February 5, 2012

Meet Rusty Culver

Rusty is one of my orange pals from Twitter. Even though he looks so much like my naughty brofur, Opie, I really like him lots. So I asked Rusty to intermew for my blog and he said yes. Yay!

Rusty, did you always live with your family, or were you a rescue?

Me was a rescue!  Me was left in da restroom of a Petsmart when me was just a small kitteh.  A foster Mom took me home fur a little time, den I wuz sent back to Petsmart.  I stayed dere in a cage fur about 9 months til my furever Mom & Dad walked by my cage one day.  I saw dem and stuck me paw outta da cage as far as I could.  Dey saw my long paw, came over and...I went home wif dem dat day!

Tell me about your siblings and how you get along with them.

I haf two brofurs at home; da first one is Carmelo, another ginger kitteh like me.  He a month younger than me (me 2 in April, he 2 in May).  He & me get along great, we play and wrastle and chase each other all da time!  Den dere's Mousie, a black & white feral my Mom & Dad did TNR (Trap/Neuter/Release) on.  He da baby - he just gonna be a year old in May.  He decided he wanted to be indoor kitteh and lives indoors wif us now.  I not get along wif him as well as Carmelo.  Mousie's mama died not long after he & his brofurs & sisfurs were born and he tries to nurse on me!  Me not like dat very well, but he not doing it as much anymore, so dat good!  I haf two other brofurs - Red and Tigger but dey are missing right now.  Mom & Dad still purray dey return home very soon.

Are you a snuggler or an indiffricat?

Dat an interesting question.  Me was an indiffricat until da past couple months; now every time Mom sit down, me jump in her lap, make her sum biscuits and snuggle wif her! 

What is your favorite form of mischief?

Me a purrty good kitteh; me only get into mischief when me playin wif mai brofurs.  We likes to knock fings over when we runnin round chasin each other, racin up & down da hallway.

Do you have a mischief incident that is still talked about with your family?

Me wants to go outside REAL bad and espeshully every time Mom & Dad open da door.  Me got out couple times; me was only gone a few minutes da first time, but a few hours da next time.  My Mom was very upsets; she already missing Tigger & Red, she not want to lose me too.  I not been able to get out since den!  Poo!

Tell me about an Awww moment that made your mom melt.

Me only did dis once, but Mom not forget!  Mom was putting on makeup at da mirror in bafroom when I jumped up on da counter.  Me wanted to be petted, so me walked over to her, looked up at her, got up on my hind legs and put my front paws up on her.  She thot dat was just da best fing!  Me liked it too cause she petted me fur a long time!

What are your favorite foods and toys?

I not a picky eater, so me have no favorites, cept I do like Temptations treats, da Nip flavor.  I likes to follow dat red dot, but mai nip mouse toys are da best!

What is your birth date, or your Gotcha Day date?

My birf date (day finks) iz April 2, 2010; Gotcha Day date iz March 2, 2011.

When did you join Twitter and what clubs do you belong to?
Mom opened my Twitter account in July or August 2011.  I belongs to #WLF and #BadBoyzofTwitter.

What are you known for on Twitter by your Anipal furneds?

I likes to eat...a lot (just ask @Skeeterthetabby & @TiggyBean).  I also likes to dance and haf fun at da pawties, but I still a bit shy.  Me has da silly nickname of "Flash" by @LilyLuWhoT and I not even remember why!  I sure it was a misunderstanding of some sort; I not a Flasher! *blushes*

Thanks a bunch, Rusty. I always loves to talks to you! Go Orange Power! 
Rusty's mom, Lyz Culver, is being interviewed on my mom's blog, KeptbyCats, this week. Click on name to go there.

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