February 21, 2014

Squeaky and Elvis Review Downton Abby

by Julie Tenopir

Elvis: Finally, mommy went to work so we can have our tea and review Downton Abby.
Squeaky: Indeed brother. I hate it when she is sick. She always wants me to sit with her and that disrupts my napping schedule.
Elvis: Tell me about it. I've got a lot of napping to catch up on.
*Brothers slurp tea in unison, with eyes half-closed*
Elvis: I'm desperate for a nap. Perhaps we should begin our review. It seems as though Lady Mary has suitors coming after her like ticks to a dog. Could it be there is a shortage of roles for performance people in the U.K. and they're trying to employ as many out of work actors as possible?
Squeaky: *answers with eyes closed* Or its possible the producers are parading potential beaus, not only before Lady Mary, but also before the television audience to determine which man will bring in higher ratings. *slurps tea*
Elvis: And what about our dear Tom? Has he found a new lady? I wonder!
Squeaky: I like her. She looks like fun. And speaking of fun... Ms Crawley has yet another suitor, it seems.
Elvis: *slurps tea* So, what about Mr. Banks traveling to York while his wife is out of town? Did he, or did he not give that nameless man servant a push into the street? Could he be a murderer?
*Instead of answering, Squeaky falls nose first into his teacup. The hot tea wakes him up.*
Squeaky: What! What happened?
Elvis: *hands him a napkin* You fell asleep.
Squeaky: *wipes his face* I’m sorry. I’m just so… *Yawn! Eyes close. Head nods.* Zzzz.
*Elvis finishes his tea, then retires to his favorite hidey hole napping spot*


  1. sweet dreams boys,xx Speedy

  2. MOL! Another fine review. :)

  3. My peeps just watched the season finale last night and are ALREADY missin' their favourite show. MOUSES! Whatever will they do?



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