August 11, 2012

Ocean of Pink Wigs

If you tweet on Wednesday you might notice animals wearing wigs. It's all part of the wonderpurr tradition of #WigItUpWednesday. This past Wednesday @JeffMusk and @NancyCakeFace along with @Cats_Meows and @LilyLuWhoT promoted wearing pink wigs as a tribute to all our beloved pals who have gone Over The Rainbow Bridge this past year, and also in years passed. I'm sure the effect we all had on Twitter was remarkable...which of course we all are. Jeff just told me they plan to make this an Annual Event, so hang on your wigs, pals! Yay!

Here are some of the terrific avi's that I saw. Sorry I can't post them all as some avi's do not transfer clearly.

Those Ferret Girls supported the cause but think they look better in blue. And they do!


  1. Herman, you rock in that pink wig! Actually, everyone looks really, REALLY good. And I mean REALLY! purrs


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