March 25, 2013

Cooking wif Gidget: Peachy Keen Easter Dessert


Dis is a purrfect dessert for Easter. Or anytime if you want sumfing special to celebrate being hooman.

You will need 1 pkg (8-serving size) Peach JELL-O -- or 2 pkg of 4-serving size. 

1 pint vanilla icy cweam -- try not to cheap out, folks. You get what you pay for, ya know?

1 can (8-3/4oz size) sliced peaches, drained. Del Monte makes da tastiest canned peaches, but if you want to...again... cheap out, go ahead and buy from da dented bargain cans. 
Disclaimer: I'm not responsible for dis great dessert turning out cwappy.

2 cups boiling water (warning: dis is really hot stuff)

3/4 cup cold water (warning: dis is really cold stuff)

Dissolve gelatin in boiling water. Measure 1 cup of da gelatin and add cold water. Chill until slightly thickened. 

Add icy cweam to da remaining gelatin that is not being thickened -- stir until melty and smooth.
Pour icy cweam mixture into serving bowl or individual dessert glasses. A clear squat bowl looks really nice for dis dessert. Chill until set but not firm.*makes frowny face, shakes no-no paw*

Arrange peach slices on top of icy cweam layer in bowl. A nice circular fan looks really nice. Or you can just dump it on top if you are one of those hoomans who isn't into presentation.

Spoon clear gelatin over peaches. Chill until set. About 4 hours...or longer if you are ADD like my mom and kinda forget you made it.

Serves about ten hoomans or one weird kitteh who likes to eat froot

Happy Easter!
Deliciously yours, 

March 23, 2013

Honored by Another Award

Today my bestie, @NerissaTheCat over at Nerissa's Life gave me a blogging award called the Liebster Award. Niss is always encouraging me and putting his paw in my back to keep blogging even when my Mom sez she has a full day of writing books and can't be blogging for me too. But somehow we manage, and its because of pals like Niss that I try real hard to do my bestest.

This week Niss received word that his blog Nerissa's Life is a finalist for the 2013 Blog Paws Nose-to-Nose Best Blog Writing category. Please click on his blog name to go check it out.

Anyway! For my Liebster Award, Niss said I had to answer the following questions. So here goes:

What is your favourite flower?
last year's roses
 I like pinky colored roses cuz they compliment my nose color.

March 21, 2013

In Memory of Kenny

Today my brofur Kenny would have been 10 years old. Unfortunately he went Over the Rainbow Bridge at age 8. He had kidney disease and we didn't realize it until it was too late.

We continue to miss you, Kenny. Will never forget you.

This is the link to Kenny's story: My Scariest Halloween Ever!

March 18, 2013

Nerissa's Life Finalist for 2013 Nose-to-Nose

I'm so happy my bestest buddy, @NerissatheCat is a Blog Paws Nose-to-Nose Best Blog Writing Finalist for his blog, Nerissa's Life. Please click on Finalist pikture to visit his blog. He's super! Yay!

Cooking wif Gidget: Dill Pickle Soup!

Last week when my Auntie Carolyn visited, she made Dill Pickle Soup, just like her Polish grammy used to make, and later Auntie Marlene purrfected. So, I thought you might enjoy learning how to make some. If not...then you just go about your bizness...but remember...its your loss.


You will need da following:

8 cups of chicken stock or broth
2 chicken bouillon cubes
2 medium carrots, coarsely grated
2 cups peeled, cubed potatoes
1 cup thinly sliced celery
5 coarsely grated Polish dill pickles (from a jar)
1/2 cup milk -- not skim
2 tablespoons flour
1 egg
5 tablespoons sourpuss cream
salt and pepper
finely chopped fresh parsley (optional)
finely chopped fresh dill (optional -- but I say put it in!)

