April 24, 2014


DORI: Today a box arrived from CHEWY.COM and Herman said I could review whatever was inside.

OPIE: What happened? Was the box empty?

DORI: No.  I'm waiting for Mom to set the table. We're having a tea pawty. You want to join us?

OPIE: We man cats don't attend sissy tea pawties with doilies and china cups and girly noms. No way!

DORI: Don't twist your tail in a knot. I didn't ask you to daub cologne behind your ear, and eat with your pinkie in the air. Sheesh!

DORI: Mom set the table so nice. She has cookie noms. Let's see what Chewy.com sent for me.


DORI: Yay! Halo Healthsome treats made with Real Chicken! I can smell how good they are right through the packaging! *paws drool from chin*

DORI: I love the bite-sized shapes, just right for my little mouth. A star. A heart. A ... a Bundt-cake. Well, it looks like a Bundt-cake to me.

DORI:  Even though these treats are healthy and nutritional, made with natural ingredients like chicken, potato, peas, and tapioca, they are also crunchy to help keep my teeth clean and my breath fresh. Now that I'm dating @HRMeownessWills, I want my smile to be purrty for him.

DORI: No artificial flavors or colors...or empty calorie fillers like corn, wheat, or sugar/molasses. My meowmy is determined to remove those things from our noms. Looks like Halo treats will be a regular buy at our house. And that's, as Herman would say... Wonderpurr!

DORI: My Healthsome treats were good to the last crunch. I'm glad Opie didn't join my tea pawty. More for me!

OPIE: Hm! Dori's plate smells pretty good. I wonder what she ate?

OPIE:  Oh no! I would have come to Dori's sissy tea pawty if I'd known she was serving Healthsome treats. They're nommilicious. Drats! Double Drats! Triple Drats even...

 DORI: Hee hee hee! Tea pawty over. Better luck next time.

OPIE: I can't get this bag open. No thumbs! Poor me. Poor orange tubby tabby me!

From dry food to canned food to tasty treats, every Halo Pet Food product is a celebration of the holistic approach to pet health — an approach that’s focused on treating the “whole animal,” recognizing that good nutrition is an essential element of overall well-being. Each and every day our pets require the necessary nutrients in the proper proportions to achieve and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. Proteins, carbohydrates, essential oils and fatty acids, along with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and trace elements are universally recognized as essential for good health. Halo’s got all of these and so much more!

The premium ingredients that go into making Halo's wholesome, all-natural food and treats include: chicken, salmon, eggs, rolled oats, pearled barley, peas, flax seed, sweet potatoes, apples, blueberries, green beans, carrots, cranberries, zucchini, and alfalfa.

Dry food formulas are made with a unique blend of three protein sources, healthy whole grains and fruits and vegetables for pure nutrition and high digestibility; canned food recipes feature recognizable, slow cooked ingredients and high moisture content for added hydration; and treats are comprised of nutritional calories only, thanks to the exclusion of corn, fillers, added salt, sugar or molasses.

Benefits of Halo Pet Food
* All recipes exclusively use fresh meats, poultry and fish
* Added vitamins and minerals ensure your pet is getting a balanced diet
* No artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, chicken meal or other rendered animal parts


  1. Dang opie - what were u finking? goes to show you being a mancat is not always the best thing. You shoulda come to Dori's tea party - ha ha

    1. *puffs up floofy ches* Tea pawties are for grrrls, not mancats! But the noms did smell good.

  2. Yummmmmmmmm. You even get served on china. WOW - do you guys rate or what (looking at M with longing eyes).

    1. My mom likes to say... Life is Short. Why save the best china for guests?

  3. Dori's smile is wonderful. This sounds like a great treat. Will have to try at Dori's next Tea Pawrty *smmoch*

    1. Dood...you're gone. So far gone! I told you to run while you were still mentally stable. Now you want to attend girly tea pawties. *paw over eyes*

  4. Those treats look nommy. But that Chewy box looks like a lot of fun!

  5. Comon Opie you have to be the cat in the know
    Orangie you know


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