February 3, 2014

6 Things You Don't Know About Dana Moody aka DanaPixie


1. I went to a Waldorf School up until High School. You can read about Waldorf here.

2. I have owned a horse and was an English rider. My horse was a palomino paint named Scotch. (Scotch on the Rocks) I have also had cats, dogs, and a parakeet named Boychik (Yiddish for little boy)

3. Even tho I was quite a tomboy I studied ballet for many years as a young girl and loved it. 

4. I can play the piano, flute, and recorder. 

5. I am currently working on our 20th Anipal Wedding with the AWP! You can check out all the Anipal Weddings by going to www.anipalweddings.blogspot.com

6. I am most comfortable writing with a fountain pen. 

Thank you for sharing those fun things about you, Dana. 

Look for Special Feature Intermew with Dana on February 17th.

In the meantime, you can follow her on Twitter: @DanaPixie and on her fun blog, Meandering Moodys


  1. How wonderful of you to feature DanaPixie - we love her and TSP and Mr. P too. They are awesome poeple - well all except TSK - he's an awesome kitty. Thank you for featuring this special lady.

  2. I never knew ANY of that stuff! MOUSES!


  3. Wonderful interview with a wonderful giving person. Well done Herman and Dana.


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