December 5, 2012

A Bed of Memories by Squeaky & Elvis

Our mommy never travels unless for business purposes. When asked why not travel, she always answers "I like my bed and being with my babies." Us, of course.

We asked the same question and this is what we were told: Even though we are in another house our things are still here with us. Starting with her bed. It may not be a resort bed, but the bed belonged to someone who shares her last name. When she lies down, she sees where sissy Smokey spent her last six months and where her food bowl was kept by her pillow. There is the comforter with blood stains from when Sissy Smokey had her last nose bleed. The blood mommy cannot wash away.

This is the same bed our mommy shared with her three girls (Kitty, The Bandit, & Smokey) wrapped around her, protecting her from unknown threats when she came from a month stay in the hospital.

This is the bed Kitty shared with her during naps and The Bandit snuggled against her chest.

This is the bed where she now sees two sleepy boys all curled up next to one another on his pillow and one is in his pink bed, creating another memory…one of many more to come.

So you see it isn’t just a bed to our mommy. It’s a scrapbook of memories, created by some to be finished by others. Mommy says she would rather sleep with the memories of past, present & future than in a bed with none.


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