October 2, 2013

Princess Mya Art Work

I was speaking to @ItsMeDeaner a couple days ago, and he said his furless has been suffering from a cold and allergies. Just miserable! Enough to keep her home from school.

So I asked my mom to make her a picture to cheer her up:

Well, the picture inspired untapped talents in the lovely princess. These are the pictures she made for me:

Me, Herman, on a magic carpet. It's 3D!!!

Me again on the Magic Carpet, and that's Princess Mya lying down, enjoying the ride.
I am a huge fan of Princess Mya. She loves kitties, and her smile brightens up any room she's in.

This is another picture she drew for me earlier this summer.

If you want to leave a comment for her mom to read to her, I'm sure she would enjoy hearing from you. Or, you can tweet to @ItsMeDeaner and tell her you enjoy her art work.



  1. The pictures are adorapurr! Thank you for sharing them with us.

  2. Those are beautiful! All of them. All of them are very, very beautiful.


  3. We love princess mya!! And the stories you tell herms

  4. Princess mya is the cutest!!

  5. Bravo they are FAB and they would cheer any room up. Nice one. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Hope she feels better soon,pass on some bunny snuggles from me,xx Speedy

  7. She's an artist. Very beautifully done :) Pawkiss :)


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