  • In a large sauceypan or a soup pot (or a bath tub...whatever!) combine chicken stock, bouillon, carrots, potatoes and celery.
  • Bring to a boil, reduce heat and cook covered, over low heat, until potatoes start to get soft (about 10 minutes).
  • Do not over cook (shaking stern paw at you and making frowny face). 
  • Add pickles and continue cooking another 15 minutes.
  • In a small bowl, smack around da milk and flour until smooth and then stir in a small amount of da hot soup (to tempurr) and add back into da soup. Does that make sense to you, cuz...(shaking head) sounds like Polish to me.
  • Anyway! You now bring dis soup to a boil and cook it still slightly thickened.
  • Remove it from heat.
  • In a small bowl (again wif da small bowls...why not use a medium bowl?) Beat egg wif da sourpuss cream till smooth and again stir in a small amount of da hot soup. *Rolling eyes*
  • Add it now back to da soup (are we playing games here? Getting kinda grumpy) and stir until smooth.
  • Keep soup warm but DO NOT BOIL cuz dis milky soup will curdle like nuffin you ever seen!
  • Add salt and pepper to taste and garnish wif da parsley and dill stuff.
Dis recipe makes 10 servings.

Enjoy your soup hoomans cuz I know for sure no kitteh is gonna wanna eat dis soup. We no like to be called a pickle puss!

Cuisinely yours,
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Love you! 
PS -- you gonna notice my cousin @MontythePooh haz his picture there too. Yay!

March 11, 2013

Cooking wif Gidget: Purrrfect Popovers

Me lying on Mom's Sekret Recipe Book


There's nuffin like a good hot n steamy popover from da oven, right? Dis popover is nommy good wif my Signature Salad (see below). Dis recipe serves 6...or one if you reeeeallly love popovers.

You will need:
Popover pan- pikture below
1-1/4 cups ALL-PURRRPOSE flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 eggs
1-1/4 cups milk
Softened buttah for brushing pan
1/2 cup shredded Parmesan if making cheesy popovers
Cayenne if making cheesy popovers
plastic wrap spoon bowl oven (duh! rolls eyes)

March 10, 2013

Me...chillaxing in MY CHAIR
I have had a nice relaxing weekend so far. My Grammy and Auntie Carolyn are visiting me, giving me lots of attention, which I deserve, of course.

Grammy usually sits in MY CHAIR but that's okay cuz she's visiting. While they are at casino, I'm getting in a good nap. I love my new chair. It's from Auntie Jewels' furniture store, The Amish Barn Collection in Shelby Twp., Michigan. Browse her webby page to see some good stuff.

Grammy and Auntie Carolyn
While visiting us, Auntie Car made homemade Dill Pickle Soup like Aunt Marlene used to make, and Polish Potato Pancakes like Daddy's grammy used to make. Our house stunk really good for a couple of days.

March 6, 2013

The Wonderpurr World of Henry

Sometimes we meet someone who makes us ashamed we aren't doing more to help our fellow furkind. Henry aka @HenrysKibbles is that someone for me.

When I discovered my new friend Henry had only 3 legs, I thought... Whoa! A tri-cat! How cool! And then his meowmy sent my meowmy his story, and mom and me looked at Henry's website. He is one pawsome cat! Beyond pawsome. Beyond...dare I say it? Beyond wonderpurr!

Henry is in a class all by himself. I bow down to you Henry.

The following article was sent by Henry's meowmy, Cathy Conheim. Please meet Henry.

The Just Me Project

Why trust a cat?

In a project dedicated to healing, tolerance and overcoming obstacles what is the use of a three-legged cat, a two legged-dog and a poodle that fears she is invisible?

Increasingly we live in a fearful society.  We teach our children to be afraid of strangers, we teach each other to be afraid of our own language, and sadly, as a society we define our lives and actions in terms of enemies and danger.  The wounds we bear, whether tangible or intangible, cause us to fear further pain and to protect ourselves, often against imagined threats.

The Just Me Project recognizes that healing depends upon relationships of trust.  To develop trust beyond our vulnerabilities, we need to have a relationship with someone or something.  We all see children telling their secrets to a stuffed toy.  We adults speak to our pets in a different voice.  “Only my dog understands me” and “My cat is my best friend” are statements not about animals, but about trust.

The story of Henry, the three-legged cat, and Dolly, the poodle with the perfect life, is a story about the development of trust between species said to be natural enemies, between a demanding invading newcomer and a pampered, established sole pet, and between a kitten determined to be an adventurous cat and adults who thought that dog-lovers must hate and mistrust cats.  Henry and Dolly became real friends, adjusting to each other and eventually trusting the other’s nature to live companionably.

March 5, 2013

Rules for the Cat


Rainy days and Tuesdays always make me frown.
Especially if my meowmy lets Dori, da new kitten,

Don't Mess Wif Me!