February 4, 2013

Catsablanca Spypawty Huge Success

Thankew for coming to my birfday pawty on Caturday.

@TweetingTruman did a wonderpurr job putting it all together, arranging for DJ's @ShaynaCat who pulled a double shift wif amazing theme mewsic, and @DoggyMolly and @SamTheWatcher, and fabulous barktenders @PepperPom,  my lovely fiancee Belle, @Frankencat1 @DylCat and @DoggyMolly (again, thankew all!)

We trended #2 right from the start. Spammers were wondering what #Spypawty was and one guy, not a spammer but, he stopped by to exclaim how surprised he was to see it wasn't about spies, but a birfday pawty for a cat, and he wondered what was so special about the cat. Me! So I introduced myself...and explained I'm wonderpurr so he should just dive into the fabulous pool cake (thankew Truman!) and join in the fun. My bestman and pal, @NerissatheCat wanted to claw the guy for being rude, but I explained he was just uninformed. But I'm so pleased that my buddy had my back! Thanks Niss!
Truman's cake pool was a success!

Speaking of Buddy! My tabby brofur had his own tab on the Spypawty blog: http://spypawty2.blogspot.com/ as he is turning 22 years old on February 14th, Valentines Day! 
My 22 year old brofur, Buddy
 Anyway, thankew all for coming, and please be sure to applaud Truman for his amazing pawty planning. Yay!

Don't Mess Wif Me!