March 17, 2014

The Spending Pawer of the Pet Blogger

Herman: This post is written by my mom, Kimberley Koz. She's the one who spends a lot of her time running to the store to buy us our favorite foods, treats, and other must-haves like litter. So, without further adieu...take it away Mom!

Kim: I am as finicky as one of my cats when it comes to feeding them healthy food. That means I'm constantly checking and rechecking labels, reading reviews, and spending a lot of time in aisles reading labels. I'm also high-end when it comes to litter that doesn't create a dust cloud that sticks to every surface in the house, and ends up making both my husband and I cough and wheeze. (can you say asthma?) And because I'm so finicky, I spend a lot of money chasing my tail, trying to get the best deal for the best food possible.

This past year Herman and I joined Blogpaws' Pet Blogger Influencer Group. Because of the gagging amount of time and money I spend on my cats...and I have a bunch of them...I wanted to participate in the group in order to be heard. I felt my experiences with my pets would provide a good take on the average household who are devoted to the care and well-being of their fur kids.

The results of the first Influencer Survey came out this month. Are you surprised by the numbers? I'm not. Especially that 96% number about going without in order to care for their pets. I've been there a number of times.

So check the below Infographic and tell me a little about your preferences when it comes to purchasing for your fur babies.

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