September 21, 2014

The Wonderpurr Gang is Despurrate for #CATIFICATION

Sometimes people who live with cats think all they need for a full life is food, water, and lots of love. That's not true. Here's a prime example of...

Feline Social Director FAIL!

Herman: It is a known fact that cats will nom if they're bored. They will nom a lot. They gain unnecessary weight. Unnecessary weight leads to obesity, diabetes..and big butts.

Jack: Pawrents who work during the day think us fur-babies will starve if we don't have lunch noms. Free-feeding is not being kind to us. We are designed to gorge, then not nom again for hours, which allows us time for proper digestion, and a litter box break.

Opie: Rumor has it orange tabbies tend to overeat. If we are allowed to nom kibble all day, our digestive systems keep working and our stomachs never get the chance to completely empty like they're supposed to. In fact, our stomachs will eventually drag on the ground. Not pretty.

Chauncie Marie: Outdoor cats do not enjoy long lives. Period. Sure, we miss the adventure of mole hunting and stalking birds, but if we're hit by a car, our mole/bird adventures are over anyway...forever.

Dori: A kitten's life is filled with ADVENTURE because everything in life is new. It's during our second year that boredom sets in when we realize that pitcher of water just doesn't hold the same fascination it did during our first year.

Peaches: Cats are designed to get our moisture from raw and canned noms. Kibble cannot provide us with enough moisture to keep us healthy.

Herman: Pet fountains help to stimulate interest in drinking. We are attracted to running water.

Dori: If you cannot afford a fountain, Drinkwell makes small water aerators that suction cup to the bottom of the water bowl and vibrate to keep the water moving.

Dori: There is nothing so pitiful as a bored kitteh.

Herman: I know my pawrents have busy lives and can't always play wif me. But some peoples are clueless when it comes to entertaining their cats. Painfully so.

Herman: Did you know your cats hold regular meetings to discuss your shortcomings while you are asleep? It's a fact. You may quote me.

Herman: At last, Jackson Galaxy, star of MY CAT FROM HELL, along with cat style expurrrt, Kate Benjamin of Hauspanther ...I have a serious crush on her...have written a book to teach our sadly inept social directors how to create a fun, exciting environment for us bored kittehs.

The book is officially called "CATIFICATION: Designing a Happy and Stylish Home for Your Cat (and You!) It's intended to inspire our social directors to "catify" their homes so we don't make a faux pas by shredding furniture, or spraying because we are frustrated.

The book features projects that don't cost a lot, nor do you have to know how to work a complicated piece of carpenter machinery. It's filled with great ideas to enrich our feline environment without making our social directors crabby cuz they hate how stuff that makes us happy doesn't go wif their hooman aesthetics. *rolls eyes*
CATIFICATION will be released on October 14th, and is now available for preorder at all major online book sellers and local bookstores. The publisher, Tarcher/Penguin, is donating $1 for every pre-ordered copy to So! What are you waiting for? Go order your copy today. Scat!

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