January 17, 2014

Tribute To Bode

Welcome Everybody!

I'm your host, Herman!!!
Depending on what time you got here, it might be breakfast, lunch, dinner, or midnight. Whatever you are hungry for... @Chef_Gidget has prepared a spread of noms for you to enjoy. 

Please help yourself, then find a seat. The show is about to start.

For Early Risers:

For Traditionalists:

No butter

Loaded with butter

For Evening Viewers:

For After Dinner Crowd:

Hope you found something to fill your tummies. Now grab your seat...


I hope you enjoyed The Revenge of Bode. It's a true story...kinda.

Bode @4catsstrapski has been my friend from the beginning when I joined Twitter. He's kind and compassionate.  He shares funny photos to make all of us smile after a long, sometimes hard day. I am proud to call him my friend.

Now that Bode has traveled Over The Rainbow Bridge, I look forward to him sharing more beautiful images of what it's like over there. I'm sure now that he's free from pain and earthly problems, he will find great joy in even the simplest of pleasures.

For me, while I'm here on this earth, it is my greatest pleasure to acknowledge friends like Bode, and Sam @SamTheWatcher, who also recently traveled Over The Rainbow Bridge. Sam, in case you didn't notice, was the reason I got in so much trouble with Bode in the movie. She had popcorn too, but no one noticed. They just noticed me... *sigh.* But that's Sam for you. Nobody ever suspects a purrrty face!

Bode and Sam...and Phi @3phibotticelli who was in the bridal pawty and also went Over The Rainbow Bridge last year... You all bring great joy to me. We are FAMILY. And no matter where we are...either on this earth or in the heavens above...we will always be besties.

Thank you, pals, for stopping by and helping me pay Tribute to Bode. And thanks to all of you for RTing the announcement for this program. I appreciate your time.

Please feel free to leave comments. And if you are interested in watching future movies, please follow my blog and my twitter accounts: @TattleCat, @Chef_Gidget, @Adorapurr, @KeptByCats and @KimberleyKoz

Oh! On Valentine's Day my wife, Belle @Frankencat1 and I will be having Open House at our home where we will throw open the doors to reveal Belle's She Lair and my Man Cat Cave.

Until then...
Haz a Wonderpurr Day!


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