June 22, 2012

Hello Kitty...Not!

The other night my mom and @ItsMeDeaner 's mom were making monkeys out of me and Deanie by putting us in Hello Kitty avatars. Then poor @OprahtheWestie 's mom got into the act. Hello Kitty is girly. While it may suit Oprah, it makes me and Deanie look silly.

Just wanted it to be clear to all my Anipals that I do not embrace Hello Kitty avi's without protest.

June 18, 2012

Meet Molly and Katie - Best Furends Forever!

This is the intermew I've been wanting to do for awhile. A BFF intermew...and I chose @DoggyMolly and @KatiePops_L, both gorgeous girls who love to pawty and have fun.

How old were you when you moved in with your family? Were you a rescue?

Molly: We think I was about one year old and I was wescued from abusive familee mummy and daddy originally fostered me. Den after about 24 hours wanted to keep me

Katie: I was 11 months and I was a rescue dog, my old family got rid of me because they wanted a starfish!!

(Holy sheep!) What breed of dog are you?

Molly: I am a Yorkshire terrier

Katie:  I am a Shih Tzu

What inspired your pawrents to name you?

Molly:  I was alweady named when I did get here

Katie: I already had my name when I came to my pawrents.

Do you have siblings? Do you get along?

Molly:  I has free fursibs: Suki who is 7, Jack who is 6 and Jess who is nearly two, we do get along for da most part I can be a bit of a bully wiv jack as I do tend to rule da roost!

Katie:  I live wiv Lola @millymopmoo and we mostly tolerate each other. We are not bestie's like me and Molly.

June 14, 2012

A Chat with Brian Bunny's Mummy

This chat was conducted by Herman's mom, @KimberleyKoz, who got to be friends with Brian Bunny's mom, Karen, shortly before he went Over The Rainbow Bridge.
Thank you so much for agreeing to be interviewed, Karen. We had talked about Brian being interviewed by Herman shortly before he passed. Again my sincerest condolences. I know the pain of missing him is something that will linger for a long time. This interview is to give all of Brian’s friends an extra special look into his life. And also for us to get to know you and also Tazo, who tweets as @fathertazo.

How old was Brian when you adopted him? Was he a rescue?

We got Brian from a pet shop when he was six weeks old. I really didn't have any intention of buying a bunny rabbit but I fell in love with this tiny bundle of fluff as soon as I saw him and I also knew that his name would be Brian. That day changed my life and led to ten wonderful, happy and joyful years. NB Buying from a pet shop is not something that I would recommend now, I would always advise getting a pet from a shelter or sanctuary wherever possible.

What breed of rabbit was Brian?

Brian was a lionhead bunny.

What inspired you to name him Brian?

Brian was my dad's name, although I thought he did look like a Brian. Brian was just fluff with eyes and my dad didn't actually have any hair! 

Did he enjoy being handled?

Yes, he very much loved attention and cuddles.

June 11, 2012

Meet Kendall Katz

Please meet my pal @KendallKatz.  Hims an Angel as of August 6, 2010, and joins my other beloved pals who went Over The Rainbow Bridge.

How old were you when you moved in with your family? Were you a rescue?

Mom spotted me one night at a construction site she was patrolling. After two weeks of getting me to trust her (to a point) she was able to trap me. On my first vet visit, they said I was probably around 8 weeks old.

What breed of cat are you?

DSH, tabby, brown with orange highlights.

What inspired your pawrents to name you?

Kendall is the name of one of Mom’s childhood friends.

June 10, 2012

Anipal Prom

Hi, it's me, Herman!!! I am still floating with joy over the success of Friday night's #AnipalProm. We had a huge turnout, and we trended worldwide. Not bad for a group of newbie pawty planners who put it all together in a matter of maybe 3 weeks.

First I want to thank @Nikepurrfektcat for coming up with the idea. She pulled together a great team of purrfectionist purrsonalities to make it all happen. She is a dynamite leader and did a thorough job of coordination and execution.

 I was impressed by @TweetingTruman's AnipalProm blog and the detail he put into making a festive showcase for us all to enjoy. He created a menu that we are all licking our lips over.

Phi @3phibotticelli with her date Stan @whitie99
Also @3Phibotticelli was our team cheerleader chewing away at the details (I'd hate to be a bone in her house! I'm sure at times she felt like she was herding cats...um. Guess she was considering the rest of us on the PromCom were cats!).

Bode @4catsstrapski
Dylan @Dylcat1
Belle @Frankencat1
Bode @4catsstrapski, Dylan @Dylcat1 and my beloved Belle @Frankencat1 put their best paws forward to bring on DJs, Barktenders, prizes and pawty favors.


Huge thanks to @CheshireK and @DanaPixie who came on at the last minute to photograph prom attendees and make us all look amazing in our prom finery.

June 7, 2012

Meet Tosh Black Cat

 @Tosh_Black_Cat is one of my favorite panfur furends. Come meet him and his mummy.

How old were you when you moved in with your family? Were you a rescue?

I am not a rescue cat. I came to live with my mum when I was 6 weeks old.

What breed of PET are you?

Black domestic.

What inspired your mom to name you?

I am named after my mum’s dad.

June 4, 2012

Meet Peanut and Gromek

You are in fur a special treat. I got brofurs @CapnPeanutzilla and @GromekCat to both intermew together. I loves these guys. They are both members of #BrianBunnySuperFluffCrimeFighters and super great furends.

How old were you when you moved in with your family? Were you a rescue?

GROMEK: I was about one and a half years old when mom got me. I had followed a tech back to the emergency vet clinic where my soon-to-be-auntie vet worked at the time, and waited outside until they let me in! Mom came to meet me because she wanted a kitty to take with her when she moved away from home, and that was me! I was an only kitty for about 5 year, unless you count dad --- we adopted him somewhere along the way there.

PEANUT: I was 9 months old when mom n dad adopted me! A vet tech at a different clinic where auntie vet was working found me and brought me in when I was just a teeny tiny peanut (only maybe 6 weeks old). I was there LONG time cuz I gots a few special needs.  As you can see from the pictures, I gots only one eye that works and one that doesn’t, When I was found I had a bad kitty cold and my eyes were crusted all shut. I was very sick! By the time I got better, my eye was all scarred up like this and I can’t see anything out of it-maybe just light and shadows. I also had a heart murmur-and kind of a big one too-what they call level 2 or 3! So I had to have a big visit with a cardiologist, and an echocardiogram, too. They said I had a potentially serious problem and should come back to see how it progressed when I was all grown up. When I went the second time, though, they didn’t see much trouble at all-so for now I have a pretty good shot at a normal life!

GROMEK:Yeah, Um . . .  if you can call you normal.

Don't Mess Wif Me!