March 20, 2014

Special Feature Intermew with Rana Williamson, MickeyShortTail's Mom

Earlier this month you read #12 Things You Don’t Know About MickeyShorttail’s mom, Rana. In this second intermew, I got the scoop on some of those inpurresting things she revealed.

I sat down wif Mickey's mom in her kitchen. Mickey, the feline half of the Anipal Wedding Planners Catering team of @MickeyShortTail and @FreshOtis, served me snacks of Temptations and toona juice wif a catnip chaser. Mickey's mom had coffee. *shudder*

Herman: Let’s get right down to what’s been yanking my tail since you revealed in your last intermew that you have been to Scotland three times. What’s Nessie really like, and did you get her pawtograph?

March 17, 2014

The Spending Pawer of the Pet Blogger

Herman: This post is written by my mom, Kimberley Koz. She's the one who spends a lot of her time running to the store to buy us our favorite foods, treats, and other must-haves like litter. So, without further adieu...take it away Mom!

Kim: I am as finicky as one of my cats when it comes to feeding them healthy food. That means I'm constantly checking and rechecking labels, reading reviews, and spending a lot of time in aisles reading labels. I'm also high-end when it comes to litter that doesn't create a dust cloud that sticks to every surface in the house, and ends up making both my husband and I cough and wheeze. (can you say asthma?) And because I'm so finicky, I spend a lot of money chasing my tail, trying to get the best deal for the best food possible.

This past year Herman and I joined Blogpaws' Pet Blogger Influencer Group. Because of the gagging amount of time and money I spend on my cats...and I have a bunch of them...I wanted to participate in the group in order to be heard. I felt my experiences with my pets would provide a good take on the average household who are devoted to the care and well-being of their fur kids.

The results of the first Influencer Survey came out this month. Are you surprised by the numbers? I'm not. Especially that 96% number about going without in order to care for their pets. I've been there a number of times.

So check the below Infographic and tell me a little about your preferences when it comes to purchasing for your fur babies.

March 6, 2014

12 Things You Don't Know about MickeyShorttail's Mom, Rana

1. Mickey's mom, Rana, is a sixth generation Texan, raised in a small ranching community in West Texas. (And yes, that is a distinct part of Texas, and the distinction counts -- to Texans.)

2. She used to be a college history professor, and has what she calls a "post hole digger" degree.

3. She misses the students. She doesn't miss the politics.

4. She began writing for her local newspaper at age 12 and has been writing professionally in some capacity ever since.

5. She has visited her favorite country, Scotland, three times and claims to have seen the Loch Ness Monster. (In theory, no Scotch was consumed in the creation of this story.)

6. In high school her very generous parents let her bring home and keep 25 cats that all lived in a cattery her father built in the backyard.

7. She has never been without a cat since age 1. Her first was a black-and-white tom so small he rode home in her father's shirt pocket. She named him Jimmy.

8. She has read Gone with the Wind more than 50 times and seen the movie at least that many -- as God is her witness.

9. Before "progressive lenses," when she could see well enough to do it, she created miniature Persian rugs from counted patterns.

10. Her favorite philosophers are Seneca, Marcus Aurelius, and Whoopi Goldberg.

11. Her favorite color is red.

12. Last year she published a three-volume set of essays about her growing up years in West Texas.

Thank you for sharing all those wonderpurr secrets about you, Mickey's mom. Look for Special Feature Intermew with MickeyShorttail's Mom, Rana on March 20th.

In the meantime, you can follow @MickeyShorttail on Twitter.

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