April 24, 2014


DORI: Today a box arrived from CHEWY.COM and Herman said I could review whatever was inside.

April 17, 2014

Special Intermew with HollieCatRocks and Hollie Ferguson

It’s not often an Anipal and her mom share the same first name, but that’s the case with @HollieCatRocks and her mom, Hollie Ferguson.

April 5, 2014

Squeaky and Elvis Celebrate their 4th Birthdays!

by @SqueakyElvis

Hi Herman and Everyone!
Just stopped by to tell a story about our original birthday.  This is our birthday month. Why do we get a whole month to celebrate? Well, because we are awesome and mommy doesn't know the exact day. 
The day we were born was a joyful day filled with angels singing, birds chirping and all animals rejoicing upon our arrival. The sun was out and the day pleasant. We can hear the angels now singing joyfull toons just for us.
Actually that story isn't entirely accurate.
The singing angels were really demons rejoicing that we finally got kicked out of ...well you know...that place that never freezes over. Apparently even the naughty guy had enough and sent us out into the world. This of course caused a uproar upstairs... You know...that place where all the good kitties go, but since that big guy loves all of us, regardless, we got to stay in this wonderful world.
A world filled with so many things to break and great treats to eat & ICE CREAM, which is Elvis' favorite snack.

It's been 4 great years, or as the FBI would say, 4 long years.
So, that's our story and we're sticking to it.
Happy Birthday to us, Squeaky and Elvis, and also to all of those born in this wonderful month of April

April 3, 2014

7 Things You Might Not Know About HollieCatRock’s and her mom, Hollie Ferguson

1.      Hollie Ferguson is an Insurance Broker.
2.      She is also an only child.
3.      She lives in British Columbia.
4.      She loves the NFL, especially the Broncos.
5.      After @Holliecatrocks went OTRB on November 26, 2010, Hollie Ferguson continued to tweet for her, bringing her great comfort.
6.      Both Hollie's were original wedding planners with help from their pawsome friend, @Danapixie.
7.      HollieCatRocks was born feral, but after two years, decided to move in with Hollie Ferguson.

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