October 23, 2012


Bad Boys!
Bad Boys!
Whatcha gonna do...
Whatcha gonna do when your meowmy comes for you....?

Claiming the COPS theme song for their own, my pals Squeaky and Elvis make getting into mischief a top priority. They're fun and funny. So please welcome the bad boys you know as @SqueakyElvis.

How old were you when you moved in with your family? Were you a rescue? 

We were 6 months old. We are rescues from Kansas. Our birth mom had us under a porch then moved us next door inside. Just yowled for the door to be opened and moved us into a closet in the back room. This house was owned by the sister of our foster mom whom brought us and a sister to Oklahoma. She kept our sister Gracie and gave us, Squeaky & Elvis, to mommy. Mommy just lost Kitty the year before and The Bandit the month before. She said no before to taking us before the Bandit died, but our names came up in random conversions so she relented and took us in. It has been a party every since.

October 22, 2012


Anipals, gather round, cuz I'm about to intermew another of my beloved furends, a real great kitteh named Luka. Please welcome @I_Am_Luka

How old were you when you moved in with your family? Were you a rescue?
No one is really sure how old I am. Mama and Uncle Rob think I was almost a year old when I adopted her on June 14, 2011 (Flag Day!). The stabbypeople all said I was older – anywhere from 3 to 10! – but now they are still saying 3-5. So the only two hoo-mons I will talk to are sticking with what they said…which make me going on 2 now.

I adopted Mama so that makes her the rescue. I lived outside the whole winter before deciding on her. Would sneak food off of Uncle Rob’s back porch, but not let either one of them near me.

What breed are you?
I am a Domestic Longhair…I look like a long haired Russian Blue. (Excuse me – that reminds me I need to groom. ::: takes time away from questions for a little grooming :::)

What inspired your hoomans to name you?
That was a big decision for Mama! She likes Oscar Wilde a lot so almost gave me that for a name. She also is addicted to “The Big Bang Theory” so tried to think of a Manhattan Project name since that’s how Sheldon named his cats when he had a clowder. She even asked @BillPrady about it on Twitter and he reminded her about that, as well as suggesting Oppenheimer. She thought that was a big name for a guy as little as I was then, so kept thinking.

Several hoo-mons told her I look like I am a Russian Blue and she’s a big fan of Russian names, so she put together a list of them and when she got to “Luka”, said “Aha!  That’s it!”

And since I am so youthful looking, my middle name is DorianGray…also a nod to Oscar.

It took her almost two whole weeks to name me!  Her friend Mildred (Freddy the dachshund lives with Mildred, but I digress) was getting mad at her…Mildred was afraid she was not going to let me adopt her!  Now I have Mama completely kitty-whipped. MOL!

October 17, 2012

Hanging Out with Lou @LiveLoveMeow

Lou: Herman!!! Long time no meow!

Herman: Hey Lou! I haven’t seen you in awhile. I bet you’ve been busy like me, keeping our Moms inspired so they can continue to keep us in the luxury we are accustomed to. So, whatcha been up to?

Lou: Well, as you know, my job is Vice Pawsident and Spokescat for LiveLoveMeow.biz That means that I wear many collars.

Herman: *Gasp!* I wear just one and it’s tight! I can’t imagine wearing more! You poor kitteh!

Lou: No, no! I mean, I am companion and muse to my Human Mom. I keep her company while she works, and give her ideas for blog posts and products to carry in our web shop and such. I also make her laugh with my antics. If I think she's been working for too long without a break, I jump in her lap, throw myself over her shoulder, and purr in her ear.

Herman: Ohhhh. Okay. Had me worried there for a moment. I hear you got a new blog!

Lou: Yes! Not only do I help speak to our anipals and Human Moms/Dads on Twitter <@livelovemeow>, but also through my blog, The Secret Life of Lou. <www.livelovemeow.biz> That’s one of my favorite parts of my job: communicating with other anipals and their Moms and Dads, and perhaps helping them when they are sad.

Herman: Yeah. I no like sad Moms and Dads either. They tend to forget da kittehs need attention and more important…lunch! You said something about a web shop. What’s that about?

Lou: Well, I help product-test the newer things being sold in the shop; from time to time I get to try out new treats, toys, or cat furniture. <www.livelovemeow.biz>

Herman: OMC! Really? You get to test-drive toys and treats and *envy ears* cat furniture? Hm. Wish my mom would open a web shop…but then she’d never have time to write. As it is she barely has time to open a can of toona.

