December 31, 2013

TattleCat Presents...The Wonderpurr Award 2013

 My Anipal friends are known for being super talented, super creative, and super giving of their time in support of those pals in great need.

I wanted to acknowledge a handful of special pals who have maintained a higher than average level of giving throughout 2013.

The first Wonderpurr Award goes to Dana Moody @DanaPixie for Superior Creativity on Anipal Wedding photos. My mom, @KimberleyKoz joined the Anipal Wedding Planners to help Dana this past year, and now has a deep understanding of how much time and utter patience Dana has in making Anipal Wedding dreams come true. Yes, it truly takes a village to put an Anipal wedding together. Besides Dana, the other Anipal Wedding Planners are @holliecatrocks @lilyluwhoT @TigerBoyTheCat @FreshOtis @PuppyNumber7 @ShaynaCat @MickeyShortTail and my mom Kimberley Koz.
Check out Dana's work at

The next Wonderpurr Award also goes to Dana Moody for #PawCircle support. 2013 has been a truly horrific year of sadness, and without #PawCircle we would not have had a place to go to give someone in need our prayers and our support. Thank you Dana, and also Donna @TigerBoyTheCat, for this truly wonderpurr gift to the Anipal community.

Visit Pawcircle at

The next Wonderpurr Award goes to @JeffMusk for Superior Creativity and Creation of #WigItUpWednesday. This started out as something fun to do on Wednesdays, but this year Jeff color coordinated wigs to support issues like Breast Cancer and Abuse. While there are others who are happy to make wigs for those pals unable to make their own, it's Jeff who makes the truly fabulous wigs and for that we are grateful.
Check out Jeff's Mom's blog at
The next Wonderpurr Award goes to @NewtTheCat for outstanding Promotion of Liver Shunt Awareness in Cats and the Creation of #TiaraTuesday and #HopePawty. I didn't know about Liver Shunt before I met Newt, but now I'm informed, and I love the concept of wearing tiaras on Tuesday.
Check out NewtTheCat at

And finally, last but absolutely never least, I present my Wonderpurr Award to @MorboKif and @OldLivvyCat for Superior Pawty Avatars and the Creation of #RideDayFriday. If you haven't been on one of the monthly Rides, you don't know what you're missing. Yeah sure, we usually ride a dog...or maybe a camel...but what is spectacular is the adventure we have of traveling to interesting places to learn about them. The effort behind the Ride is considerable and @MorboKif, along with @HRMeownessWills and @ArcherPaws and... me @TattleCat ... try to make each Ride something special and fun for all who join us.
Check out MorboKif at
Despite the sadness that 2013 brought to most of us, I still feel blessed to know all of you. Some of you I just met this past year, while others I enjoyed getting to know better. In any case, I truly love you all and look forward to having a lot of fun with you in 2014.

Happy Mew Year!

Herman!!! @TattleCat, Kim @KimberleyKoz, Gidget @Chef_Gidget and Dori @Adorapurr


  1. Aww, wonderful awards for wonderful folks. Happy new years my friends.

  2. What a beautiful award, Herman! You did a SUPER job in creatin' it, for sure.

    ...and speakin' of awards, there's a little somethin' waitin' for you over on my blog today. Yup, you got another one. Or two....


  3. Did I mention how I was lovin' your new header? Well, I do. I really, REALLY do.


    PS. So glad you're enjoyin' your stars. purrs

  4. Cute idea. We came to say, Happy New Year!

  5. We agree 200% with your awards - these folk have lit up our lives, and made our times happier and brighter. Your acknowledging them is right and good, Herman. Well done!


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