April 17, 2014

Special Intermew with HollieCatRocks and Hollie Ferguson

It’s not often an Anipal and her mom share the same first name, but that’s the case with @HollieCatRocks and her mom, Hollie Ferguson.

How did you find out about Anipal tweeting?
I found out about Anipal tweeting from @Sockington. I didn’t realize there was a whole community of people who tweeted as their pets.
You're one of the original Anipal Wedding Planners, How did you happen to start making weddings for the anipals?
When @Wildboutbirds and @ThatStripeyCat decided to get married, they asked @HollieCatRocks to organize their wedding. They had specific vision and ideas about what they wanted. @HerbieTheCat did the menu for that wedding. At the time he was co-founder of Herbie’s Drive-In, a food share program, with HollieCat.
Herbie did the wedding menu, and the pawsome @DanaPixie did all photos, as well as helped me facilitate the wedding. We worked so well together, we decided to form the Anipal Wedding Planners. 
KimberleyKoz, MickeyShortTail, FreshOtis, HollieCatRocks, ShaynaCat, TigerBoyTheCat, DanaPixie, PuppyNumber7, LilyLuWhoT
Tell me about HollieCat's life with you.
HollieCat was feral born and raised outside for two plus years. She finally tamed, but still had a wild side. Before she founds us and made us her forever home, part of her tail looked to have been chopped off by someone cruel. Someone obviously saw her and took her to a vet to save her life.
 We adopted Rescues at one time, and had a family of 6. Now we have a family of four. The wee ones sometimes tweet. Monkey was taken from me too early by HCM. I tried everything, from cooking and making sure he had the best cardiologist in Canada, but it was too late. He lived 4 months after he was diagnosed. When we made the hard choice to help him cross the rainbow bridge, as I did with HollieCat, we had amazing friends to support us. Among them were @Boomiethecat, @Wildboutbirds, @PetieTheCat, @NoCryBabyDogs, SamTheCatRocks, @DanaPixie, @Lilishkacat, DCKitty, @TheNascarKitty, @ThatStripeyCat, @Buckypg -- way too many names to name, but we love everyone and appreciated their support during a hard time.
Did you know HollieCat married too? To @SamTheCatRocks. Everyone enjoyed watching their love story, as it was the first wedding between Earth and the Rainbow Bridge. They married after Sam had crossed, but while HollieCat was still alive.
When HollieCat crossed, the outpouring of love and support was overwhelming for me. She is part of Nipclub and she is considered one of their family with @FlaCatLady as her sister and @KingTuttiFruiti as nephew and @TheNascarKitty. Holliecat continues to help welcome those to the rainbow when they cross and support those anipals long after they’ve crossed.
HollieCatRocks and SnuggleBunnyCat
Would you share a story about HollieCat?
Something no one knows is, while on vacation in Canada to ride in a granfondo, DanaPixie and her husband, Jim, visited me. Holliecat had just gone OTRB, perhaps 6 months prior. I have Holliecat’s urn on my mantle with her photos. Jim took a picture of Dana holding Holliecat’s urn. But as we were driving to the sky train after visiting, we saw a beautiful rainbow, and knew in our hearts that was Holliecat letting us know she was nearby, and happy that Dana and Jim had come to visit her.
 Thank you, Holliecat and Hollie mom for this special intermew.
If you would like to follow @HollieCatRocks on Facebook, here is the link to her Page.


  1. Herman this is a great intervoo by two of my very special friends. You couldn't have chosen a nice, more loving, caring pair to feature.

    1. I think highly of the Hollie's too! Thank you for stopping by, Mario!

  2. Lovely post,xx SPeedy and Rachel

  3. We saw you had won the Yoo-hoo award on Nerissa's site and popped over to say hi.
    Have a good one.

  4. Once again, my friend.... EXCELLENT interview.



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