February 11, 2012

Meet My Fiancee, Belle!

Back in December, 2011, I wuz being teased by some pals about not hazing a girlfriend. They were surprised that I never even dated! I was talking about how I love sitting in da window looking up at the moonlight, and from out of nowhere, Belle said softly, she would sit wif me in da moonlight! I wuz surprised and touched.

We decided our first date would be for Mew Ears Eve at #NipClub. We got all dressed up, Belle wore red, my favorite color on her. And we danced, and then enjoyed the full moonlight together. And we've been together ever since. On January 20th, at my first #VirtualProwlPawty, I gotz kidnapped by a mean ol' Ferlie who wanted to hold me ransom in exchange for Belle. My furends rescued me. And then it hit me. I had to make sure no one ever stole Belle from me. So I proposed. And Belle said YES!

This week is Valentine's Day, and for the furst time I haz a real Valentine!

Please meet my beautiful, wonderpurr Belle @Frankencat1
Belle, why did your Meowmy name your Twitter account Frankencat1?

Actually, it was my dad that thought up the name. He sayz it cause I iz big & haz personality of a monster sometimes - **confused ears** wonder what he means

Were you a rescue baby?

I waz. Meowmy's neighbor got me from someone walking thru local grocery store trying to give me away. Had I not been snatched up by our neighbor, I don't knoze what woulda happened to me, cause I wazn't properly weened. My meowmy figured out the next day that I wasn't eating and got me started on kitty milk then gradually gotz me to more & more solid food. 

How do you get along with your siblings?

I haz 3 sisfurs & 2 brofurs - I can takes or leaves 'dem - preferably leaves 'dem

I know you haz issues with being brushed. Does that extend to you being held by your meowmy?

Well, how can I put this - YES- I hatez it!

You are so sweet and kind to our Anipals. But do you haz a mischievious side, and if so, tell me a story about an incident still talked about with your family?

My mischievious side equates to me to deciding not to use the litter box for no apparent reason. Meowmy hasn't figured out why I doez dat and I’m not telling. Keep her guessing, I say!

Do you haz an Awww moment that made your mom melt?

Meowmy is such a pushover, all I haz to do is lean up & give her nose kisses

I know your meowmy haz you on a diet. How’s that going? (Hugs!)

Hey!! Did you send this to my meowmy too??? She just picked me up to weigh me - **flat ears** It seems I have lost 1 1/2 lbs since meowmy's birthday. She gotz me on canned food only. Altho, I have found a way to get to the dry food she has out for the other kittehs I suspect that is why I am not losing as much as I should be

What are your favorite foods and toys?

My favorite foods are actually canned wellness Chicken & of course I likes my Nip - I don't really like treats & yes I knoze this is truly shocking - but I don't like Temptations.

What is your burfdate or your Gotcha date?

Gotcha date is May 28th 2007. I wuz just about 6 weeks old

Your meowmy and my mom are furends since you and me met. Mom heard you are a reincar-cat. You lived with your mom before you were born as Belle. My mom sez my furends Gidget and Chauncie are also reincar-cats who lived wif Mom years ago. Do you remember your other life?

I pretty sure I am the same color & same pissy, leave me alone attitude. But I much bigger. When I was here before, I was chased by the boy kitteh meowmy had. This time I bigger - but still don't really stand up for myself.  Sometimes when it just meowmy & me & I iz ignoring her she will sit next to me and whisper my previous name (Brina)  - I will turn and look at her reach up & give her nose kisses

When did you join Twitter and what clubs do you belong to?

I finks it waz August of 2011 - I am a member of #wlf  &  of course I iz member of #sfcf . I attend Nipclub on Fursdays - on those fursdays you can't go I make sure you say I can go wifout you.

You are a real furend, sleeping on the porches of those Anipals who are sick. I appreciated you being on #Nicksporch for my alpha. I also remember one of the first times I met you, you invited me to sit wif you on #Cammiesporch. I was so touched cuz no one had ever invited me to do that before. Besides the healing porches, where else can Anipals find you?

If I not on a porch den I most likely checking in wif my other kitteh friends like @Missy_Minerva. I getz #Brekkieclub from @Skeeterthetabby. I also likes to go on #Dalekhunts & #Cybermanattacks wif @The_Tardis_Toms & @Clingycat &  @TomcatSamurai 

I am embarrassed to say, but you asked me out first, which I appreciate cuz I never had a date before. Some of the guyz were teasing me about no having a girlfriend, and you said you'd sit wif me in the moonlight. I was so touched by how sweet you were. Why did you ask me out?

I was tweevesdropping on a conversation you were having. I can'tz remember specifics, but I 'member saying you probably had plenty of girl kittehs waiting to sit wif you. You said no you didn't & i was soooo happi cause I wanted to sit wif you. u waz/iz  just the cutest mancat I have seen. 

Our furends keep asking about when we are tying the knot. We both want a long engagement. Right?

I fink a long engagement is a good idea. Der haz been lots of sick kittehs needing porches so I be bizzy sitting on porches. I really enjoyed our VPP pawty & hopez for another one.

Thanks, Belle! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Fanks you honey - Happi Valentine's Day **kisses**

 Belle's meowmy, Karen Brothers, is being interviewed on my Mom's blog this week. Go to KEPT BY CATS blog to read.

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