June 10, 2012

Anipal Prom

Hi, it's me, Herman!!! I am still floating with joy over the success of Friday night's #AnipalProm. We had a huge turnout, and we trended worldwide. Not bad for a group of newbie pawty planners who put it all together in a matter of maybe 3 weeks.

First I want to thank @Nikepurrfektcat for coming up with the idea. She pulled together a great team of purrfectionist purrsonalities to make it all happen. She is a dynamite leader and did a thorough job of coordination and execution.

 I was impressed by @TweetingTruman's AnipalProm blog and the detail he put into making a festive showcase for us all to enjoy. He created a menu that we are all licking our lips over.

Phi @3phibotticelli with her date Stan @whitie99
Also @3Phibotticelli was our team cheerleader chewing away at the details (I'd hate to be a bone in her house! I'm sure at times she felt like she was herding cats...um. Guess she was considering the rest of us on the PromCom were cats!).

Bode @4catsstrapski
Dylan @Dylcat1
Belle @Frankencat1
Bode @4catsstrapski, Dylan @Dylcat1 and my beloved Belle @Frankencat1 put their best paws forward to bring on DJs, Barktenders, prizes and pawty favors.


Huge thanks to @CheshireK and @DanaPixie who came on at the last minute to photograph prom attendees and make us all look amazing in our prom finery.

I want to specially thank Dylan @Dylcat1 for all the hard tweeting he did getting word out to the Anipal community about the prom. And Bode @4catsstrapski and @Nikepurrfekcat who spent way too much of their time judging the dance contest.

Phi and Stan
Me and Belle
 We never expected 19 couples to enter and it took a lot of time to give each entry a lot of thought and consideration in order to pick the winners -- @Lilyluwhot and @ToughTeddyBear. Bode, I really hope you and Nancy @NancyCakeFace have another date where you get to pawty and dance.
Bode and @NancyCakeFace
Everyone looks so glamorous in their prom avatars. There are so many great ones. I wish I could have gotten them all, but I was busy announcing 3 sets of Kings and Queens:

Honorary King @PetietheCat and Honorary Queen @Pandafur
Petie & Pandafur

Individual King @TommyPug 

 and Individual Queen @3Phibotticelli

Couple King and Queen @RockytheDogg and @Queen_Greta

Running Guess the Temptations contest (concatulations to Belle @Frankencat1 who guessed the closest number by thinking 3 bags at 120 pieces per bag. to equal 321. The actual number was 335) Special thank you to @OprahtheWestie for donating the $25 gift certificate prize.

I presented the Dance trophy to @ToughTeddyBear and @LilyLuWhoT

And I got to barktend with my best girl, Belle...until Twitter had enough of my sh... um...poo...and cut me off at the knees. There I was...having a blast, serving my own concoction TattlecatTwister and MiceCream 

when I couldn't tweet no more! What The Friskies! I'd never been sent to Twitmo before. Before the night was over I spent more time in Twitmo than at the pawty. I went in SIX TIMES! I'm told I set a new record.

But then someone told me... I think it was either Jazz @ClingyCat or @NerissatheCat who said... It's a great pawty if someone is sent to jail. Well...it was a GREAT PAWTY! Yay!

One more thing. The success of the #AnipalProm finally pushed Milo @PunkPugs to pop the question to our lovely @DoggyMolly who said YES! Huge concatulations to you both on your engagement!


A few highlights follow. I wish I could have captured you all. Hope you enjoy!
Bunny invasion at prom
@Claudiab53 Duchess of Bramley
Daffy @NoCrybabyDoGS and Rusty @IamRustyCat
@Germanshorthair Daisy Gretchen and Banjo
Deanie @ItsMeDeaner
Whitey and Marcella aka @TheMooshies
Marie @Cats_Meows
@Nutmegtorby and @Euripidescat
@PalomatheBoston and @ItsBensonTime
@PixelDoggy and her Angel sisfur @JinJinDoggy
@TweetingTruman and @MittenKitty
@ZobyDoby1 and sisfur @FlobyDoby1
@Mariodacat and @Katiebella2


  1. Hey Herman! What a great post! Anipalprom was definitely the event of the season. Everyone had a blast... including me. I'm just so sorry you ended up in twitmo and all. Silly twitter peeps! MOUSES!!! And your twisters... they were delish! Thanks so much to you and everyone else who put so much work and effort into the anipalprom for us. YOU'RE ALL THE BEST!!! purrs

  2. wow Herman great blog post wonderful pictures - it was the best evening and everyone looked fabulous ........ I have never seen so many suave, dapper gentlemen and such a glittering array of ladies it was like being on the red carpet with the anipal glitterati

  3. Herman - great blog post. Love all the pictures. You and all the committee did a fantastic job and it was so much fun. Thank you for all your work and effort.

  4. You and the committee have my complete admiration. Everyone worked SO hard and provided so much for all of us Anipals, I can't say thank you to all of you, enough.

    All of you have my sincere thanks and to give us some pictures here to help us remember...wonderful added treat. xoxoxox thank you.

  5. Well Darling: Blog is pawsome as usual. I knoze u waz fury fury bizzy during prom and I glad we had a chance to spend some time together. Next time - I hopes to be of additional help.


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