Lou: I also am Official Watch Cat. I patrol the house and office frequently, and watch over my Human Mom. If there is anything going on that I feel Mom should know about, I make sure she knows it! Included in that Watch Cat title is being a champion bug, mouse, and lizard-catcher.

Herman: Yeah, I’m kinda a Watch Cat too, sorta. I sit next to her computer screen and watch her write, gazing soulfully…hungrily at her…sending her telepawthic messages to stop and feed me. I also watch bugs in the house. I watch them crawl across the floor. Um…. Hey! I caught a grass-snake once! *proud ears* See? Here’s pwoof:

Lou: So, Herman, let's turn this around. You know what my days and duties are like as mews to a working mom; what’s going on with you? You’ve been kinda AWOL from Twitter a lot lately, which I’m sure doesn’t make your fiancĂ©e, Belle (@Frankencat1) too happy.

Herman: Belle has been understanding, thank goodness! I’m companion and mews to my writer mom, @KimberleyKoz. I inspire her story ideas. But lately I've been up to the tippy tops of my ears keeping my mom from plunging off the deep end. She’s got a very full plate right now, seeking an agent for her recently completed novel. Plus she’s working on two more stories. Plus she’s developing a new author blog. She’s still promoting her published romantic comedy, Southern Exposure. Plus she’s dealing with my daddy traveling on business, and Buddy being old and diabetic, and Cookie being so sick wif his allergies and stuff. There’s multiple layers of stress, so its all I can do some days to support her and not fwreak out myself. *whispers* I been hitting the nip pretty heavily to stay calm.

Lou: Do you get extra treats and toys on the days your presence has been extra-helpful?


Herman: Well, I hang out in the office I share wif my mom. The other kitties in our house aren’t allowed in unless I approve, which I don’t always. Mom keeps kibble at her desk for me, but it’s the fire pee kibble I’m supposed to eat and I don’t like it. But…beggers can’t be choosers and so I eat it. I haz my beloved Pajama Bear toy and my chair. It’s quiet and in our house that’s a treat in itself.

Lou: Do you get to go on book tours with your writer mom? How do you travel? Do you walk on harness and leash?

Herman: I’ve never gone on tour, just done local stuff. However Mom has a couple stories in the works that have me in them as a character and she sez I can go on tour wif her then to promote. I think I be a good promoter. I haz a nice open-top cat carrier to travel in, and yes I’m on a body harness. But mostly I sit in Mom’s lap and look adorapurr. I do love to travel, though. I’ve been up to Michigan a couple times, and once to Nashville. I sit in Mom’s lap and either nap or watch for trucks. I love trucks! Big red trucks are my favorite.

Lou, thanks for stopping by my blog and for telling me all about your LiveLoveMeow.biz project. Always enjoy hanging out wif you. Yay!

Furends, if you haz a business to promote, maybe you and I could talk about it sometime.

October 16, 2012

Being Homeless Sucks

Please be aware that strays need shelter. With the coming winter extra food and clean water is needed to build strength to endure harsh temperatures. And comfort, like straw beds, blankets, dog houses and heat lamps are very appreciated.

As a former homeless kitteh I remember how relieved I was when I found a forever home. If you can't afford to adopt your winter strays, perhaps you can provide them with a little comfort to get them to Spring.

Everyone should have a Wonderpurr Life!

October 12, 2012


A couple weeks ago our zooming, bum-biting pal, @Eddiebabycat got stung real bad by a bee posse. Those bees were mean 'n attacked our furend Eddie who was only minding his own business...and maybe swatting at them a little. No matter! Eddie cudda died and it made us all heart sick!

But now Eddie is well again and he's here to tell you all about himself. So please welcome @Eddiebabycat! 

How old were you when you moved in with your family? Were you a rescue?

I was a year when I came to live with my family. I was at the vet as I had been beaten and I was going to be put in a shelter. My brother @Laddiecat had a Urinary Blockage and was at the same vet. We were neighbours. Laddie and I became friends and my mom fell in love with me and took me home.

What breed are you?

I am a mixed breed all black.

What inspired your hoomans to name you?

I was named Eddie as I was living on Edward Street before I moved in with my mom.

October 9, 2012


She's still a kitten, newly adopted and new on Twitter, but she's already gaining in popularity! Please meet my new furend, @KahluaTheKitty (yaaaay!)

How old were you when you moved in with your family? Were you a rescue?
I was a very small kitten, but Mom not sure how old. I was outside for a looong time before she found me. She not too sure where I came from, but I’z very happy I’z not a stray anymore! I didn’t like it outside at all. I guess you could say I’z a rescue, cause she rescued me and my brofur from starving and being alone.

