October 3, 2014

#B.F.F. Cat Food Review by Herman @TattleCat

Hi Pals! Herman here, spokespurrrson for The Wonderpurr Gang. As you may recall, while I was in Las Vegas for the 2014 Blogpaws convention, I wasn't feeling so good. In fact, I didn't like my new water bowl, so I wasn't drinking. At. All! I ended up kinda dehydrated along with a bunch of other stuff you don't want to know about. But! The good people representing Weruva at the convention gave my mom several packages of their pouch noms. Boy, I ate every bite. So good! So when Chewy.com asked me to review B.F.F. cat noms, made by Weruva, I began to drool. And when Mom tore open that first pouch, my fur sibs came running from every corner of the house and yard.

At my house, taste isn't everything. My mom knows we kitties don't think about where our food comes from, or the condition of the facilities where its made. That's why she's in charge of buying our noms...plus, we don't have jobs so it's not like we can buy it for ourselves.

Anyway! The good hooman's at Chewy.com sent us a letter explaining first how B.F.F. makes Grain-Free, Low Fat recipes that deliver high moisture for cats like me that tend to forget to drink. In fact, most cats don't drink much water. So we need high moisture noms to keep us hydrated.

Another point that worried my mom was that the food came from Thailand. I'm not going to go into a long explanation about why. You probably already know. But Chewy's letter explained that their food is produced in a facility that also produces food for hoomans, and operates at international hooman food processing standards, including that of the super-strict British Retail Consortium (BRC). All pet food processing must pass BRC scrutiny.

Now I will admit that the Wonderpurr Gang doesn't get much fish to eat. We are mainly chicken kitties. Because the main ingredient is the red meat or dark meat from tuna (primarily skipjack or bonito) we will likely only get to enjoy B.F.F. once a week, even though B.F.F. does include "toppers" such as boneless skinless chicken breast, duck, lamb, salmon, shrimp and pumpkin.

So, with that all said...Here is my Review for B.F.F. Best Feline Friend noms:

OR SHINE B.F.F. makes a good, quality food that our mom will choose in the future when she wants to treat us with fish. Yay!

So tell me...Are you a finicky eater? Does your hoomons put restrictions on your noms -- like more meat and less fish? What are your favorite noms?

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Have a Wonderpurr Weekend! 

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