June 13, 2015

Blogpaws 2015 Nashville - Finale!

As unnatural as it is for a cat to think about someone other than himself, as Blogpaws 2015 Nashville was winding down, I took a moment to observe the hoomons who attended this conference for the sole purpose of making life better for us fur kids. A lot of energy went into the planning and execution of workshops, meals, goodie bags, brochures, the Exhibit Hall, and so so much more. The BlogPaws team, along with a great bunch of Volunteers, did such a wonderpurr job, I'd like you all to take a minute and check them out. Maybe even say 'Thank mew!'

Chloe DiVita: Director of Events & Programs (wuv your ear stritches)
Tom Collins: Director of Education, Development & Recruiting
Carol Bryant – BlogPaws Marketing and PR Manager (my apologies for hissing at Dexter)
Felissa Elfenbein –Blogger Outreach and Communications Manager
Robbi Hess – Senior Editor and Blog Manager (purrrr)
Yvonne DiVita, BlogPaws CEO

On Caturday I accompanied my pawrents to workshops, and schmoozed the crowd wif my usual charm. It doesn't take much for me to be charming.
Oops! I meant to show this one...
New friend Christina Lisk

I was happy to make new furends...
 And connect with possible long-lost brofur, Romeo the Cat, who lives with Caroline Golon.
You wouldn't think wheeling around in my tricked out Ride in an air conditioned hotel would be taxing...

...but it was...
 ...so I retired to my suite several times to catch my breath, along with a cat nap.
Finally, it was time for the Nose to Nose Awards Banquet and for me to walk the red carpet. Last year I surprised my pawrents by insisting I could walk the red carpet on my own four paws, even though I'd spent the conference feeling sick, plus I'd never walked on a leash before that weekend.

I hadn't been on a leash since Vegas, but I was determined to show everyone that I could do it again.

And so I did.

*Takes bow* Thank mew! Thank mew!

My bestie PepperPom and her mom Angel looked spectacular, as usual.

At the banquet everyone gathered to celebrate the pet bloggers nominated for this year's Nose to Nose Awards. Before the ceremony began, while the hoomons were chatting and nomming, a big screen showed photos taken by the pawpawrazzi throughout the conference. Guess who got his handsome mug up on the screen several times...

After the awards were given out, Chloe announced there were several acknowledgements who had received a certificate of excellence for blogging. Me and mom both gasped in unison when we heard our beloved friend Nerissa The Cat and his mom, Jennifer Niemi, was the recipient.

Concatulations Niss and Mom. We are truly proud of your success.

And so, as the conference drew to a close, I bid a sad farewell to my friends. But I will see you next year because I'm going to Phoenix!

Don't Mess Wif Me!