What breed are you?
I’z part Siamese for sure. You could say I’z a mixture, I suppose.

What inspired your hoomans to name you?
My hoomins thought I looked like a cup of coffee, so they named me after a drink they really likes. Sometimes I think they iz so crazy, but I really like my name.

Do you have siblings? Do you get along?
I has 3 brofurs; Doobie, Marley, and Biscotti. Biscotti iz my litter mate, Mom found him starving on front porch a day after she found me. He doesn’t like to play with me cause he’s so small, but we get along very well. My other brofurs don’t hang around me much cause they iz usually outside. Marley doesn’t like me, I know cause he boops me in the face all the times!

Well, in time your will haz strong claws. Then you can boop him right back. How would you describe your personality?
I’z very playful! I like to zoom around the house when Staff iz asleep. I’z also very camera shy. Mom always tries to take pictures of me, but I just zoom away. I’z a very loving kitty, and now that I has my voice, I talk a lot, too.

Do you have a mischief incident that is still talked about?
Which one? MOL! One time I was checking out the toilet, and I fell in..then rubbed all the waters off on Mom’s couch. I had to get dry somehow!

Sounds reasonable to me. Tell me about an Awww moment.
Efurry time Mom lays down to go to sleep, I likes to lay next to her under the covers and purr for her so she goes to sleep. She says it iz comfurrting.

Complete this sentence: If I had opposable thumbs, I would…
Open the tuna cans myself. Seriously, I need more tunas.

We all need more toona! Who are 3 famous animals you’d most like to sniff?
Watson, Maru, and Herman!

Gosh, Kahlua! I iz engaged to Belle! And you know she’s on a diet! *checks* Okay! She’s distracted. What is the most interesting place in your home and why?
I really loves my fort in the dresser. I go in there all the time to hang out. It iz dark and perfect place to relax after a long day of eating, napping, and patrols.

Sounds pawsome! Have you ever caught something edible? Did you eat it?
Just bugs, and yes, I eats them. My brofur caught a squirrel outside once, but I didn’t want anything to do with it.

Gosh a squirrel! *Impressed ears.* Do you like to be brushed, have your nails trimmed?
I don’t like to be brushed. At all. But Mom does it anyways, because my coat iz longer and I shed a lots. She hasn’t tried to trim my nails yet..but when she does, I’z gonna run!

Do you like certain hoomans outside of your family?
I love on efurryone that comes through the door. Iz just my purrsonality.

What are your favorite foods and toys?
I love tuna + egg soft food. It iz my all time favorite, but I’z also into cereal milk. Mom lets me have hers efurry time. My squeaky mouse iz my favorite toy…aside from Q-Tips. I steals them and play with them, too!

Have you ever eaten anything that your hooman thought strange?
I like to eat bugs when they come inside. Mom thinks it iz weird, but I just keep eating them! Grosses her out.

Hoomans! They haz such weak tummies. Have you ever chewed or destroyed something that upset your hooman?
She calls it a “couch”, but to me it iz scratching post! It upsets her cause now it iz shredded on one side.

Well, that's your side now. What is your birth date, or Gotcha Day date?
Don’t know my birthday, but Mom took me in sometime late July of this year.

Do you celebrate your special date?
It hasn’t come around yet, I’z still a kitten! Once it does though, Mom says she’ll give me whatever I wants. Which will prolly include lots of tuna and belly rubs, cause I like those.

Make sure you let me know when your special day is coming. I like to celebrate! When did you join Twitter and what clubs do you belong to?
I joined sometime in August. I’z a #Wlf member, and very proud! I also like to go to charity pawties.

What are you known for on Twitter by your Anipal furends?
Zooming, Singing Opera, and my awesome Q-Tip Collection.

Is there anything you’d like to tell us about you that I didn’t know to ask?
I’z just like to say thanks to all my anipals who’ve been there for me when I lost my sisfur GG. Efurryone iz so nice! I love all of them so much, and am very happy for the oppawtunity to share my story with them.

Thanks Kahlua for a wonderpurr intermew. Now...let's meet your meowmy, JENNIFER
Tell me about yourself, outside of your passion for animals, such as your family, hobbies and interests.
I recently became a mom. My son’s name is Link, he’s 9 months old. I have a severe addiction to coffee. At this point, if I stop drinking it, I think I might die. I like to knit nip toys for the cats, and I read a lot. I have a few favorite shows I keep up with, and I enjoy a lot of documentaries. I also play some games when I have time, which is almost never, so that point is moot.

