August 7, 2014

Herman Gets Help from #NaturVet to Keep Up with Dori

HERMAN: I just got a box from Inside I found a bag of NaturVet Senior Vitamins PLUS Glucosamine. Purrrs! I really need this stuff.

DORI: What's Glu--  Glu-- cozy mine?

HERMAN: I have no idea. But it's supposed to help my joints feel better.

DORI: *soft paw* I'm sad for your joints... What's joints?

HERMAN: *sigh!* My knees. My hips. My elbows... They ache. Probably because I'm 13 and I don't zoom like I used to. Glucosamine is like ... um. It's like special medicine to make my joints move without being cranky. Cranky joints are no fun.

DORI: I wouldn't like cranky joints either. So, open the bag. Let's see how they taste.

HERMAN: These are SENIOR vitamins. You're not even 2 yet. You won't be a senior for another 9 years.

DORI: I will be a senior in only 9 years? Life is so short!

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