May 30, 2014

My #BlogPaws Diary Conclusion: How I Shocked the World with my Red Carpet Walk!

Deer Diary --

It seems like only...two weeks ago... that I was lolling around the gorgeous Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa, meeting fabulous Anipals and their hoomans, and rubbing elbows wif celebrities like Hauspanther Kate Benjamin, Tillman the skateboarding bulldog, and Mia the baby Capybara.

At the conference my mom always wore a Custom Photo Pendant on a wooden Scrabble tile, designed by Naomi at Hyperspace Hippo. It was my face, of course! She had lots of people ask her where she bought it, and handed out business cards for Miz Naomi and also for Butterfly Cat Jackets who designed by pawsome tiger jacket.

I met so many hoomans and dogs that it is now a hazy a dream.

I never really met doggies before, except at the vet and they were behind bars at the time. 

Also, hoomans always had cameras in my face. I'm used to my mom taking my picture, but suddenly, I was surrounded by pawpawrazzi from all over the world! But I treated them just like I do my mom... I put on my best crabby face and looked the other way.

It got kinda crazy toward the end of the conference.

 I was wearing my crabby face when BZTAT artist, Vicki Boatright, took my picture for a portrait:

And I was still wearing my crabby face when suddenly, my idol, Kate Benjamin of Haupanther came over to meet me.

But then...she scritched my ears, and whispurrred sweet nuffins' in my ear...and I melted! Well...melted enough to actually look up so Mom could take a picture of my face instead of the back of my head.

Besides Kate, there were some other celebrities at the Blogpaws conference. Like Mia, the baby capybara, and Tillman the skateboarding dog.

Meeting Mia and watching Tillman skate was nice, but ...

I was thinking about my wonderpurr Petmate travel carrier up in my room, and how much I'd like to take a nap inside it.

Later that night, everyone was all dressed up in their fancy pawty clothes, walking down the Red Carpet toward the ballroom where the Blogpaws Nose to Nose Awards dinner was held.

And then... The Moment of Troof arrived.


Let's have an Instant Replay!

Then, as promised, it was time to go home. That's me below in my Petmate travel bag, at the airport.

Thank you so much for stopping by to read my Blogpaws Diary! I learned lots and made some great connections with super pet products that I am looking forward to blogging about in future posts.

Thank you for your comments, and have a Wonderpurr Day!


May 29, 2014

Day 3 #Blogpaws Diary: What Happens in Vegas...Get's Blabbed About on Social Media

May 8, 2014

Deer Diary:


By my mom's calculations, I hadn't pooped in 5 days. She figured it was the mix of medications, not necessarily the travel by airplane, although that certainly didn't help. And of course there was the fact that she realized I was not drinking water.
It's not that I don't enjoy drinking water, or that I had anything against hotel water. I just didn't like my new Las Vegas silver bowl with the white drippy cup around it. I refused to drink out of it. But Mom discovered that too late. My south end was blocked big time and I required a trip to the Banefield Pet Hospital at the Henderson PetsMart where I spent seven hours waiting for the big event.
Seven Fweakin' Hours!

Meanwhile... my pawrents had to find something to do with their time.

After the Big Event was over, I returned to my hotel room and took a long nap in a bright desert sun puddle. I have to say, it was the best nap I've had in a long time. So glad Mom brought my favorite pink donut bed.

Then I got a leisurely stroller ride and met some of the early arrivals for the BlogPaws conference. My pawrents had attached a cool banner for my Ride, made special for me.

Then we entered the Exhibit Hall where we ran into both the gorgeous @PepperPom and her mom, Angel, and also that @DogDancingGuy Kevin Newman, from Australia.  Just the day before @Bea_Bells introduced us on Twitter, and there we were in purrson, hanging out.

 Kevin was super nice...even though he didn't take either Pepper or me anywhere.

Here's my dad wif Kevin and other pet bloggers from Australia. We were very impressed that they traveled so far to come to the conference. Super nice peoples. (I was taking a short nap.)

Then... Then! We found it. Kitty Heaven at BlogPaws!

