October 7, 2013

Man Cave Kitty

It’s been a wonderpurr week at my house -- the place where I live.

At least it has been for me.

I no longer need eye drops for my allergies. For a couple weeks I’ve not had my picture taken cuz I looked like I’d been sobbing my lil heart out. My eyes were red, crusty and runny. Mom said she could hardly look at me let alone post my photo for furends to see. But now I’m better. Yay!

Then outside kitty Jesse started coughing and his nose looked puffy. Dr. Ellis said his lungs were clean, so coughing might be allergies…or heart worms, but we aren’t going to think like that! His puffy nose could be an allergy to sunshine and he was prescribed a daub of zinc oxide like he is sunning at the beach. It could also be plastic allergy.

Jesse's nose allergy at its worst

Years ago my mom’s Siamese, Holly, had her lower lip balloon from plastic food dishes. We don’t use plastic, except Mom FORGOT the outside water bowl was plastic because the raccoons love fresh cat water. Ceramic bowls break. Regardless, plastic bowls are gone, replaced by a turkey roaster.

Then! If all that wasn’t enough to keep my mom busy and not writing…Dori’s twin, Patsy, who is an outside cat, got real sick. Before you ask why is Patsy an outside kitty and Dori is an indoor kitty -- it's like this: Patsy was not happy living indoors during the winter, but the minute my mom put her back outside with daddy Nik, Patsy simmered down and became a well-adjusted cat.

Anyway! Patsy wasn’t hungry and slept a lot, so she went to see Dr. Ellis. Poor lil tiger kitten had a tempurrature of 103, and her lungs were raspy. She got a shot and had to take Chlorpheniramine pills two times a day for over a week. Since she couldn’t stay outside, she got to hang out in my dad’s Man Cave with access to closets where she had a snuggly bed. Dad even put toys in the tub for her, including a well-loved ball that now has her stink on it so it’s no good to me anymore.
Patsy loves living in back yard
Patsy surprised us by taking her pill without issue. Mom dipped pill in wet canned food and Patsy swallowed it. But then…Mom was rushed, didn’t have canned food ready and popped it into Patsy’s mouth. OMC! Patsy drooled and scowled something fierce. So of course she ran and hid. It took a couple days before she was back to taking her pills like a good girl. She also let my mom clip her nails without issue. What a show off!

Dad calls Patsy “Tiger” and enjoyed having a Man Cave kitty for over a week. He even shared his cheese nachos with her. We aren’t allowed in the Man Cave so me and Dori and Opie and Gidget huddled outside the door scowling while we listened to Patsy get special attention.

But now she’s back outside and no one is happier than her dad, Nikolas. He had been calling for Patsy all week, worried about her. 

Best Daddy Cat Award goes to Nikolas
When he saw her, Nik was so thrilled he licked her ears and checked her over to make sure she was okay. So now they’re together again, hunting tiny frogs and exploring the woods behind our house.

Well, that’s what happened at my house. What’s been going on at yours?

Haz a wonderpurr week! 


October 2, 2013

Princess Mya Art Work

I was speaking to @ItsMeDeaner a couple days ago, and he said his furless has been suffering from a cold and allergies. Just miserable! Enough to keep her home from school.

So I asked my mom to make her a picture to cheer her up:

Well, the picture inspired untapped talents in the lovely princess. These are the pictures she made for me:

Me, Herman, on a magic carpet. It's 3D!!!

Me again on the Magic Carpet, and that's Princess Mya lying down, enjoying the ride.
I am a huge fan of Princess Mya. She loves kitties, and her smile brightens up any room she's in.

This is another picture she drew for me earlier this summer.

If you want to leave a comment for her mom to read to her, I'm sure she would enjoy hearing from you. Or, you can tweet to @ItsMeDeaner and tell her you enjoy her art work.


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