November 20, 2013

Wonderpurr Phi

Our beloved Phi always surprised us...but we never expected her to surprise us like this...
Going Over the Rainbow Bridge...
without us first sitting on her porch
or having pawprayer rallies.

That's okay. I understand.

Sometimes when an amazing opportunity comes along you haz to grab it.
You can't wait.
That's what our Beloved Phi did today.
She got the opportunity to see what it's like on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.
So she took it.

I know she's okay.
 I know she's skipping through snow-like clouds,
 laffing with her pretty pink tongue hanging out.
I know she's not in pain, or scared anymore.
I know.

But it's not fair.

Not fair that Time is so short on this side of the Bridge.
Not fair that years are like minutes and they vanish before we are ready to let our pals go.

Phi isn't really gone, though. She's with us still.
She will be with us for as long as we remember all the fun and laughter she brought to us.

I hope so much that Angel Phi will not go away.
We need her.

Sometimes its really really hard for us Anipals.
So much sadness.
 We need Phi to make us laugh.
 We need Phi to be silly and goofy and decorate our tweets with her happy smile.

We need you Phi.

Please...don't leave us.

I wuv you, my Bestie!

I wuv you, my Wonderpurr Phi!

I always will.


Don't Mess Wif Me!