October 4, 2012

Comfort is a Matter of Style

I love to nap. I can nap anywhere, anytime. But napping isn't all about getting rest. It's about being comfortapurrr and stylish at the same time. I try to nap wif objects that complement my autumn coloring, or are in contrast to my floofy whiteness.

Now for your viewing pleasure, behold a few select photos of me, napping.


  1. honey - u iz best napping kitteh ever I not sleep in 'da open. I always in closet or behind screen or behind printer stand -

  2. Hermie! Definitely "viewing pleasure"

  3. What a handsome fellow you are!Speedy's mum

  4. Nice to meet you!
    I dropped by from PBU

  5. Awww such a cute kitty! :D Im also here after reading about you on PBU, your blog looks awesome! Love the colour scheme and the pictures too! :D


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