March 18, 2013

My photo has been added to under Turkish Van Cats/Turkish Van Cat Breed. Please click my wonderpurr photo (he sez modestly) to visit sight, and if you would, please click on the heart to love my photo so I can move up in the ranks. My sincerest appreciation. 
Love you! 
PS -- you gonna notice my cousin @MontythePooh haz his picture there too. Yay!


  1. Hello Herman, Miss Kitty here...I have joined your site here...will you please come over and join my site too ...blogger! Mum says she can find you better...Thanks!
    Purrs, Miss Kitty

  2. L went to the sight and clicked on the heart for Herman...

  3. I clicked on the heart for you! purrs

  4. done it for you great photo,xx Speedy and mum

  5. We know you're a boy-cat, but you're beautiful! PURRS!

    - Lilith Kitten Mahoney, Rosco P. Catrane, & Miss Tina Marie Maine Coon of The Feline Contingent
    - And Their Staff, Debby Hanoka


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