July 21, 2014

#SimpleSolution to a Problem

DORI: I'm so upset, Peaches. Opie's in trouble!

PEACHES: What did he do this time?

DORI: He marked the door where Mom feeds Frank and the raccoons. Daddy will be hissed! I wuv Opie. Who will I wrassle wif if he has to leave?

PEACHES: That doesn't happen here. Our mistakes are forgiven. This is a Forever Home. However, you're right. Daddy just painted that door and he will be hissed. But you can help Opie by cleaning it up before Daddy sees it.

DORI: Of course! I will do anything to save my favorite brofur. What do I use?

PEACHES: Well, it so happens that Chewy.com sent Herman a bottle of SIMPLE SOLUTION STAIN + ODOR REMOVER. It has a Pro-Bacteria and enzyme formula that eliminates cat stains and odors and it helps prevent repeat marking! Satisfaction Guaranteed!

DORI: That's good enough for me! I'll clean up Opie's mess and Daddy will never know.


DORI: *pat pat* I love this stuff. I saved Opie from getting the boot. Or at least, saved Mommy the trouble of cleaning up the mess before Daddy saw it.

DORI: Job well done, if I say so myself. Now... Reward time!

PEACHES: My family is strict about Truth in Advertising. We never promote products that we don't believe in. So let me reassure you, we love this product and use it faithfully.

In fact... the day this bottle of SIMPLE SOLUTION STAIN + ODOR REMOVER arrived, Herman had an appointment at the vet. He was having UTI problems again. Well, on the way home in the van, he asked Mom to sit in her lap. But then he jumped into the back of the van, and peed all over the wall and carpet.

Mom thought she was going to have to enter the Witness Protection Program. It was Daddy's van! But then she remembered the Chewy.com box that had arrived earlier that day. She ripped it open (literally...I saw her use her teeth) and ran to clean up Herman's mess. IT WORKED! Absolutely no pee smell whatsoever. And that's a miracle considering its 90+ degrees and the van is left in the driveway.

Then -- Opie picked on Daddy's computer bag. He sprayed it just as Daddy was getting ready to leave on a business trip. Opie isn't normally this problematic, but he has this thing about weird smells and if he smells something he considers weird...he deals with it in a typical man-cat way.


No more Opie stink on the computer bag. And for us and Mom that means Life is Good and we have more time to relax and play!

Don't Mess Wif Me!