April 30, 2013

Exclusive Intermew with Henry The Cat 2002

What makes @HenrytheCat2002 pass out and drool?

What's his favorite past time during allergy season?

What does he think of catnip?

Read the answers to these questions and more...

Meet Henry The Cat 2002!
How old were you when you moved in with your family? Were you a rescue?

I was about 2 years old when I was rescued. I was hanging around the neighborhood begging for attention and food. One morning Mom went outside to get the paper and saw me sitting in the middle of the busy street (6:00 am!). I saw her and ran over and then ran into her house. She tried to find out if I belonged to a family, but a neighborhood lady said my people moved.  Mom figures I was a throw-away since I was wearing a leather collar. She found out fast why I may have been left to fend for myself. I am very demanding, and a royal pain. *snicker*

No! You are not demanding royal pain. You are CAT! Are you a breed of some sort? *curious ears**

I am a large grey Tabby with green eyes, and quite handsome… I think I am just your average mixed domestic short hair.

I agree. You iz handsome. Great profile! What inspired your hoomans to name you? 

Mom named me Henry after her wise guy/bookie/sometime jockey/sometime cab driver father   (think L.A. 1950’s Mickey Cohen). She finds this endlessly amusing, especially when I get vet appointment reminders in the mail that are addressed to me.

MOL! My brofur, Buddy, gets mail too! Do you have fur-sibs? Do you get along? 

Yes, I had 4, but Cody went OTRB 08/2012. So now I have 3. You may know @plutokitty, who is 16 years old and is a BIG bully for an old man. Also there is Grace (12 years old) and Mooch (13 years old). I am the youngest at 11.

How would you describe your personality? 

I’m a BIG talker. I always have lots to say & I am LOUD. But, I am very gentle, sweet, and laid back. I love to go in the carrier, and love the vet office. Dogs, cats, people, lots of barking and noise do not faze me!  I would have made an excellent therapy kitty. I am not shy. Also, it is ALL about me, ALL the time! I could have a 24/7 cable channel called the Henry Show and never get tired of myself.

I'd watch your show, Henry. Tell me about an Awww moment.

We have an Awww moment every morning when I wake up Mom by purring, talking, nuzzling, and crawling all over her. The not so Awww  moment is when I can’t wait and wake her at 03:45am. *giggle*

Complete this sentence: If I had opposable thumbs, I would… be able to feed myself!

Heck yeah! If you were to die and come back as a hooman or a thing, what would you want it to be?

Mom says if I were a hooman, I would look just like the little boy with freckles in the Norman Rockwell paintings. You know, the goofy looking one with the cowlick.

What is your idea of purrrfect happiness?

A big dollop of half and half first thing in the morning (when Mom makes her coffee).

What is your biggest peeve?

Oh that’s easy. Being ignored! Especially being ignored at 2:00 am. I’ve been known to speed bag (paw really hard) the shower door,  mirrors hanging on the wall, and any closed door. Or I sit on top of the refrigerator and howl as loud as possible. All in a night’s work. *wink*

You sound like really fun guy! What is the most interesting place in your home and why? 

Ha! Why the kitchen, of course! Also, on top of the entertainment wall unit-- it’s nice and dusty up there. Oh, and I love to sit in the cat tree and watch the birds!

Do you have any health issues?

Yes, I am diabetic.  In 2011, I had severe diabetic neuropathy in my back legs and wobbled around like a drunk. My back legs would slide out from under me when not on carpet.  Daddy said my Indian name was Chief Goofy Foot. It took about 4 months to get my insulin right and then I slowly got my legs back. Now I am fine! Also, I have asthma and allergies that give me chronic sneezing and snot.  Ma says you just haven’t lived until Henry has blown snot all over you. *smiles proudly* My personal favorite trick is to sneeze snot all over the clean, freshly filled water bowls. Which makes my Mom very cranky.

My tabby brofur, Buddy, is 22. He's been diabetic for ten years! Do you like to be groomed?

Brushing is okay. But what I really love is a full body massage! On Sundays we all pile on the bed for naptime, and massages! It makes me pass out and drool.

What three words would you use to describe your hooman?

Nanny, Cook, and Maid. Heehee

What are your favorite foods and toys?

I love Bumble Bee prime filet albacore! Also, half and half, chicken, and teriyaki steak.  My favorite toys are my wool snake and chew rings! For some reason, I have zero interest in catnip. Go figure!

Have you ever chewed or destroyed something that upset your hooman?

When I get happy and excited, I chew. I put fang marks on Mom’s iphone, and once I bit and ripped her glasses off her face, leaving a mark (on the glasses). Oh and I’ve taken the remote in my mouth and tossed it. And I don’t like doors that are shut. I have been known to sit at the door and tear up the carpet.

Well, it's rude to be ignored. What is your birth date, or Gotcha Day date?

My Gotcha Day is August 21, 2004.

*makes note in date book* When did you join Twitter and what clubs do you belong to?

I joined Twitter in May 2009. I was part of the staff of the original PawPawty’s, and worked with @Javathecat on menu creation and also barktended. I am a regular barktender for the #nipclub monthly pawty, and have my dear friend @toughteddybear as my co-barktender.  I am belong to  #Jesters and #SoCalPals and many of my friends are #wlf.  I am so blessed to have met such great pals on twitter, and so grateful for the opportunity to be part of fundraising for animals in need.

Do you have a blog or a Facebook page? If so, please give the addresses.

Just my twitter handle, which is @HenrytheCat2002.

Thanks for being intermewed, Henry! You're really interesting kitteh!

