January 15, 2013

Invitation to my Birfday Pawty!

 I can't believe it's been a whole year since I threw myself a birfday pawty. 

Remember my Virtual Prowl Pawty (#VPPy?) where I had my furends over to enjoy a picnic in my garden? I showed off my new pawsent from my Auntie Susan, Pajama Bear.
Then I had my friends follow me through a scary tunnel.

We found a field filled with zillions of tulips!

That's Rusty who was at my pawty.
 I wanted to pick a tulip to give to my grrrrl, Belle, so I went down to pick it.

But guess what? That wasn't ME coming back up wif da tulip!

It was a Ferlie who looked like me!

And he skeered my pals by transforming from me into his ugly self:

He'd catnapped me and my pals had to rescue me.

My pals had to go through some challenges to find where the Ferlie hid me. And I was hidden real good!

Pepper was at my pawty too!
The pals pushed the Ferlie down a well.
And they filled it wif water to drown the ferlie.
 My pals discovered the ferlie had turned me into a STONE!

In the end @SpartyPig and @3Phibotticelli were the ones who figured out how to rescue me and it was Belle's love for me that turned me back into me. Yay!

 And remember I ended the pawty by proposing to Belle @Frankencat1. We finally gonna tie da knot on June 22nd. And our combined bachelor pawty will be on June 8th. So mark your calendars!

Anyway! It's my birfday again. January 18th I will be 12 years old. But instead of having an exhausting Virtual Prowl Pawty (my mom sez I can haz one sometime this year, but not now when she's on deadline to finish my book) my pal @TweetingTruman put a 1940s Catsablanca #Spypawty together to celebrate me.
Truman is a wonderpurr pal!

My Catsablanca pawty is on February 2nd from 2:00 - 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

This is the link to the Twtvite: http://twtvite.com/catsablanca

And this is the link to the great blog Truman designed: http://spypawty2.blogspot.com/

I hope you all will come to my pawty. It's gonna be sooper!

The pawty will be all in black/white like a Classic Black/White movie, at 'Herman's Cafe' in Catsablanca!

If you need help with your avi, contact @PuppyNumber7, @Tattlecat, or @Tweetingtruman. Look on the pawty blog for some design options that we've selected. Of course you can create your own too! We would love for all the avis to be in black/white! If you've made your own avi and don't know how to decolorize it, just ask @tweetingtruman or me, @Tattlecat to do it for you!

Again, the pawty will be on Saturday, February 2, from 2-6 pm EST. See you there!


  1. The peep made some changes to her schedule and guess what? I CAN COME TO YOUR BIRTHDAY PARTY! Yoo-hoo! YOO-HOO!!! purrs

    Might need a little help with the avi thing. You know how my peep is a technlogically impaired duffer and all, right? purrs more

  2. Checked out the blog. I quite like MANcat avi #2 but #3 is pretty neat, too. They all are! purrs

  3. Thanks for rearranging your peep's schedule so you can pawty wif me. You iz my best furend! I need you there! No worries, I will make you a purrrfect pawty avi. Yay!

  4. Awww... thanks Herman! Thanks so much!!! purrs


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