainbow bridge and will keep watch on you and mom.

    Mold is a fungus and is indeed poison, the human body absorbs the poison, Mom should get checked out too now that a cause is known.


  3. 3PhiBotticelli5/2/12, 9:59 PM

    Thankful you are safe and I know the black mold will be gone and you will heal. Nick lives in your hearts. #BBM will raise awareness and we want you to write, have fun and blog again. You got this. Hugs.

  4. So very sorry you have had to go thru this. Mold is a very serious thing, and it's a good thing you discovered it now and can start doing something to fix the problem. Thank you so much for educating your readers.

  5. Prayers & #softpawhugs

  6. Herman that is terrible having the mold I will read up on it. I hope Cookie and your whole family gets better.
    there has to be meds to help you all get over & be healthy again from this lousy mold.
    I am so sorry about Nick, I am crying too, thinking about him. Bless you all {{{HUGS}}} Shorty

  7. Oh Herman... How are you doing? How is Cookie? And how is your mom? Now that the air things are cleaned out, you'll be breathing fresh, clean air again and I'm sure you'll get all that nasty mold out of your systems. We're all purring & praying for you, you know. Everyone all over the whole entire blogosphere. Everybody is thinking of you and wishing you well. Promise. And we're praying for little Nick, too. He was so handsome. All twelve of us here are gonna send some MAJOR purrs yours way... the very best ones we have. Okay?

  8. Message from the peep here... Peace Lilies. Peace lilies require very little light to grow and they eat mold right out of the air. They do a marvelous job of cleaning the air of mold. They're NOT real lilies... in fact, they're not even related. They belong to the arum family as do calla lilies. NOT the lily family! The peep is being a peep and can't remember their botanical name but she says most people know them by their common name, anyway. Anywho... it would be a thought to have them in rooms where peeps or kitties sleep.

    PS. spider plants are also super efficient air cleansers but peace lilies are known for their mold eating abilities.

  9. Thankew all for taking the time to write such nice, heartfelt words to me and my family. Mom and I will make sure Nick didn't die in vain. He sacrificed himself to warn the rest of us. Love you all! Herman

  10. Me is so sowwy about Nick! Me is pawsitive that he Is gwad to have made the sacwifice to help the famiwy he wuvs so much!! Me nose that wight now he is vewy hoppy to see that his famiwy haves found out what is goings on and that he succeeded in savings you all!! His sacwifice was not in vain!! Me hopes evfurryone in your famiwy, furred and furless, is all ok! Us anipals wuv our famiwies so, so much!!! We wuv you, Herman!!!

  11. Aw. Poor Nicholas! I’m really sorry for your lost. Black mold can pose some serious damage to both humans and animals. Aside from respiratory infections, it can also weaken your immune system and cause ear infection. I do hope that the mold issues in your home are now solved so that no one will fall victim to this house-sinister fungus.


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