Thank you so much for having us on your bloggie Herman and Kim. Love you tons, I had fun answering the questions!


Tell me about yourself: family, hobbies and interests.

My name is Kim Ferreira, and my birthday is January 7th.  I live in Studio City (San Fernando Valley) CA. with my boyfriend and 4 cats. I do not have children. I come from an odd family. My grandmother was psychic/metaphysically inclined and passed that on to me at an early age. My grandmother was also a vaudeville child star.My grandparents were original stockholders of Hollywood Park race track & spent all of their free time there. My parents met at an illegal card house in Gardena CA. They were both bookies. I left home at 12 and was taken in by my good friend’s family- who were circus people.  I am interested in anything old- houses, mirrors, sheet music, photographs, especially memorial photos from 1850-1940. Also love anything 1920’s/art deco. I love mysteries- true ones (like Judge Crater from 1930).  And, I love to read, especially true crime. Please don’t hold all of this against me.

Not at all! In fact, my mom wants to move next door to you and hang out! What type of work do you do?

I was a mortuary counselor for years, and now I am mortuary office manager for a direct cremation society. It can be a very difficult, draining job, but it also can be very rewarding to be of service to grieving folk. It’s not for everyone. LOL

Well, somebody has to do it. And you're good at your job, so... What TV shows do you enjoy?

I love Boardwalk Empire, True Blood, and American Horror Story.  I also watch lots of true crime, and history documentaries.

Oh! My mom loves True Blood! Go Eric! If you had three wishes, what would they be?

My dream wish would to be a foster for animals. And the means and room to do it full time.

Do you travel? What is the most memorable vacation you’ve ever taken?

I do not travel, and I have never been on a plane. I have been out of California one time, to Las Vegas. That was in 1982. The only traveling I do is when I read.

If you could live anywhere in the world, which place would you choose?

Eureka, Humboldt County, CA. where the redwoods meet the ocean. Eureka has many Craftsman and Victorian homes, and I would love to live in one, with many cats. And a dog or two.

What is a typical day for you, starting when your pets want breakfast?

Up at 4:20 (coffee!!! And news), breakfast/meds/clean-up for the cats. Usually at work by 7:00, and then home by 5:30- dinner/meds/clean-up for the cats.Dinner for hoomans.Lights out at 8:00. Rinse and repeat LOL

Thank you so much!

So happy you and Henry stopped by and shared your stories with me and my readers.

Haz a Wonderpurr Life!

April 1, 2013

Chef Gidget Presents: SourPuss Lemon Cake

Yesterday I used my phenomenal talent for desserts to make a Sourpuss Lemon cake for Easter dessert.

You don't have to wait until next Easter to make this, it's actually wonderpurr for any celebration... even if its just celebrating that you made it to Friday without getting fired from your job.

Now...if you are in a hurry...or if someone called you an hour before reminding you to bring dessert to a party...you could use a box mix of lemon cake, and a can of lemon frosting for this cake. Just bake in a Bundt pan and after it cools, take a huge spoonful of the frosting and add a little milk to it until its runny, and drip over the cake. Add some sprinkles and you're good to go.


If you are like me and want to make a presentation for your taste buds...then here is the homemade recipe...made from scratch.

In fact...that's the name of my future cookbook: Chef Gidget: Made From Scratch!


You will need:
a Bundt cake pan
Pam spray

2-1/2 cups of flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
1-1/2 cup sugar
3 eggs
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 cup margarine or butter
2 tablespoons fresh lemon rind (using old forgotten lemon found in vegetable crisper not recommended)
1 cup Butter-milk
2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice

Preheat oven to 325 degrees.
Spray your Bundt with the PAM and flour it. Or if you like, use the one with the flour already in it.
Stir together the flour, baking soda and salt in a small bowl.
Beat the stuffing out of margarine/butter, sugar and lemon rind until well blended.
Stir in lemon juice.
Pour into the prepared Bundt pan. Try not to drip it all over the middle snout of the pan since that will make a mess *rolling eyes* Duh!

Bake the cake at 325 degrees for about 50-55 minutes, or until your claw comes out clean.  Sit the Bundt on a wire rack for 15 minutes to cool.

Now --- here you can do one of two things. You can use canned frosting, thinned with milk with colorful sprinkles like I mentioned above (I am not into repeating myself, so you can just go re-read the above.)


You can make a Lemon Glaze.

If you go with the lemon glaze -- and really, I don't give a rat's patootie which you do since I'm a cat and cat's don't eat lemons, so this cake is never gonna touch my tongue -- while the Bundt is cooling on the wire rack, poke holes in the cake.


Mix 2 cups Confectioners sugar with 1/2 cup melted margarine or butter
Add in 2 tablespoons fresh grated lemon rind and
1/4 cup fresh lemon juice.
Stir with a wisk until whisker smooth

Pour about 2/3rds of the glaze over the holes and let the cake cool for about 20 minutes STILL IN THE BUNDT PAN.

Finally, invert the Bundt onto a pretty cake plate -- remember, presentation is very important. Unless you have no social skills and honestly don't care what others think of you -- and then spread the remaining glaze over the top of the cake. Let this cool to room temperature, and then refrigerate...which makes no sense to me because if you let it cool to room temp, why then stick it in the fridge? Humans make everything so complicated!

Hope you enjoyed this recipe and are now frantically looking for invitations to parties so you can Make It From Scratch.

Be sure to confess @Chef_Gidget was the one who gave you this recipe. I am watching you!

Tastefully yours!
Chef Gidget

Don't Mess Wif Me!