June 26, 2013

#BelleHerm Wedding Review

On June 22nd my lovely Belle and I exchanged vows and became Mr. & Mrs. We trended #1 almost immediately and stayed that way long after we left for our honeymoon. The day was lovely, special -- romantic -- all the things a couple in love would want their special day to be.

Below is ShaynaCat's review for The Anipal Times of our wedding.

Bride and Groom with Ring-bearer @JeffMusk: #BelleHerm
Bride and Groom with Ring-bearer @JeffMusk: #BelleHerm
It was a beautiful sunny day on Mackinac Island and the Lilac Festival was in full bloom for the wedding of Herman @TattleCat and his beautiful bride Belle @Frankencat1 on Saturday. Hostess Marie @cats_meows welcomed the arriving guests and @DylCat1 proved a very conscientious guest book attendant, encouraging the couple’s many friends to add their pawtographs and good wishes. The bride was a vision of loveliness in her gorgeous off-the-shoulder white satin gown trimmed with delicately hand-embroidered lilac lace and carrying a sweet-scented bouquet of lilac and gardenias. The groom looked superb in his pale gray suit, white waistcoat, lilac tie and white gloves, carrying a pale gray silk top hat and wearing a matching gardenia in his lapel. Ringbearer @JeffMusk looked magnificent in his lilac silk top hat as he carried the rings, resplendent on their butterfly-shaped lilac cushion, to present to the couple.
#BelleHerm Phi
Bridesmaid who caught the bouquet: @3phibotticelli at #BelleHerm
Naturally, Twitter chose the worst possible moment to misbehave, freezing just as the couple took their vows, but this provided a very touching moment at the end of the ceremony as Belle and Herman made their vows again so that this time all of the assembled guests could hear. After the excellent speeches by @NerissaTheCat and @TweetingTruman Belle and Herman cut the elegant three-tier wedding cake, with its smooth white frosting decorated with a lavish overlay of flowers carefully hand-sculpted in lilac frosting, then the dancing began. After their romantic first dance together, Belle and Herman entertained their guests with an all-action version of the Chicken Dance. All too soon it was time for the couple to leave in their beautiful white open-topped carriage drawn by a pair of magnificent white carriage-horses, their harnesses, like the carriage itself, lavishly decorated with sprigs of lilac, and pals rushed to get their bags of nip and popcorn to toss at Belle and Herman for good luck. There was one more formality to complete first, though, and bridesmaids and single girl-cats gathered behind Belle as she prepared to toss her bouquet. It sailed high into the air before landing in the paws of bridesmaid @3phibotticelli. Excited pals gathered around her, eager to find out who the lucky bridegroom might be, but Phi smilingly declined to comment. As the happy couple left for their honeymoon, reports coming in from all over the Twitterverse that the event had trended #1 endorsed the opinion of all present that it had been a wonderful occasion, and many glasses of nip champagne were raised in toasts to Belle and Herman’s lasting happiness.

If you would like to look at our wedding album, please click the below picture:


  1. It was both a privilege and an honour, to be one of your bestmancats, Herman. purrs

  2. Congrats you two...Wishing you many years of bliss!!!
    Purrs, Kitty

  3. Congratulations to you both!xx Speedy

  4. I can't believe how wonderful it was to haz all our friends join us.
    It was purrfect just the way we had planned it

  5. Okay, my pal. It's me, again. Now, you did say it would be okay for me to give you a special award as long as it didn't come with a whole lot of stuff to do and whatnot so...

    Come on over to Nerissa's Life! There's a special little somethin' waitin' for you over there.


  6. Hoo Cat looks like a Meowvelous time was had by all. Sorry the Tomcat Crew missed it but we have been fighting with the painter and carpet doods.
    We saw you on FB my friend
    Congrats from all of us!
    Have a Purrfect live together


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