June 11, 2015

BlogPaws 2015 a Wonderpurr Success

Well, I did it. I crushed another Blogpaws under my paws. This time I went to Nashville with my mom. Dad followed in his POS van a couple days later.

That's what my mom calls it. I'm just repeating her verbiage.

What I want to celebrate is that this time I didn't get sick. Remember I felt pretty awful while at Blogpaws Vegas. I even had to go to the emergency for a poo-enhancing afternoon. But that's all behind me...literally.

You may have heard I am moving to Wordpress soon. But until then I wanted you to see the pawtographs taken in Nashville.

So without further a-mew...here they are!

We left for Nashville on Wednesday. It's only a 3 hour drive, but we had the car packed like we'd be on the road for weeks. Mom doesn't understand the meaning of traveling light.
An hour down the road, we pulled over in Jackson to pee at Starbucks. Also got some cawfee.
We found our hotel without getting lost. It was nice and we saw hoomons we'd met the year before at Blogpaws Vegas like Miz Robbi Hess, and our special furends PepperPom and her mom Angel.
Plus the wonderpurr CathyKeisha and her meowmy
 And the stylish Coco from CurlzandSwirlz
The next morning we ate brekkie in our room - Chef IamRustyCat wasn't able to deliver to Nashville - and then we hit the conference.
 Pepper's mom wore her pink wig. I know my sisfur Dori would have loved her wig.
Met a lot of dogs. Some got daringly smoochie wif me.
Unfortunately I'm not a smoochie kind of guy.
And of course there was the pawpawrazzi.
They seemed almost worse than in Vegas.
But for the most part the hoomans were very nice. Some even wanted to smell me!
So of course I smelled them back.
This is my grrrlfriend Chloe. She gives good ear scritches.
And I got to meet Zee and Zoey's meowmy, Deb Barnes. I wuved her ears. She and my mom exchanged books so they can review each other. Stay tuned!
 Next we visited the Exhibit room. It was very exciting with much barking and whining.
Me and Mom had fun at some of the booths. We even sang in order to win $250 for the Tunica Humane Society no kill shelter.
It was all very tiring for me. Mom steered my stroller toward the corner away from the noise.
There I discovered one of my favorite hoomons.
Kate Benjamin - Hauspanther!
We met in Vegas.
What goes on in Vegas, stays in Vegas.
Kate's Cat Lounge was truly spectacular! I decided to do a little early Christmas shopping.
I was overwhelmed by the wondepurrness of it all. I even shed a tear.
I wanted to play wif it all at once.
But there was one toy that sent me Over the Moon.
Stay tuned.

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