February 11, 2013

Why I Love Thee Award

Last week my bestie, @NerissatheCat gave me his purrsonal award, the Why I Love Thee Award.
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Niss is my bestie cuz he always haz his paw in my back to blog more, and to promote my blog. He also haz my back, defending me against spammer guys who wonder why a birfday pawty for a cat like me would trend #2 (again, thanks @TweetingTruman for the bestest birfday ever!) So...thank you, Niss, for honoring me wif this award. I'm so touched you thought me good enough to award.

Niss said I haz to explain why I love what he calls "my peep" aka my hooman...my mom.

How Do I Love Mom...Let Me Count Da Wayz

  • I love mom cuz she defends me when Barney or Opie pick on me, and make me scream wif frustration.
  • I love mom cuz she gave me MY CHAIR, even though she bought it for herself...its mine!
  • I love mom cuz she gave me a job as her writer's mews. She's author @KimberleyKoz (Kept by Cats: Writer In-purr-rupted) and allows me to spend as much time as I want in our office, hanging out, nomming treats and enjoying my toys. This job also requires me to make purrsonal appearances at her booksignings. I love meeting my fans!
  • I also love my mom cuz she takes me on vacation wif her to Michigan, and I get to ride in car and I get to see trucks. I really really love trucks! (Love you too Lillian @IcyPinkLemonade)
Now I'd like to pass this award on to the following: Please click the award link above to read Niss's post about the award and follow the instructions on how to pass this award on to others so they can post it on their blogs.

I award the Why I Love Thee Award to:

my fiancee and love of my life: @Frankencat1
my dear friends:

Yay! Be sure to visit @NerissatheCat blog. It's wonderpurr!


  1. well honey - looks like I needs to get my pen (keyboard out) and get bizzy

    fanks u & loves you

  2. Great award and lovely of Nerissa. Have a marvelous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Boy-oh-boy... do you ever have A LOT of reasons to love your mom. You're a really lucky cat, Herman, to have a mom like that. Almost as lucky as she is to have a cat like you! purrs

  4. Congratulations dear friend on the award. Isn't it beautiful. I got one too and have to pass it on this week.

  5. Oh what a fabulous award and you so deserves it and fur giving fanks fur you mummy and all your furiends I iz very honoured to be counted as one of your furiends! Your mummy sounds wonderpurr and ob course da bewtimous Belle!

    Love yous
    Moo xxx

  6. Oh what a fabpawlous blog post I finks woo werry much deserves da award dat woo gots. I is very honoured to be counted as one of your furiends! Your mummy sounds just as you would say wonderpurr and ob course da bewtimous Belle! You are one pawsome puddy tat and I iz werry pawroud to has you as a furiend!


  7. Thanks for the pawsome award Herman! I feel very honored that we're friends. Now I better say some really nice things 'bout my mom so I gets more nip! Yay!!! Love u pal!


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