October 6, 2014

3 #Petco Halloween Costume Ideas for your Fur Kids

Herman dressed as a peacock for Halloween

It’s that time of year again when pawrents shop at Petco for holiday giggles and photo ops. I’m talking about Halloween costumes made for us, their fur kids.

You know how I love attention, and modeling a peacock costume called Feathered & Fabulous gave me a lot of it. Of course I also had to suffer unwanted attention from that one-eyed pawpawrazzi monster my mom calls a Nikon. But I made her smile by letting her dress me up, so it was worth it.

The peacock headpiece is exceptionally well-made with slits so my ears are comfortapurr while I wear it. And the Velcro strap adjusted to fit snug, and comfy, under my chin.
Herman models full body of peacock costume.

The glitzy costume body fits comfortably with one Velcro strap around my neck and another under my arm pits. I had no problem at all wearing it or walking around while Mom had her fun. The tail feathers are one piece with stiff padding so they will stand up when your kitty struts with his own tail held high. 

This costume is One Size Fits Most and comes with the following Caution: Not suitable for children. Intended to be used for a short duration and under supervision. Always supervise your pet to ensure they do not destroy or ingest apparel. May be harmful if ingested. Inspect regularly and replace if any part becomes damaged. If apparel becomes wet, some color transfer may occur. Use caution around light-colored upholstery or carpeting. Keep away from open flame. Spot clean only.

Jeez louize! All that small print stuff kinda takes the wind out of your sail for enjoying your costume. But I guess our sue-crazy world needs to inform hoomans up the wa-zoo so they don't do something stoopid like soak their peacock-costume-wearing cat while he sits on a white suede sofa. Duh!

Profile of Opie dressed as a Viking.

My brofur, Opie, volunteered to model the Viking Warrior costume by Petco. The helmet headpiece has a soft furry cap trimmed with a satin-finish gold band dotted with sewn-on brown rhinestones*. It fit snug under his chin with a Velcro strap. 

Opie models Viking costume with long red braids
The pawsome horns were padded but light so Opie said he didn’t feel like he had weight on his head. The piece also had ear slits but Opie thought they detracted from the glorious red braids attached to the helmet.

This costume is One Size Fits Most and also comes with pretty much the same Caution as above. *rolls eyes*

The newest member of our family, former stray tabby, Frank, asked to get in on the modeling gig, so Opie handed over his cape, but kept the head piece because he thought he looked damn good with red braids. Said something about growing his own. That I can’t wait to see.

So, without the Viking headpiece, Frank had to make do with another idea on how to work the cape. Mom said he looked very royal, so Frank got himself a crown and voila! He is King of His World!
Wearing Viking cape only, Frank puts on a crown and becomes King of His World

The cape is like the Viking helmet, made of soft and light furry material trimmed with a gold satin band lining the cape, extra thick at the collar with a Velcro strap to keep it in place around the neck. As with the Viking helmet, this cape is Spot Clean Only, and not meant for long-term wear. That means no wearing costume while using the litter box or hunting moles. Moles are known to be pretty harsh and will laff at yo' finely dressed bod.
Petco features a lot of fun costumes for us fur kids. They’re well-made and the prices are easy on your pawrent’s wallet. Not that you would care much about the cost since you're unemployed.

Our costumes were provided by the gorgeous Pepper Pom. As always, honey, you're wonderpurr!

Thanks for stopping by to admire our costumes. Please share your story of your pawrents dressing you up for Halloween.

Have a wonderpurr week!

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