March 21, 2013

In Memory of Kenny

Today my brofur Kenny would have been 10 years old. Unfortunately he went Over the Rainbow Bridge at age 8. He had kidney disease and we didn't realize it until it was too late.

We continue to miss you, Kenny. Will never forget you.

This is the link to Kenny's story: My Scariest Halloween Ever!


  1. What a very handsome boy. So very sorry for your loss. He was well loved tho and will never be forgotten.

  2. Lovely tribute to dear Kenny. Sorry to read he went so young. He had a lovely sweet face.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Bet he's still watchin' over you, though...


  4. Hi this is Speedy's mum,I read your story About Kennyits sad when we lose our babies,I feel your pain having been through a similar experience,I used to have a black cat called Smokey he was sweet and adorable but when I left home to live with my hubby I could bring him with me so I left him at my mums.I used to see him each week safe in the knowledge that he was being looked after one day I went up there to see him and as soon as I walked in I knew something was wrong,it was the way he looked at me and was crying for me and all my mum said he's been nothing but a pest always crying,I said to my mum why did you tell me I would have come up sooner there must be something wrong or you could have taken him to the vet,so I pick Smokey up and started to scratch and cuddle him he was relieved that he had his mum but then I could feel something on his neck then I check the rest of him he had swellings every where it was like he had swollen glands and was fighting an infection, I told mum and said how could you not see there something wrong you're with him all the time,I was scared and angry that she had not noticed he was crying because he was in pain and sick I rushed him to the vets they to blood tests but said they thought it was some kind of blood cancer but gave him something for the pain until the results came back the next day,when I rang up they had one test result back that was on his white blood cells they where still waiting for the rest but the white blod cell count was to high it was bad news he had it was what they thought we could wait for the rest of the results to come back to find out what type but there was nothing they could do or we could cancel the rest of the tests as they knew I couldn't afford it,and to bring him in now and say good by I was heart I picked Smokey up and brought him back to the vets,it was like Smokey knew what was going to happen he was calm and loving the whole time while we were waiting and me I was crying the whole time.The vet called us in and I sat with Smokey in my arms while they gave him the injection and the whole time Smokey was so good just loving me and purring and then with in a few seconds the purring had stopped and the loving had stopped he was this day I still feel angry that my mum never noticed he was in pain and dying that every time he was crying at her he was trying to tell her that for a week he was suffering from when I saw him till I was back a week later he was sick and he told me by his crying that it took till Smokey see could see his mum for his pain to end.I ve never told this to anyone till now and the tears are flowing like it was yesterday...So yes I feel your pain,I have house bunnies now and they are even harder to tell when they are sick as they hide it because they are prey animals but I always know,and when its time to say good by it kills me everytime,with love R achel Speedy's mum

  5. God bless Kenny - he watches over you and Rachel - it took courage to write your heartbreaking comment.about Speedy. Don't beat yourself up - Speedy knows you loved him.


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