Concatulations! Love your baby hooman’s name, too. What type of work do you do?
I’m a stay at home mom right now.

Are you an outdoor person, or an indoor person, and why?
Indoor person most of the time, unless it’s fall or winter. I live in a place where it is extremely hot most of the year, and I’d rather stay inside where the air conditioner is, honestly. I love being outside during the winter, though! Something about cold weather makes me happy.

What genre of books do you favor? What is your favorite book, favorite author?
I read from a lot of different genres; it’s hard to pick a favorite! My favorite book is The Great Gatsby. I don’t have a particular author I’m super fond of, but anything F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote is amazing. I also enjoy the Blossom Street + Cedar Cove series by Debbie Macomber. I must admit I have a love affair with reading books full of essays.

What TV shows do you enjoy?
Big Bang Theory, Once Upon a Time, Gossip Girl [I have my weaknesses] but my favorite of all time is Gilmore Girls. That show is so witty! I’ve seen all 7 seasons a million times. I also read a book of essays about it. LOL.

Do you have a favorite movie?
The Breakfast Club/Boondock Saints/The Godfather. They all tie for first place. I can’t pick just one. I have seen The Breakfast Club the most though. Great movie.

What type of music do you enjoy?
I’m really into Indie Rock. Modest Mouse is one of my favorite bands.

Tell me about your town and what makes it special to you.
My town is so small to me. There’s not much special about it…we don’t even have a Starbucks or a book store! The town I live in is famous for its Sweet Onions, though! We have a festival for it every year.

My meowmy sends her condolences on not having a Starbucks. Or a book store, which would totally kill her. Who are the 3 famous people you’d most like to have dinner with, and why?
Liam Neeson, because I have the biggest crush on him. Stephen Hawking, because it’s been a dream of mine for a long time. I’d also really like to have dinner with Al Pacino, because I think the conversations would be interesting. I bet he has a lot of stories to tell.

Tell me about your first pet, and how many have you had in your lifetime?
Gosh..I can’t remember my first pet! I’ve had so many furbabies over years. My first real pets after I moved out on my own were two cats named Vladimir and Gatsby. Gatsby loved popcorn; if you made it, he came running for some. Vlad always loved pancakes, but he would eat them with one paw! He was special.

Why did you choose Kahlua to Tweet for instead of another pet?
She’s so energetic; spunky, lively, and just a fun kitty to be around. Her brothers are far more reserved. She’s always got something to mew about!

Do you have other Twitter accounts?
Just @sbj0116, which is my own.

My mom just followed you. What is a typical day for you, starting when your pets want breakfast?
I get up around 4 with my son, which is also when the cats get their morning food. Then I drink about a pot of coffee and catch up on my e-mails. Usually after that I run errands, take Link where he needs to go for the day, clean up the house, and make sure all the cats get adequate attention.

Is there anything you’d like to tell us about you that I didn’t know to ask?
I just thoroughly enjoy everyone I’ve met through this community, and everyone that has been so nice and welcoming to Kahlua and myself. The amount of love, support, and kinship is amazing. I’m so thankful every day for all the anipals out there that take the time to spread happiness through Twitter.

 Thankew Kahlua and Jennifer for stopping by my blog. You both are wonderpurr!

October 5, 2012

FRIDAY with FridayKat_ASVC

We learned about @FridayKat_ASVC in his intermew MEET FRIDAY KAT  He has an interesting life living at a Veterinary Hospital...a place most of us would run from. But Friday calls it HOME! So I've asked him and his hooman, Karla, if they would like to share something with us every Friday. A Feature Column! And they said yes! Yay!

On Sunday, September 23rd, my family attended a fundraiser brunch. It was for a very nice group of people who rescue animals!

Linda and Rachel of Twenty Paws Rescue (www.twentypawsrescue.com) are the two heroes behind the fundraiser. They do not have a shelter, but rather have a network of kind people who help rescue, care and foster animals who are in desperate need.

Also, they don’t have big corporate sponsors. Instead they count on help from other animal heroes. I was a rescue, so I know how lucky it feels when a nice family takes you in and gives you loves, snacks and a safe home. 
Linda and Rachel and my family Dr Wyler and Dr. Julie (mommy2)

My VET family wanted to help raise money and awareness for them so they can continue saving a lot more animal friends!


All the nice prizes to raffle off!

These pictures don’t have me in them but they are still nice!

Meows and Purrs!
Your friend

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