June 1, 2013

Our Mystery Adventure Trended #1 on Twitter

Friday, May 31st, my fiancée, Belle - @Frankencat1 and I threw a Mystery Adventure Pawty at our new home. Usually pals have a Bachelor pawty or a Hen pawty... but Belle and I enjoy having fun, and really didn't need pawsents, so instead we decided to host an Adventure.

Refreshments were served before the Adventure began.

And prosthesis claws were handed out to those who had been declawed...because claws were required for this Adventure.

Behind our home is a giant tree. It stretches beyond the clouds. This is why guests needed claws. Everyone climbed the tree past the clouds.

To find a giant house at the top of the tree.

Literally, this is where our neighbors live. They are giants.

To be honest, when Belle told me the date of what was supposed to be our Bachelor-slash-Hen pawty (we're getting married June 22nd) I had forgotten I already committed to helping our neighbors with a big problem they had.

I had promised to baby sit. So I came up with the brilliant idea for our pals to help us.

Meet Giant Joann.

This is her "smiling."

We had to do stuff like give her a bath. This is how we got her into the ...

Also had to find ways to stop her from crying, cuz the sound was loud enough to make our eardrums bleed.
@PillsterCat suggested using a plunger, but in the end a Nuk did the job.
Of course then she got hungry.
Here, Belle and @NerissaTheCat gave Giant Joann her bottle. @TweetingTruman had it laced with Valium to make sure she fell asleep fast.

Then we skedaddled back home and enjoyed some noms. Or...rather, what was left since @GrissomVanKitty volunteered to stay behind to "guard" the food against raiding raccoons

Our pawty was a huge success. I was told we Trended #1 and #2. That's pawsome!

If you want to check the tweets, we used the hash-tag #BelleHerm from 3 to 5 p.m. EST.

Herman and Belle

Don't Mess Wif Me!