I was real nervous about meeting Cat Style Expert Kate Benjamin in purrson. Her designs as Hauspanther are wonderpurr, and My Cat From Hell is my favorite teevee show. Mom and me wandered around looking at all the cool things that Kate had on display. Even though my birfday isn't until next January, I made sure to point out to Mom all the things that made me purr.

Meanwhile, Dad found the crafts table and made himself a cat ears headband.

I have to agree with my mom. It doesn't take much to entertain Dad.

I was thrilled to meet @Pumpkinpuddy 's meowmy. @Nirisahn. She wore pink cat ears, but they looked real good on her...unlike my dad.

Then, I ran into the darling @DollytheDoxie - it was a pawsome night for me to meet my pals in purrson.

I still hadn't met my idol, Kate 'Hauspanther' Benjamin in purrson, but Mom said I'd had a big day and that there was always tomorrow to meet Kate, so we headed back up to our room. I feared my dad might actually wear those cat ears to bed.

But Dad wearing his kitty ears was the least of my worries. While I was lolling around in bed, Mom and Dad went back downstairs and met the wonderpurr Kate in purrson! And, much to my hoomiliation...they mentioned why I'd spent the day at the pet hospital. So embarrassed!

Thank you for stopping by. Please return tomorrow to read the conclusion of my #BlogPaws diary, and how I met @TillmanSkates, how I was mobbed by hound doggies, and how I was immortalized by the talented artist,  +BZ TAT  

And be sure to watch my video of me walking the Red Carpet on my own four paws!

As always, I appreciate your long as they're not selling me something.


May 28, 2014

Herman's Diary of #BlogPaws 2014: Day Two

What the Friskies! You back already? Boy, that was a short night. I barely got in my standard five hour cat nap. Anyway! I guess you're here to read the diary I kept while I attended the Las Vegas BlogPaws 2014 convention. Go ahead and read below. I'm going back to bed. 

DAY TWO: MAY 7, 2014

Deer Diary --

I'm told the view of the mountains and desert surrounding Lake Las Vegas at 5 a.m. from our room balcony at The Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa is beautiful. I wasn't awake to see it.

I'd had a restless night. I got up several times to wander the room. Mom didn't get much sleep either, cuz she's a light sleeper. Plus she was busy hovering over me. I hate that, but she's a mom. I'm told hovering comes with the title. My pawrents let me sleep in while they went to breakfast.

But then they wanted to explore The Westin hotel property. Since I hadn't used my litter box except to pee a little, Mom thought getting me for a walk might help things move along.

I jumped into my Gen7Pet stroller, and then had my first-ever ride in the hotel elevator. I usually get hauled up the back stairs of a hotel into our room. It was super nice to be treated like a special guest, instead of dirty baggage no one wants to see.

In the lobby there was a huge welcome sign greeting the Blogpaws attendees. 

 The hotel grounds were beautiful, surrounded by trees and water. You'd never guess we were in the middle of a desert.

 One thing I noticed right away...the sun seemed brighter than it did back home. Dang! I forgot my shades!

Even though I had absolutely no intention of going potty outside like a stray cat, I kept that to myself. I wanted to walk on the ground, and smell the smells of those who walked before me...and peed before me too. Phew! There was a lot of that everywhere!

I'm a pretty smart cat, if I say so myself. I had my cool tiger harness jacket from Butterfly Cat Jackets velcroed around my body, and I obeyed the Stop! Look! and Listen! rules of the road.

Here's a photo of me walking my Dad back to the hotel. Dad took a photo of me walking with Mom, but Mom said hell would freeze before she posted a picture of her butt on the internet.

 Before we went back to our room, I stopped at the Message Board to see who had arrived.

Here's me and my mom posing at the hotel entrance. I'd had fun exploring the resort and I was looking forward to attending the Dessert on the Terrace event that night. 

But I wouldn't see the BlogPaws gang, or have Dessert on the Terrace that night.

Back in our room, Mom realized I wasn't drinking from my new water bowl. And  when she checked her records she realized I had not pooped for 5 days!


Thanks for stopping by. Please return tomorrow to read Day Three of my Blogpaws 2014 Diary.

