December 11, 2012

Meet Dolly the Doxie

I recently met @DollytheDoxie and thought you would enjoy getting to know her and her mom better. So please say Hello, Dolly!
How old were you when you moved in with your family? Were you a rescue?
I was 3 months old when mom and dad came to pick me up at Wright-Way Rescue. They first saw me and my littermates on when I was 6 weeks old but we were too sick to come home yet. The shelter had found us in poor condition at a local humane society and got us out of there so we could get better and find homes up north in the city.
Are you a breed of some sort? *curious ears*
I was listed as a Dachshund mix. Mom likes the nickname Doxie because she can’t spell the long version. She new nothing about my breed just thought I would stay small. Two and a half years later she knows now that almost all of my personality and behavior is pure Doxie. The verdict is still out on what the rest of me is. Most people think I am a purebred when they see me. I am very flattered.

What inspired your hoomans to name you?
On our way home from the shelter Mom was holding me in the car and just said I am going to name her Dolly. (She said it came to her in a dream.) Dad said that is fine only because she wanted to name me Betty after Betty White hoping I would be a funny dog. But Dad has a female relative with that name who would not have found it funny.
Do you have fur-sibs? Do you get along?

No I am an only child... I mean, dog.
How would you describe your personality? 
Trainers would say I am calm submissive or submissive excited. I am very silly and outgoing. Extremely tenacious, or stubborn, depending on whom you ask. I love to cuddle and give kisses.
Do you have a mischief incident that is still talked about?
That answer is beyond the scope of this interview. Probably my most expensive incident would be me chewing up an area rug mom bought in Tibet. I chewed a hole out of the fringe, through a border and she caught me just before I got to the pretty part made from baby Yak wool. It cost $300 to repair and she was told another fraction and it would have been irreparable. She thought I would stop chewing once I lost my baby teeth. Note to mom still chewing, but the right things.
Tell me about an Awww moment.
That would have to be during my puppy training. I was confined to the back of our house in the kitchen and a bedroom. Dad was supposed to be watching me while mom was cooking. He was in a chair watching TV and I started trying to jump on in the chair with him (short legs) so he reached down and picked me up. Mom was very upset she said I was in training and don’t spoil me. While I cuddled with dad she realized then how lovable and sweet I was going to be and to herself thanked the shelter for taking such good care of me when I was sick.
Complete this sentence: If I had opposable thumbs, I would…
Be able to open the treat jar (except it is up too high).
What is your idea of purrrfect happiness?
Watching TV on the couch with mom and dad. Or finding garbage.
What is your biggest peeve?
Mom watching TV in her chick room and Dad watching TV in the living room. I want everyone in the living room together and I make it very difficult for mom for as long as I can until she gives in and comes to the living room.
Who are 3 famous animals you’d most like to sniff?
Uggie (The Artist), Junior (Dog Whisperer) and Bo Obama
What is the most interesting place in your home and why?
The kitchen floor, because everything eventually ends up there when they are cooking.
Have you ever caught something edible? Did you eat it?
Mom and dad took me to Washington DC. We stopped in a park after seeing the White House (and Bo). The squirrels thought we were going to feed them so I attacked. I still swear I had the tail in my mouth. Other tourists were shocked. I guess my answer is no.
Do you have any health issues?
I am allergic to everything outdoors. My allergy test came back off the charts on 37 out of 40 allergens. Most recently the vets says I have food allergies too. Mom is still trying to find a dry food I like that is grain free, no beef or poultry. Good luck with that.
Do you like to be groomed?
I am very low maintenance. I tolerate baths and dad brushes me some and that is okay. Do NOT try to trim my nails.
What three words would you use to describe your hooman?
Maniplible (easy to manipulate), kind, loving
If you were a cookie, what kinda would you be?
Wet Nose organic peanut butter but I don’t get them anymore.
If you were stranded on a desert island, what three items would you take with you?
Nylabone, treats and mom
What are your favorite foods and toys?
Cheese, peanut butter, any table scraps, Costco organic animal crackers, popcorn. Please note most of this I am not allowed any more.
Have you ever chewed or destroyed something that upset your hooman?
See question re: mischief incident. I chewed up so many things that when Hoda and Kathie Lee were asking for stories on dogs chewing up things we got contacted from a TODAY show producer.
Name one secret about your hoomans whichthey think you don't know.
That they aren’t really the pack leader.

What is your birth date, or Gotcha Day date?
According to my adoption papers I was born on June 15, 2010. My gotcha day is Sep. 17, 2010.
When did you join Twitter and what clubs do you belong to?
I joined Twitter this summer. I belong to #aviators, #doxieposse, #doxiemafia. My #doxiemafia name is Dolli da Destroya.

