February 27, 2014

Squeaky and Elvis Review Downton Abbey Season 4 Finale

Herman: Well, it’s over. Seems like Downton Abbey just started, but now Season 4 has ended. Lets listen in on Squeaky & Elvis as they sit down to tea for their final review.
Elvis: *sips tea* Well, Squeaky what happened? One week Edith is barely pregnant and the next week she has had the baby, who has been adopted.
Squeaky: *sips tea* Yep! A whole 9 months went by in a flash. Wonder if the UK version includes the missing 9 months with all the glory of morning sickness and the letting out of waistlines?
Elvis: What did you think about the family saving the monarchy from scandal? *rolls eyes*
Squeaky: Purrsonally, I would have enjoyed seeing more scandal. It would have been entertaining if the truth were known that the Prince of Wales is a naughty boy.
Elvis: Indeed. And now…since Rose has been formally presented, I would suppose there will be a man courting her soon. Unless there aren’t any left because they are all interested in marrying Lady Mary.
Squeaky: All the boys are falling for Lady Mary. Though I rather miss Lady Zombie Mary. MOL.
Elvis: What about Thomas? How dare he bring a lady to look at the house, and then go upstairs!
Squeaky: Scandalous brother! Even though the lady in question practically bound up the stairs on her own with the enthusiasm of a naughty child. How was he to stop her?
*Brothers sip tea in unison*
Elvis: So now we must wait for Season 5. What will happen, do you suppose? Will Rose get married? Will Lady Edith find her man? Will the Abbey continue to survive? Will Thomas go to America?
Squeaky: So many questions and no answers until next season. *puts down cup* I’ve finished my tea. Thank cat! I’m more a milk and coffee kind of guy. So! Are you ready for #fightclub?
Elvis: *tosses up aside.* It's on like Donkey Kong!
Herman: Thank you Squeaky and Elvis for entertaining us with your reviews of Season 4. Stop by anytime!


  1. Yup, the peeps are missin' Downton already. MOUSES!


  2. Awww i'm gonna miss this,x Speedy

  3. Here there Herman!

    I sure do hope you can stop on by my blog today 'cause there's a special little somethin' waitin' for you over there.


  4. So funny!!! MOL

    Great post mew guys!!!

    Purrs Basil xox


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