May 27, 2014

Herman's Diary of #BlogPaws 2014: Day One

May 6, 2014

Deer Diary, My pawrents jerked me out of a sound sleep at 3 in the fweakin' morning. I thought we were driving in the car up to Michigan, like we always do. But this time, they stuffed me inside a pet carrier. Oh no, I thought. I'm going to the vet! I like my vet plenty, but not at 3 in the fweakin' morning!

But my pawrents had a surprise. Instead of driving, we were flying in a plane to Las Vegas for the 2014 BlogPaws convention. Yay! I had a special reservation because I'm...well, special. And Delta gave my mom special treatment saying she didn't have to take off her shoes to walk through security. Me either! But I did have to leave my Petmate carrier when Mom carried me through the x-ray machine. Boy, I would have loved to have seen that x-ray. Then we had to have our hands and paws swabbed for suspicious chocolate and catnip. Hey, I wasn't holding! It was...some other kitteh.

 We brought my Gen7Pet stroller on the trip, wrapped in bubble wrap and tucked inside a plastic bag. When we checked onto the plane, we had my stroller put aside for the flight since it wouldn't fit in the overhead box. 

I had my own ticket and it cost Dad plenty. I had to ride in my carrier, on the floor under the seat, like I was Mom's purse. But it was an early flight and no peoples sat next to Mom, so she snuck me onto the seat for the flight. Naturally, I behaved.

It was a three hour, non-stop flight. I napped a lot. The nice flight attendants said I was a good boy and wouldn't mind taking me home. I get that a lot.

Delta didn't have kitty refreshments on board. Just peanuts, dry cookies, and pretzels. Mom gave me water, but I wasn't thirsty. I slept a lot.

I hadn't been feeling well for awhile. My fire pee was raging again and I'd been taking a couple different medicines to make it go away. One of the medicines made me feel reeeeely good. Like I was flying without a plane! I climbed stuff, and jumped from the window sill in Mom's office to her desk, three feet away. That doesn't sound far for a cat, but I'm 13 and have arthur-ritis. I haven't jumped much in a couple of years.

Anyway, Mom keeps good notes on stuff, cuz she's a riter...and she noticed I hadn't pooped in a couple of days.

That's Dori, my sassy little sisfur. She stayed behind to soopervize Michelle, the kitty sitter. My point in mentioning my lack of pooping is, my mom was already on high-alert that something might be up with me, and was worried. Especially since it would take so long for me to use the kitty box once we landed in Vegas.

 We had to take a bus from the airport to get our rental car, and then we had to drive to the nearest Target store to buy me a covered litter box and litter...and Dad wanted snacks. While Dad shopped, Mom bought my stuff, and then rushed back to the rental car where I waited. She was gone maybe 10 minutes, she shops that fast. Trouble was, she didn't have a knife to cut apart the plastic band holding the top of the litter box to the bottom of the litter box. She gave a really good show to peoples sitting in the next car, but didn't care. She finally got the two halves apart, filled my box, and then set it up in the back seat. Of course, I wasn't about to pee in a rental car. I do have some dignity, you know?

Then we drove away from "Sin City" into the desert. Our hotel was about thirty minutes away, The Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa.
We were able to check in right away and get me settled. This hotel welcomes pets, so there was no need to sneak me in under Dad's coat...especially since he wouldn't be wearing one in the desert on a hot day. We got a lovely room on the 8th floor over looking the entrance courtyard and the mountains in the distance.

But I didn't care about the view right then. Mom got me settled in our room, set up my water bowl and food noms, and my litter box. 

I noticed right away that I had a different water bowl than the white one I use at home. My Vegas bowl was silver and sat in a spill tray. Hmmmm. Raise your paw if you no like sudden changes to your things?

Thank you, Wiley. Knew I could count on you for support. 

So after I ate and used the litter box, I skipped drinking water and called it a night, even though the sun was still shining. Tomorrow would be a big day for me.

As I lay my widdle head down and drifted into dreamland, I had no idea just how big...

Stop by tomorrow to read my diary about #BlogPaws 2014: Day Two.

Don't Mess Wif Me!