June 4, 2014

The Power of A #Hug by @Adorapurr

Today is
International Hug
Your Cat Day.

Speaking to those involved in animal rescue: you must remember how powerful that first touch can be to an abandoned cat or dog who has gone a long time...perhaps forever...without contact, without touch.

My mom has rescued numerous strays throughout her life, many of them feral. Feral cats are her specialty. She says there is no greater high on this earth than when, after weeks or even months, of working to establish trust with a feral, they allow her to touch them for the first time. After that first touch, it's often like the flood gates are thrown wide and progress with taming and possible homing rapidly follows.

Touch isn't necessarily human contact either. Touch can come from another animal, like Jack and Opie who enjoy a bromance kind of friendship. In 2008 Opie was caught as a 3 month old stray in our yard, and in 2009 Jack was born under a neighbor's deck to Peaches. Neither cat had experienced human touch when my mom took them in, but Opie never possessed the feral streak, while Jack did...and still does. Jack avoids all attempts at contact from my pawrents, but he gets his need for touch fulfilled from Opie, and from his mom, Peaches who also lives with us.

Touch for ferals can also come from a clean blanket, or a cushy bed. In Florida, Mom rescued a feral tuxedo named Amy. To give Amy comfort while they worked on her trust issues, mom provided her with a blanket on top of a lawn chair. To this day, the memory of Amy enjoying her first blanket, her first real comfort, brings tears to my mom's eyes.

I was born to Nicolas and Annie. My dad was tame from the start, but while tame, Annie had trust issues. She may have been born to feral parents, or abused in a past life. She gave birth to two panfur boys and two tabby girls. Kepurr was scared when we were rescued,  but he tamed with little effort and was adopted. His twin, Kopea, was feral, and while he was adopted by Kepurr's family, he could not be tamed, and eventually escaped their house. I was tame from the start, a tribute to my wonderpurr dad, but my twin Patsy, was so feral, there was no chance of her getting adopted. She had to be released back into the yard with Annie and Nicolas. But! Patsy underwent a huge transformation after her release. She regrouped, learned to trust, and became a pawsome, adoptable cat. She learned to trust my human mom, and eventually Patsy permitted being sat in my mom's lap like a baby doll, and having her claws clipped. Her claws clipped! Without screaming and twisting and yowling, like I do.

But this isn't about my issues. This is about touch. This is about Hugs!

You don't need a calender date to tell you to hug your cat...or your dog, or ferret or bunny... You just have to stop and take a break in the middle of your chaotic life, put down your pawphone, put down the teevee remote... and give your fur kid attention.

Play with them. Talk to them. Hug them.

They will thank you for it with life-long devotion. You can quote me.

Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment or maybe share this post before you rush off to hug your fur kid. And do give them a smoochie from me, Dori. Have a Wonderpurr day!

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