September 30, 2014

And the WINNER of Jackson Galaxy's #CATIFICATION is...

Timmy Tomcat looks thrilled to be the Winner of #CATIFICATION book.

Timmy's dad will now be inspired to not only finish current projects...but start new ones thanks to Jackson Galaxy and Kate Benjamin's CATIFICATION book.

In Second Place
Wally, Ernie & Zoey - The Island Cats
Wally Ernie Zoey Doute 
The Island Cats have won a Preview Sampler copy of CATIFICATION plus 3 Natural Playtime kitty toys by Jackson Galaxy, distributed by #Petmate.

In Third Place
When Willy wakes from nap he will be excited to know he won a prize.
 Willy and his mom, Jaymee Dale, won a #Catification lunch bag. And yes, it will have a few noms inside for Willy.

CATIFICATION lunch bag is insulated and holds a good sized lunch!

In Fourth Place
With high hopes that Murphy's mom, Holly, will find time to keep him entertained so he won't taunt poor Curly, the dog, we are sending Murphy a curly wand, a chirpy smackabout and one of Jackson Galaxy's new toys, the Motor Mouse!

Thanks everyone who entered my first Giveaway!

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