July 30, 2013

#Bedtime Story with a Golfing Princess

@ItsMeDeaner brother Shropshire aka Shropy


#GiveAHoot Fundraiser Success

On Friday, July 27, Anipals slipped out of their furs and shells, and dressed up in their best feathery fineness to attend the #GiveAHoot fundraiser in support of our pal Lou @LiveLoveMeow and his mom, Sass.

Homeless, and without a job, Lou's mom struggled to keep Lou safe, especially after the temporary place to stay she found for them turned out to be full of scary hoomans, which put them back out on the street.

But on Friday night, pals flocked around Lou and Sass to show their love and support. By the end of the pawty, the dark clouds that had been hovering over them for a long time were pushed away. They no longer felt alone and afraid. They knew they had family in the Anipals, and were on their way to a Happily Ever After!

Sass owns an on-line business called LiveLoveMeow.biz that sells quality cat-related items. She is now having a SALE to help her afford a permanent home for herself and Lou. Please click on link to see more.

If you missed the pawty, but you still #GiveAHoot to help Lou and Sass, click on Lou's photo for link to their YouCaring.

Click on Owl Lou for YouCaring

Every donation means so much to them, no matter what the amount. So, thank you in advance for supporting our friends.

Extra special thanks to all who helped make #GiveAHoot a success:
@ShaynaCat, @DanaPixie, @Frankencat1,@LivvyOldCat, @3phibotticelli, @Meow_Girls, @NewtTheCat, @Skye613, @Nikepurrfektcat, @IAmRustyCat, @DashKitten, @LilyLuWhoT, @MizzBassie, @Whskr, @Gromekcat, @HyperspaceHippo, @TweetingTruman, @NerissaTheCat, @ArcherPaws, @NoCryBabyDogs, @JeffMusk, @TheLittle_Dude, @Rockstarwalrus, @NancyCakeFace, @DollytheDoxie, @FussyFussyCat, @TigerBoyTheCat, @RealFakeGator and the best catering cat alive - @SkeeterTheTabby

Now, here are a few photos taken from the pawty. Enjoy!

July 15, 2013

#GiveAHoot for our pal @LiveLoveMeow

Rallying around pals in time of need is what Anipal's do best.

Right now we need you to


about our dear pal Lou

Friday, July 26, 7 - 10 PM EDT
Please RSVP to: http://twtvite.com/GiveAHoot

There will be fun, food, and great prizes! All for a good cause.

Plus we get to dress up like owls and eat mouse noms!


@ArcherPaws and me, Herman
Belle @Frankencat1

July 10, 2013

#BedtimeStory with a Pirate

Once Upon A Time...

I was down by the docks when I saw an old sailor that looked just like a pirate from the movies with a peg-leg and an eye-patch. He even a hook for a hand!

I guess I was staring at him because he came stamping over to me and said, "Arrrr! I saw ye lookin at me! Bet yer wond'rin hows I got this peg-leg? Well... it was HORRIBLE!"

Actually, I didn't want to hear the details, but he sat me down and started to tell me anyway.

"Me ship was a cannonading another ship, when they lets go with a broadside themselves," said the pirate. "Whoooom, off goes me leg. Arrrrr!"

Then he turned to walk away when suddenly he turned back and said, "Arrrr. I saw ye still lookin at me! Bet yer wond'rin hows I got this hook fer a hand? Well... it was HORRIBLE!"

Again, I didn't want to hear the details, but there he was, all set to tell me his story.

"Me ship was boarded by Malay pirates and we all draws swords and thrusts and parrys and parrys and thrusts! But I thrusted when I should'a parried. Whomp, off goes me hand! Arrrrr!"

Then he turned to walk away when suddenly he turned back and says... "Arrrr. I saw ye STILL lookin at me! Bet yer wond'rin hows I got this eyepatch? Well... it was HORRIBLE!"

Anxious to get away from this guy cuz I had to go widdle pretty bad, I inpurr-rupted him and said, "I bet you got an itch in your eye and forgot you had a hook for a hand. Arrrrr!"

At that, the old pirate stamped his way down the dock, never once looking back at me.

Moral of the story is, if you has to widdle real bad, avoid pirates.

Don't Mess Wif Me!