Do you have a blog or a Facebook page? If so, please give the addresses.
I have a blog “The Adventures of Dolly the Doxie”
Is there anything you’d like to tell us about you that I didn’t know to ask?
Mom says I am the most stubborn dog in the world. And I am the world’s biggest sniffer.

Tell me about yourself: family, hobbies and interests.
I am married but we don’t have any children. We live in Chicago and consider ourselves true city folk. I love to swim and take walks around our beautiful old neighborhood, which is why I had always wanted a dog so badly.
What type of work do you do?
I have been unemployed since 9/08. But experienced in social media and marketing.
What TV shows do you enjoy?
I watch Dancing with the Stars and America’s Got Talent with Dolly’s anipals on Twitter. It's a blast. Any British comedy or show on BBC America especially Top Gear. And True Blood.
What TV show would I have to pay you in order for you to watch -- and why?’
Law and Order or Chicago Fire. I hate over dramatized shows that want to make you get emotional. Or TV shows filmed in Chicago because I can tell how much they are faking.
If you were a character from 'Desperate Housewives,' which one would you be? And why?
Gabby Solis of course. Her housewife and mothering skills.

If you had three wishes, what would they be?
That all dogs and cats would have a forever home, I owned an Astin Martin DB9 and my husband was David Craig. 
What is the one thing you love about yourself?
I truly don’t like myself very much, have always had low self-esteem and self-confidence. How is that for honesty? 
*puts paws around Dolly's momma* I think you're wonderpurr. What is your most prized possession?
See? Wonderpurr! Do you travel? What is the most memorable vacation you’ve ever taken?
I love to travel. In 2005 my best friend and I spent two weeks driving all over France and I celebrated my 50th birthday with dinner on the River Seine. I have also been to China and Tibet, which is pretty memorable but not as enjoyable.
I would think nuffin is as wonderpurr as River Seine. Who is your favorite celebrity and why?
I don’t really worship celebrities that whole Hollywood stuff is pretty revolting.
Yeah... Widdle on Hollywood! If you were given an entire day off, how would you spend your time?
I am tired of having days off, I am trying to go back to work full time. I love being home though and I am a true homebody, but I have run out of projects and I am bored now.  
Um. You wanna come to my place? My momma has more projects than hours in day. If you could live anywhere in the world, which place would you choose?
Have you ever traveled with your pet? If so, please give me a story.
We took Dolly to Washington DC for our 20th wedding anniversary in October. My husband had wanted to go for years and we needed to go somewhere we could take a dog. A lot of people had been telling me how dog friendly DC was so we drove to Gettysburg first then spent 3 days in DC. Dolly has a bad case of separation anxiety with the two us. One of us could not leave the group with out her going crazy. And she would not go on a walk or leave the hotel with just me. I wrote a whole series of stories about the trip on her blog.
*Makes note: 'check stories on Dolly's blog'* Do you have a blog, Facebook or other Twitter accounts? Give addresses.
The Adventures of Dolly the Doxie at and @dollythedoxie on Twitter
What is a typical day for you, starting when Dolly wants breakfast?
I usually get up at 5:30 with my husband. After he leaves at 6, I get Dolly out of bed (really) and try to get her motivated to go for our walk. We walk to the park, its 4 city blocks, hang out with a several others and their dogs all off leash. Home by 7:30. She doesn’t get breakfast, goes back to sleep. I start doing my stuff on the computer, chores, errands. She gets a walk to the park again around 3. We walk around the park I usually let her off leash so she can run and chase squirrels. Husband gets home at 4. She is waiting for him. She gets fed at 4:30. Starts sitting and looking at me after 4. Dinner around 6 then TV. I said boring right?
*Holds up glass of milk* Is glass half empty or half full?
Half full I am an eternal optimist.
Which animal represents you the closest?
Otter or duck
*Checks for webbed hands and feet* Is there anything you’d like to tell us about you that I didn’t know to ask?
Good heavens no!
MOL! Okay, one last question: very important question…If you were a genie and a person asked you this wish, "I wish you would not grant me this wish" what would you do?
Not give them their wish.
Thank you so much! Yay!


  1. Thanks you so much for da intermew! Mom misspelled Aston Martin and she meant to say she wants Daniel Craig (Bond, James Bond) to be her husband. Moms are so silly. Thanks! Love, Dolly

  2. Hey there Dolly! So... your peeps think they're in charge, too, hug? Silly peeps! purrs

  3. Squeee I loved the interview ans am so glad to hear of your early days, Dolliy and of your DC trip that I read of this year! Hug u! Yayy!

  4. Eggsalent interview Herman! We luffs Dolly & her mom bery muches! *whispers* Me & Mom don't fink Dolly all dat stubborn. Corse we duzn't liffs wiff her needor. BOL!


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